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A hospitable apartment house in Carnbee (listing)
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Ms. Persad

Guest Report

Post by Ms. Persad » Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:50 am

Hi to other potential visitors, My family and i spent four nights at Sherwood park apartments in May 2010.

Starting from when i emailed the website requesting information about he apartments, i quickly got an answer and personnal number where i can get more information from the manager. This was great since i call him (Nigel) so many times.

When we got there the place was quiet and peaceful. Something that my family and i needed. The environment was safe and secure which my son was able to explore with little supervision.

The apartment was way more equip than i expected snd prepared. I got extra housekeeping services. The staff was warm and friendly and would assist you with any of your vacation endeavours.

We had a great time barbaqueing with the other guests Paul,Gwen and of course Fred :)Anyone looking for a secluded, quietand scenic place "sherwood park is the place to go"

Thank you 'Sherwood Park' for your great hospitality.


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