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Guest Report

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:45 pm
by Richard Wall
We had booked to stay at TRP for 8 nights based on reviews on this site, but managed only three!
We accepted that we were arriving during the fishing tournament and expected some party noises etc. The noise from the fishing tournament was not actually a problem - the primary issue arose from the stadium quality sound system installed in the house across the road (well, on his porch!). Being woken up by several hundreds watts of christian reggae at 6am yes, 6AM, sends you insane very quickly! Added to this the, what seemed like all night cacophany from the cockerels, dogs and cats was not the peaceful rest we were looking for! We also had the joy of the reggae bombardment for a couple of hours in the evening making conversation in the appartment difficult and on the balcony impossible. Even after being personally asked by my wife to turn the music down we were ignored. When Lisa (Site Manager) approached the owner of the house he explained that it was his son making the noise and if it happened again we should call the police. Even though Lisa was keen to help, by this point we had had enough and made arrangements to move elsewhere.
That said, the accomodation was exactly as expected, simple clean and pleasant. Views were OK and the proximity to the beaches etc fine. There's not much we would add to other reviews which are pretty accurate about the accommodation. The transfer arranged by Rainer was unfortunately nowhere to be found when we landed and we had to share a taxi up to TRP, not a great issue but a bit of a pain after a long flight to have to sort something out.
You should be aware that eating out is extremely limited at Charlotteville - there are a couple of local restaurants but you won't get any choice other than chicken or fish served with veg and rice at anywhere other than Sharon and Phebes. If you plan to self cater be sure to buy provisions at Crown Point before heading to Charlotteville. We arrived on Saturday evening and the coffee bar at TRP was not open until Monday and didn't seem to open until at least 10am - if you can wait until then they do a reasonable breakfast.
Overall our experience in Charlotteville was not what we had in mind but the major issues were out of the control of TRP. Assuming that the music problem is resolved and you are happy to put up with the general village noise (cockerels, dogs, cats and rubbish collection outside the hotel at 5am most mornings)and basic food options available then it's a laid back place to be for a few days.