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Reader Enquiries Not Being Delivered

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:21 am
by Steve Wooler
Hello All

This is a message to all users of our reader enquiry service - or, for that matter, anybody trying to email people on Tobago.

The TSTT mail system appears to have been in melt-down over the past week or two. A number of people on the island have mentioned to me that they have been having Internet problems for the past couple of weeks (I mean, worse than normal). In addition, I have been getting ten to fifteen "bounced" messages a day of enquiries sent though our reader enquiry service.

I regret that I cannot manually intervene in each of these case. Even notifying the reader who sent the enquiry would involve more work than I can offer. So, if you do not receive a reply to an enquiry sent more than two/three days ago, I can simply suggest that you re-try.