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Small, hospitable apartment house at Mt.Irvine (listing)
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Pamela Gill-Joseph

Guest Report

Post by Pamela Gill-Joseph » Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:47 pm

The location of the place is good, however on a scale of 1-10, we would rate it a 4.
These are some of the reasons.
The apartment we stayed in was a bit claustrophobic. The cooking area is at the back of the room instead of the front, very impractical. I think the layout of the apartment could be revisited to ensure that guests totally enjoy their stay, even though it is not expensive. The a/c unit is old, noisy, badly positioned in the room, and does not oscillate.
The owner needs to go in the room and imagine that they have to stay for 6-7 days.

There was also a large smelly dog roaming the grounds, and the droppings were quite visible to us when we came out of the room.
Another essential thing that was missing was a covered area for the tenants to put wet beach things to dry.

Also, I think that house rules should be posted, it would greatly help the holiday-maker.

The website was misleading. Only one apartment has a view. and there are no waves to be heard.

My husband and I agree, we would not return.

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