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Guest Report   

Sandy & Terry from U.K. visited in April 2013 and awarded  Three out of Five

We did not stay in this place but, visited for the day and walked through the bamboo trail to the rainbow waterfall, it was well worth the 50TT$ each to be able to walk the trail and swim under the fall and to have the facility all to ourselves instead of having to share it with a hoard of other visitors

as you would at the Argyll Falls, also no hassling from any guide. The owner, Shirley will make you very welcome and sit and pass the time of day with you but, take your own drinks for the walk etc as if offered a drink it will cost you plenty!!!!

this being the only downside to our visit. The property looked very well cared for and we would have enjoyed a stay but, it is a bit remote and cut off from anywhere else.

All in all made a very nice day out.

Guest Report   

Joshmin Patron from Trinidad visited in March 2013 and awarded  Five out of Five

My family of five which included 3 boys 6-13 all had a wonderful time at the Rainbow, If you're person that prefers Eco tourism and not the commercial hotels, Rainbow is the place for you, The Hostess and family made us feel more than welcome, very hospitable, every need was provided for, as I've told countless others, you haven't had true homemade cocoa, until you've had Mrs. Mckenna's..hmmmm!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the waterfall and river.

one important tip please make arrangements for vehicle rental because its a ways inside from the main road, however our hostess made their's available for rental to us.

will most definitely visit again.

Guest Report   

Shayna Brown from U.S.A. visited in March 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

My stay at the Rainbow Nature Resort was a superb one. I Enjoyed it fully. They host Shirley and her husband Hugh were more than accommodating with my family and I. The property is truly a a peaceful and beautiful one. We were able to enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean island as well as the falls located in the Forest Reserve near by. We definitely had a blast. He food outstanding and just the natural and pure peaceful environment of the place. All around use were oranges, grapefruit, something called Karambola (i know i probably spelled it wrong) and it goes on and on and on.

Indeed a very beautiful place would definitely visit again.

Guest Report   

Cal Cotton from U.S.A. visited in March 2007 and awarded  One out of Five

My family planned a 3 week vacation to T&T and made great use of this website to select accommodations. Unfortunately our vacation coincided with the new USA regulations regarding passports for children traveling to the Carribean and Mexico. Due to the terrible backlog of requests we were unable to obtain a passport for our daughter and had to cancel our trip. All of the hotels/guesthouses/car rental companies were understanding (with small cancellation penalties) with one exception. Our dealings with Shirley and the Rainbow Nature Resort left a bad taste. Despite repeated promises by Shirley to return most of our money, we never received a penny. I understand the economic burden of canceled reservations, but one would think that keeping 100% of the 5 day reservation including charges for meals, is excessive. In more than 20 emails, spanning 2 years, Shirley repeatedly said that she would return our money, but there was always an excuse for why it had not yet been returned----broken computer, out of the country, sick relatives, lost files...the list goes on. This was not simply a deposit, but was the full cost of room and board for our full stay.

"Will return funds early next week by western union. Unfortunately there is a cost to do so. Kindly gave me your address official address and name that will appear on the forms. Kindest Regards


As an example of the sort of communication I received. Sorry to have to report this, but I think it speaks volumes about how we would have been treated had we actually stayed at the Rainbow Nature Resort. Fortunately, forums such as this exist, and bad behavior can be shared with other potential guests.

I am sure T&T are lovely, and we plan to vacation on the islands in the near future, but our time and money will not be spent with Shirley at Rainbow.

Guest Report   

Cal Cotton from U.S.A. visited in March 2007 and awarded  Three out of Five

I am offering an update of a report that I posted in 2009. In that report I detailed the frustration of trying to obtain a partial refund after a canceled trip to T&T (see report for details).

I am pleased to report that after more then 3 years (and one year after I posted the negative report)I did indeed receive a partial refund. Completely out of the blue, Shirley informed me that she would send a refund. She did as promised within a couple of weeks.

Please take this new information into account as you plan your trip to Tobago.

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