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2-bedroom villa at Castara (NOW CLOSED)
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Phyllis Anderson

Guest Report

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This is the report I sent to Alice Farling, owner.

The canine squatters were a bit of a problem. Ma, Pa and two offspring. I think they could put some non dog lovers off as the mother in particular was determined to gain access to Bamboo via the main door which was broken at the base. I alerted Porage who devised a temporary barricade (with a small piece of bamboo). It lasted 5 minutes. I decided to devise my own invention which worked, however It meant that I had to dismantle it each time I wanted out. Not handy. Even then, the female dog was constantly seeking attention, jumping up and growling when the 2 offspring continually wanted to nurse.

I am fairly low maintenance (having slept in mountain bothies) so I tend to have the attitude of make do or mend.

I felt the facilities were good however visitors should be alerted to the lack of provisions at the local stores i.e. no bananas or fresh milk. I certainly feel grateful for the plethora of goods which we take for granted at our supermarkets. I have advised her to add in another webpage ie FAQs which alert visitors to the potholes, gradient of the roads, insect life etc.

During the Xmas week in which I stayed it was blissfully quiet with me as the only resident. Bamboo has a lived in feel, and perhaps some visitors would appreciate some attention to the decoration i.e. the shower is a little tired. Access to a washing machine may be beneficial for some.

No major issues and good experiences of Tobago.

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