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Guest Report   

Andres Duplat from Venezuela visited in May 2009 and awarded  Two out of Five

Be aware!

We went to Tobago to celebrate our 6th anniversary. Just 3 hours after arriving to the hotel, while taking a nap in the swimming pool area we were robbed by a 14 year old local boy, who was swimming in the pool. He pulled out my wifes bag (with my wallet and her purse) beside her chest. She woke up screeming and I ran after him. The Staff helped capture the boy and retreive him while the police arrived. We could find all our things back. We had to go to the police station to sign a statement. The mother of the boy was called and she told us she apologized about her sonīs behavior. Next day changing our original plan to stay all the day at the hotel, we rent a car and made a trip around Tobago to forget the episode. When we came back at the hotel, we went to the beach restaurant to have late lunch (3 pm). For the first time, we saw the security woman (just transfered from the parking lot to the stairs that connect to the beach) and she ask if we left our belongins in the room. At the beach, there was the boy playing with a group of 6 local teenagers with no remorse at all. This was a 2 day stay. While the Staff was embarrased and very helpfull we didnīt get any feedback or compensation from the manager/owner.

Guest Report   

David Collas from U.K. visited in January 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

We booked dinner at BLUE HAVEN HOTEL and were surprised to find a very limited menu.

I chose the beef curry with banana option from about 3 main courses.

It arrived without the bananas - and when queried I was told they were too soft to cook. The meat was scrag end of beef - I got a cheap stew.

That's not good enough when you are charging $300 .

I'd advise avoiding this establishment - it's grossly overpriced and mediocre food .

They also expect $250 +++ for a bottle of Chilean plonk.

Deceptive as the building is nice and the the service on the face of it good ( but selling me a main course when you know the interesting).

Run by an Austrian who has no excuse for such a poor and cynically run restaurant.


Guest Report   

Campbell Dickie from Spain visited in January 2009 and awarded  Three out of Five

Beautiful setting and beach, rooms OK,staff and management wonderful,food OK. this hotel lived up to our expectations. do not expect a modern sterile hotel. the Blue Haven is quirky, slightly jaded and charming.

Guest Report   

Rica Imela from Austria visited in August 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

My little daughter and me stayed for two days only. Definitely we will come back again next time. Why? The hotel is a spot of pure relaxation. We spent one whole day almost alone in the swimming pool. My daughter got even served chips to the pool. The hotel manager was so kind to give us special attention to make the stay as nice as possible by taking care of our room preferencies. The atmosphere of the hotel is great, especially in the morning with breakfast or in the afternoon sun. Also the Yoga class we attended gave our stay a special touch.

Not to forget to mention the quality of the restaurant. I had never eaten a Lobster like this! A great cook. Even the breakfast is worth just to go there! Lots of thanks to all the friendly and smiling staff members! Rica and N.

Guest Report   

Vashti Subramani from Guyana visited in June 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

First, I need to let you know that this was my first visit to Tobago....and I simply love it, can't wait for a chance to go there again!!!

I chose the Blue Haven Hotel simply because the staff displayed their interest and professionalism from the very beginning.

At that point this was enough for me to make my decision about where I will be staying, even though I did not know anything about the Blue Haven Hotel other than what I saw on the internet.

My emails were responded to promptly, none of the other hotels I enquired about responded with information as fast as they did.

And, I felt the warmth even through the emails.

The highlight of my stay in the The Blue Haven Hotel was the warm hospitatility we received. I thought only Guyanese people could have been this friendly, obviously I was wrong!

I have travelled a bit but Tobago stood out.

Now, the beauty of the hotel was simply amazing, way beyond what I expected. The view from my room was gorgeous, I could have seen the blue sea from the balcony of the room, I did not think I could have asked for more at this point.

But there was more!!!

The room was clean, comfortable and had all the amenities needed.

The food was great.

There was a live band in the evening, the music was good.

The direct access to the beach from the hotel was convenient and the privacy was exactly what we needed.

So I would recommend the beautiful Blue Haven Hotel to anyone planning a vacation or on business in Tobago. I personally will stay at the Blue Haven Hotel when in Tobago again.

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