Affordable guesthouse/homestay for 3 months - can you help?

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Affordable guesthouse/homestay for 3 months - can you help?

Post by DanuIseult » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:24 pm

I wonder whether anyone with local knowledge can help.

I am looking to rent somewhere in Tobago for three months mid December to mid March. I have health conditions (M.E and SAD) which worsen in the winter and wish to come to T&T this winter to allay symptoms. I'd like to do this as cheaply as possible of course, but would like somewhere pleasant, perhaps with access to a pool, and certainly with access to a kitchen.

I would be happy with B&B, guesthouse or homestay style accommodation and would love somewhere renowned for friendliness where I might be able to really get to know the area via the owners and local people.

I will be using the time to enjoy Tobago's scenery and sunshine, possibly visiting extended elderly family in Trinidad and generally relaxing and catching up on work and writing.

As a single-occupancy female, security at home and accessing local facilities is paramount. I do not drive and as such will be dependant on taxis/bicycle hire.

Any help very gratefully appreciated.

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