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Small, hospitable apartment house at Mt.Irvine (listing)
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Johnson Lucien

Guest Report

Post by Johnson Lucien » Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:56 pm

I stayed at Bijou Des Caraibes, from December 29, 2014 to January 15, 2015. I was there with my Wife and Kid. Judith and her husband are the perfect host. They arranged for our tickets to be sent to Trinidad Airport for the boat ride to Tobago. The arranged for a Taxi driver to take us to the dock to the ferry. When we got to Tobago, they were there waiting. Our host made life very easy for us, the first night (we got there late) they provided us with coffee, milk, cheese, and all that was necessary to make our first night pleasant. They even gave us a six pack of beers, and all of this was for free.

Judith and her husband, made it their duty to take us to the bank, and then to the supermarket early the next morning. They went out of their way to make life a lot easier for us. They made themselves available to us at all times to take us to the supermarket (all of the time), to the doctor, to the beach, and of course to the airport.

Several times I wondered why do they do all of this for all of their guess free of charge or should I say at their own cost, and it dawn on me that Judith and her husband do all of this for all of their guess, all of the time, because they love what they do. They love to keep people happy, make their stay the best that they can make it be.

In my opinion they are the best host, they are better than anything you will get anywhere else. I had no problem with the accommodation. I think for the cost of accommodation, I got value for my money and I couldn't ask for more.

To Judith and her entire family including her son, I say keep it up, keep making life comfortable for those of us who are looking for a place to stay on your beautiful Island.

Without any bias, or favour I highly recommend Bijou Des Caraibes to anyone who is looking for cost effective place to live. I give you Judith all the stars for being the best host ever. I definitely will go back to Bijou Des Caraibes, any and every time I go to Tobago. Thank you Judith, and thank you to your family and your staff/workers.

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