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Gill O

Guest Report

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We spent two weeks in June in Coconut Heights. We worked out that this was the 9th time we have stayed at The Beach House. This was the first time we stayed during the rainy season, and although it did rain every day, there was only one afternoon and the day before we returned, that the rain was so heavy it stopped us going out walking. Even so, it was pretty spectacular to watch from the comfort of our verandah, armed with a rum punch and a good book.

The Beach House is paradise for us. We immediately relax as soon as we arrive.

Coconut Heights was delightful as always. We especially appreciated the bread safe, which kept those pesky little ants at bay ! The view from the verandah is magical. I love watching the fishermen head out to sea every morning, and also watching the pelicans and terns catching fish directly in front of us .If you don’t appreciate nature, perhaps you should be aware that the verandah is open , and birds,and lizards share it with you. At night the bats swoop through , helping themselves to the sugar water put out for the humming birds. If you don’t like bats, simply take the feeder down at night.

We did find the mosquitos and sand flies particularly bad this year. I am always a sand fly magnet, but as long as I remembered to spray my ankles with Deet as soon as I got up, it wasn’t too much of a nuisance.

The village was incredibly quiet, with only a handful of tourists. We had the beach pretty much to ourselves. This did mean that very few restaurants in Castara were open, although Chino’s was open for breakfast, and a nice cold Carib during the day. The Boathouse (next door to The Beach House) was also closed for refurbishment, which was disappointing, as I always love Sharon’s cooking. We certainly didn’t go hungry, with a plentiful supply of fresh fish ( some caught off the beach in front of Coconut Heights ), and delicious fruit and veg from DJ’s shop.

The sea was the calmest I have ever seen it, which meant we had fantastic snorkelling directly off the beach. The reef looked in good shape, and we saw something different every day.

We hired a car from Taylors in Castara. We love to go exploring, especially along the Bloody Bay Roxborough road through the forest reserve. We also had two trips out bird watching with Newton George, who as always, was full of enthusiasm and an amazing spotter of birds.

This year we visited Corbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time. We spent a very enjoyeable afternoon here, culminating in a surprise visit to a house where a British naturalist stays for part of the year, who helps out with the sanctuary. He has a beautiful set up for humming birds, and I could have sat there for hours.

Thank you Carole and Graham for letting us stay in The Beach House again.

We will be back.
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