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Welcome & Introduction

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Welcome to the new myTobago.info Visitor Discussion Forum.

In order to preserve the high standards of the forum, we allow guests unlimited access to read the forum but restrict the actual posting of messages to Registered Users. This policy is intended to minimise malicious ‘grudge’ messages and to prevent unscrupulous business managers posting bogus messages praising their own business or criticising competitors.

Registration only takes a few seconds and simply requires the entry and validation of a genuine email address. Please note that we only allow one registered user per email address. Registration in no way compromises your privacy. myTobago.info is a private project, not a commercial service, so you need have no fears that providing your email address will result in unsolicited mailings of marketing information.

Advantages of being a Registered User include:
  • Notification of replies – registered users may elect to be automatically notified by email whenever another user posts a reply to their post.
    Watch topics – registered users can “watch” topics and elect to be automatically notified by email when a response is posted.
    Unloadable avatar images – allows posts to be personalised with a small photograph, cartoon or logo.
    Email fellow users – allows you to send normal email messages to fellow registered users who have declared that their email address can be shared. *
Please see the announcement – Forum Registration Notes for a detailed explanation of the registration process.

A fully illustrated easy-to-follow tutorial is provided for forum beginners and available through the Forum/Tutorial link on the main menu bar at the top of this page.

* Please respect the privacy of other users. DO NOT send unsolicited messages without good reason. Only email a member when invited to do so, or to someone who is currently active on the board. In other words, please do not trouble users who have not posted messages for many months.
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