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A hospitable apartment house in Carnbee (listing)
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Fred Desroches

Guest Report

Post by Fred Desroches » Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:38 pm

My wife and I stayed at Sherwood Park Apartments for four days in February 2013 before finding other accomodation. Sherwood is showing its age and needs major renovations. The webpage photos make the place look much better than it is.

Most of the guests at the time were from Trididad and had brought their children with them. The apartments have little sound insulation so it is a very noisy place. In addition, the sun makes it impossible to sit on the bacony at any time except early morning.

There are too few lounge chairs for the pool when the place is full.

There was no one at reception for most of the time we were there and we had to make arrangements to return several days later to pay our bill.

Security is very lax and the wood slat windows are easily opened from the outside. Housekeeping is poor and our sheets were still wet when they were changed.

Overall, we would not recommend this place nor would we return.

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