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Guest Report

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:15 am
by Anne Fischer
My boyfriend and I stayed at the Top River Pearl for two weeks. We actually only booked the first week in advance, and figured that we wanted to check it out, and also see if there were any other places that looked nice before deciding about the second week. We ended up staying at Top River for the entire vacantion. I must say, that Charlotteville is by far the loveliest, friendliest and most beautiful place ti stay in the entire Island, we are so happy that we didnt choose Castara (though nice to), cause this was heaven!
Top River was nice. Clean, good spacious rooms, and felt very new. The highlights were the very nice and friendly staff, the balcony, and the capuccino bar. We had breakfast there a couple of times, and the coffée was great (just regular coffee, from a trinidadian coffeefarmer) and the girls were so nice. Oh yes, I must not forget to mention the man cleaning the place everymorning; he brought us bananas once a week, and they were so lovely. Small onces, so sweet. The only thing that was a bit disopointing was that becides the first morning, for almost a week there was no one else at Top River except the two of us, and the man cleaning in the morning. The cappucino bar was closed, with a phone number on the door if we needed to contact the staff for anything. It would have been nice to be able to have a coffée, or at least know when to expect them to open again. We felt a bit lonely the first couple of days before figuring out where to go for this and that, 'cause there was no one to ask. And one last thing: I dont think of myself as someone very sencitive to sounds when sleeping, but I had a hard time sleeping most of the nights. There are many houses in the area around Top River, with many roosters and dogs. They make sound...all night long!So, bring earplugs!
All in all a very nice place, with very nice staff.