Chances to find single accomodation for Easter time?

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Chances to find single accomodation for Easter time?

Postby Sari » Fri Jan 04, 2008 6:21 pm

Hi All,

I am pretty new in this "Tobago business", but after my first visit in November 2007, I totally lost my heart to the stunningly beautiful, sweet little island! St. Lucia used to be my destination for many years, but now I think I have found a new sweetheart!!!

Anyhow, I now wish to go back to Tobago, hoping to be there over the Easter time but I don’t know how feasible it would be (this late...) to find accommodation on the north/north-west coast for myself...

As there are only very few flights left available over the Easter time, I am wondering whether I should just book the flights and hope that I can find accommodation for myself later.... I have only just started to scan through the reviews on this site and sent enquiries to some resorts/guest houses...

But does anyone have an idea how feasible my plan is e.g. to find a place to stay this late???

The accommodation I am looking for should be peaceful and safe - I am travelling alone - and as "Tobagonian" as possible. Looking for a small and friendly house/resort, no entertainment/nightlife wanted, run by local people/business instead of commercial big hotel chains... I am planning to hire a car for the stay and hence Castara/Charlotteville etc. and Speyside are all in my radar...

Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome!


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