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A hospitable apartment house in Carnbee (listing)
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Wade Seukeran

Guest Report

Post by Wade Seukeran » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:12 pm

The first positive experience with Sherwood Park Apartments was the first class service and follow up from Nikita, the receptionist. She 'closed the deal' in short time by arranging a group discount, assuring us that we would have the whole place to ourselves and use of the pool anytime. She was able to quicly assess our needs, communicate with the owner and get back to me right away.

My group was three adults and 17 teenage high school seniors on an environmental 'Discovery" tour. They loved their rooms - only complaint was from the boys who had to share a double bed saying they didn't use the mosquito net because it was just a bit too romantic.
The rooms were spacious, equipped with everything needed, tastefully decorated, with good light and ventilation. Even the rooms without air conditioning were very comfortable with the ceiling fan , a mosquito net and the windows wide open. There was even a floor fan if more air was wanted. Bathrooms were clean and there was warm water at good pressure from a proper shower head.

The space around the pool was perfect for our group to gather for discussion and breakfast- enough chairs and tables and privacy. The pool was well kept and just the thing for travel weary teenagers last thing before bed- a luxury not often allowed at most hotels.

We stayed for two nights and spent all day out. Being up on a hill away from the main tourist areas was a welcome relief and the location was ideal for traveling around the island , convenient distance from both Scarborough and the airport.

I would easily recommend them and stay there again.

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