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Guest Report

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:57 am
by Richard Bell
Tobago absolutely brilliant.
Toucan Inn superb....

Upon arrival we were greeted by the lovely Lisa, with a deluge of people jusy arrived off the plane (5 minutes away!) it was all sorted as quickly and efficiently as you could wish for.

The room, (garden) was all you could ask for. Comfy, clean bed, a hot shower, mosquito machine. Excellent.
We had the opportunity to stay in one of the cabana's by the pool due to air-con malfunction (which I may add was sorted out with no hassle, nice room but smaller than the garden room, but no complaint whatsoever.

The hotel, it has a small pool which was more than sufficient for taking the heat of the day away. With the best beach - Store Bay - 5 minutes walk away why would you sit around a pool anyway?
The gardens, very well kept and lovely. Note: The chickens like chicken! :)
The bar, everything you need on all inclusive basis. The local beer Stag and Caribe are actually normal beers and are very good, not the usual watery beer normally served on AI, the mocktails and the cocktails very nice! (be careful of the rum punch, it does creep up on you!)
The restaurant - Bonkers - again not a normal AI whereby you have horrible buffet style food lined up all day - You are actually served the restaurant menu which is well renowned and very tasty. Local special dishes are served and are worth a try. The deep fried snapper for breakfast was basic, and gorgeous. Too many specials to name but I liked them all.
You can 'upgrade' from the AI menu to delights such as steak, lobster for a small surcharge.

Now the people... Everyone we met was so friendly. There was at the beach an array of interesting and beautiful people. Lindon aka "Friday" was our favourite sun lounger/umbrella hirer. 20 TTD each for the day (approx £2 each). The stalls around Store Bay sell your favourite 'tat' and momentos and you can have your hair braided too. I sat patiently for 2.5 hours listening to some booming music having good conversation while my girlfriend had hers done! Everyone at Store Bay are stars. Take the boat trip, take everything.If you don't want it just say no and you will only get a smile and 'no problem'

The hotel...
Lisa and Shirley are top girls.
Clarke the night barman is a bit of a lad (and does the rum pinch!)
Troy, the restuarant manager - one of a kind and so so polite!
Mr B... A gentleman.(he will arrange the Sunday School visit)

If you are thinking of visiting Tobago - Yes, yes, yes.

It's The only holiday I've ever came back from and I have said I want to go back to.


Re: Guest Report

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:28 am
by Nidge
Hi Richard,
We are staying at the Toucan on 31st October for 2 weeks and cant wait. Never been to Tobago before. What do you recommend we experience, and what to avoid?
What was the weather like during your stay? And what's a mosquito machine??!!!

Re: Guest Report

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:53 pm
by D.Haggan
Hi Nidge - like you we are first timers and staying at the Toucan Inn in 2 weeks - any tips you can give us - we are bringing lilos- how far is it to Store Point - realistically and are we best to get US dollars changed here into $TT or just use and convert US dollars when we are there? Sorry for all the questions. Was it expensive, Taba Egypt is our usual haunt on B and B basis and usually find £700 enough for daily spending - not including trips or pressies - so any info welcomed

Re: Guest Report

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 5:28 pm
by Nidge
Hi Di!

I have just completed a hotel report which should answer some questions. I'll answer your specific questions here...

Distance to Store Bay: about 20 mins walk, max. Easily done. Taxi not required. Top of the road, right at crossroads, ten mins walk on the left. a FAR better beach is Pigeon Point, which you CAN walk to but in the heat (and my god it's HOT!) better to opt for air-con taxi.

Cash: Best thing to do is go to MoneySavingExpert, input what currency you want and you will be pointed to the best conversion rate and seller. We bought £500 worth of Trinidad and Tobagan dollars in advance this way, collected and paid at Gatwick. Job done. USD? No point. If you are low there is a bank with cash point just down the road from Store Bay.

Expensive? Not really. Not been to Taba, but a regular visitor to the Red Sea and would say that Tobago is cheaper. I assume that you mean that you usually budget £700 for the week, rather than a daily spend of £700??!!! That should easily cover 2 individuals, but as I say, cash point down the road if you become short.

I'll post some more general info on forum as well...

Have a great time!!!!


Re: Guest Report

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:15 am
by D.Haggan
thank you Nigel - you are a star :D