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Friendly small apartment house in Charlotteville (listing)
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Caroline Wade

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Oh dear, I never like to give bad reviews but this wasn’t one of our greatest choices. We did stay here a long time ago (about 4 years ago now) so they may have made some improvements but looking at the photo’s it looks pretty much the same.

We stayed here first on a 2 week holiday for one week, then moved on to a place called Castara retreats where there was no comparison (but then again the price was completely different for both). This could be a really nice place as Charlotteville is a lovely little fishing village.

Well as they say, you get what you pay for. This was a relatively cheap place to stay but we found the rooms a bit too basic and small especially the kitchen area (balcony was also tiny). The room really could do with a bit of a face lift as it just felt very stark and unwelcoming. If staying here you would be better off in the 2 bedroom apartment which has a bigger balcony and more room. We stayed at Top River Pearl for a week and would not really recommend staying here for more than a couple of days without having some sort of transport (we were glad when our hire car arrived after 3 days). We just didn't feel there was enough to do especially when its raining non stop. Bring your own towels (as well as beach towels) and sheets, they really did need renewing! The staff were very friendly and helpful though, especially Lisa (if she is still there). Another good thing was the great coffee they made.

Views when driving to Charlotteville are stunning and the people are very friendly, we said hello to everyone we met. Try Jane's Restaurant right in the middle of the village by the beach, the food was excellent and the best we had in Tobago (lunch and dinner), her Rotti was the best ever (we still haven’t forgotten even after 4 years)!

Pirates Bay is a short walk but up a steep track, then down about 150 steps but is a lovely beach.

As I said earlier we moved on to Castara for the next week and stayed in Castara Retreats (absolutely beautiful) which did not compare to Top River, but then nor did the price!

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