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20 room 2* hotel and restaurant inland at Crown Point.
CLOSED IN 2015. Now trading as Shepherd's Inn (see above).
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Nigel Cass

Guest Report

Post by Nigel Cass » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:56 pm

What a wonderful hotel.

Arrived mid-evening following a delay by Monarch (another company ended up flying us there and back) at Gatwick. I gather that this is par for the course for Monarch.

We were greeted on arrival by Troy and the famous Mr B (more later of this gent) and taken to our room. We specified a garden room with the travel agents as had read here that they were larger and quieter than the poolside rooms. It was basic but perfect for us. There is also a table and chairs in front of room for your use.

Tip here: rooms 6 and 7 are at the far end of the hotel complex, so if you want a quieter existence, then ask for these rooms. Room 7 has a tree outside it that the hummingbirds love, so this would be my first choice, so you can watch them in the morning.

Breakfast time:
We stayed B n B, so this was included. You will be served a plate of fruit (slice of melon, pineapple and a banana); tea or coffee; orange or grapefruit juice; several rounds of toast with butter and jam/marmalade; and a choice of several dishes (English breakfast, pancakes, omelette, scrambled eggs and the local special dish, which is usually a fish dish).
First day I had English, and was somewhat disappointed with solid sausage and bacon like leather. So after that mostly chose the daily special, which was usually baked or fried fish and to die for. I recommend this option, or the omelettes for a bit of variety.

Tip here: save some fruit and a few packets of jam/marmalade for the birds. Place out on stones in front of your room (not too far away, as the birds are not shy), sit outside with a book and cup of tea early morning and watch the birds eat. A perfectly chilled start to the day.

Tip here:
The hotel uses evaporated milk for coffee/tea. It's fine with coffee, but grim with tea. Advice (if you prefer tea) is to but a small carton of long life from the shop at the top of the road and use that for tea). Although rooms dont have a fridge it seemed to keep perfectly well for several days on the table in the room. I would also recommend taking along a travel kettle and some tea/coffee if you want a drink before breakfast begins at 7:30.

Evening meals:
A rather short and disappointing selection of starters, but the crab cake is very good. Main meals a selection of 12 or so dishes, plus the catch of the day. again, mealtime is a winner for lovers of seafood. Plus make sure you ask for the side of bread and chilli/garlic butter. Mmmmmm!!!!

Always very generous with the spirits. Take it easy on the rum punch (less of a punch and more a complete kicking). Most of the cocktails were splendid, plus draught Carib and Stag largers.

Tip here: Although we were BnB, we ate at Bonkers most of the time. Rather than upgrade to the AI option, just pay your tab at the end of the holiday, as it works out cheaper.

A small pool with tables and seats around it, plus ashtrays for you smokers (not allowed in the restaurant). No recliners or lilos, however.

Cant do enough for you. Toucan Inn is a small hotel, 20 rooms, so you get to know fellow guests and make friends with staff as well.

Lisa is on reception, Sherie-Ann and Shelly around the bar area and waitressing. Clarke on the bar, Troy dinner host and waiting. Every one of them was warm, friendly, fun and professional. If I were to return to the southern end of Tobago I would stop at the Toucan because of the staff alone.

Example: my partner went down with a throat/ear infection after a few days (brought on by the 9-hour flight I suspect). I asked Lisa about the doctor and she asked me my partner wanted her to call out the doctor for a personal visit. She decided on the walk-in centre option instead, so Mr B (staff and holiday advisor, general main man and bringer of happiness and sunshine) drove her to the walk-in centre, waited for her while she was there and drove her back afterwards, armed with anti-biotics. From that moment all the staff kept asking how she was (recovered after a few days thankfully) and generally rallied around and fussed after her!

And now for Mister B......
Mister B is the source of all knowledge about Tobago, having been working in the Tobagan tourist industry all his life. There is nothing he doesnt know, or can fix for you. If you want a taxi to the beach, he'll take you and pick you up. If you want to go on an excursion, he will drive you himself or make sure you have the best available alternative.

Ask him to take you on the trip to Adventure Farm to see the hummingbirds, where one will be surrounded by these beautiful creatures as they feed. A memory that will last forever.

Mister B also arranges trips to Sunday School where the evening entertainment involves steel bands, dancers and outside catering. He also has an ice box in his boot containing beers, wine and his own special mix of rum punch (FAR, FAR better than the stuff they sell in the bar at Toucan Inn). He will stay at the event so you can keep popping back to his car for more booze and then drive you back at the end of the night. A wonderful, kind, big-hearted man who will keep you smiling all day.

Other stuff...

A report on stuff outside the hotel can be found elsewhere on the forum, as I have run out of space!

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