2010 myTobago Reviews

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2010 myTobago Reviews

Post by Steve Wooler » Mon May 31, 2010 1:43 pm

We enjoyed a really great trip to Tobago in February and March and would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the owners, managers and staff of all the accommodations we stayed at, and everyone else whose contribution made our trip so wonderful.

As we hadn’t been able to visit Tobago in 2009, due to ill health, we were particularly interested to see how things had changed in the two years since our last visit. In truth is, remarkably little seemed to have changed. I’m delighted to say that the pace of change seems to have slowed. I guess the most noticeable change was the increase in traffic. Traffic jams – something completely unheard of five or six years ago – now seem to be a daily event around and in Scarborough and even in areas like Canaan.

Anyway, we returned home with 60,000 words of draft reviews and 3300 photographs. This has been condensed to 39,000 words and 200 photos illustrating the 11 properties that we stayed at during our stay. All the reviews have now been published and are available via the ‘Review’ tab of each property’s listing in the Accommodation, or via the Reviews menu above.

Here, in alphabetic order, is a summary of the 11 properties reviewed:

Arnos Vale Vacation Apartments – self-catering apartments in Arnos Vale
Bamboo Walk Hotel – small friendly hotel in Lowlands
Bayview Villa – self-catering apartments in Pleasant Prospect
Blue Mango Cottages – self-catering cottage and apartments in Castara
Hawksbill House – beachside rental villa at Grafton
Lillibets – self-catering apartments in Castara
Pink House – hilltop rental villa on Mahogany Ridge
SeaScape – self-catering apartments in Castara
Sheppy’s Den – rental house in Bacolet
Soleil – five-bedroom rental house in Arnos Vale
Yellowbird Villa – rental villa at Grafton beach
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