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Blue Waters Inn 14-27 Sept 2004   

Geoff M

Firstly I have to admit I am biased. As soon as I got out of our taxi I fell in love with the place.

My wife and I were there for the diving. So imagine our reaction that as soon as we were checked into our room, we walked down to the bar for a cooler and we were presented with young 4 ft Manta cruising up and down the shoreline about 20ft from the beach. Incredible!!

Sadly by the time we had unpacked our snorkelling gear he/she had gone. Never mind, the cooler still awaited us.

For the next 12 days we had the greatest time.

No need to go into detail, suffice to say that the place is great. The location is stunning, the facilities ideal and the staff fantastic.

The food in both restaurants is great and good value. That said, we also took trips out to Jemma’s in Speyside and had a fantastic meal for £40 including the biggest lobster we have seen. I am sure that the UK equivalent would have been three times the price. We also went to Sharon & Phebe’s in Charlottesville, and again had a superb meal for half the UK equal.

But back to BWI. As I have said, my wife and I were there for the diving and that was great. The on site dive centre, Aquamarine are superb. Safe, knowledgeable and good fun. For you divers, or potential divers, I would have no qualms about recommending them. And the things we saw? :- Nurse Sharks, Black Tipped Sharks, Eagle and Spotted Rays, Turtles, Morays and tons of reef fish.

For those of you concerned about the effects of Hurricane Ivan. There has been some damage to trees and the like, and the effects on the reefs is obvious, but the life both above and below the surface is still there.

To be frank, I could not believe that what I have read on this site about Tobago was real. It is. The island is wonderful, the people lovely and BWI, a dream.

It would be impossible to single out any individual for exceptional praise. They are all special. That said there is one staff member who appears to work tirelessly. He is constantly clearing the beach of noisy birds, digging deeply to try and scare off the annoying crabs or generally doing the rounds and meeting and greeting all the guests. Sorry Duane its not you. Yes, the member of staff who deserves a special mention is Teddy, the PR Director.

If you want a stunning location, a friendly welcome, peace and quiet with the potential for superb diving, then it has to be Blue Waters Inn.

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Status Report: Severe Rainfall Damage Nov 2004   16 Nov 2004

Steve Wooler from Suffolk, England

As readers may know, northern Tobago suffered horrendous rainfall in mid-November. I have just received the following report from Duane Kenny, the General Manager of the Blue Waters Inn.

May I offer our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and work colleagues of Tyrone McMillan, who lost his life in a mud slide and I know that everyone who knew him will feel the loss.

I cannot begin to describe the destruction of the rain on the villages of Loui D'or, Delaford, Speyside and Charlotesville. The roads are in a mess. Whole sections of mountains have come down. Tyrone our bar tender was killed on Friday when a hill fell on his car as he was moving the vehicle. A horrific loss as he was one of our best. The hotel is operational as far as guests are concerned. We have power, water, and food. 7 rooms are without AC has a land slide destroyed those. All rooms were otherwise unaffected. The parking lot is under tons of mud, along with the tennis court but guests can still come in and out from the property. Driving to the other side of the island takes hours now due to the amount of heavy equipment trying to clear the landslides on the road. Kings bay road is in bad shape, caution must be exercised when driving it. In fact I would ask you to post up on the site that during this period, visitors to the island should not drive past Loui D'or unless they are coming to stay at a hotel as the less cars that are on the road the quicker we can clean and fix the roads.

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Blue Waters Inn, A Good Choice?   



We are thinking of visit Tobago in januari. We are still looking at blue waters inn and the grafton. Is the sea as beautiful as the carribean sea? We would like to stay in a small hotel with posibilities to snorkle, hike and laying on the beach. What can you advise us to do? The grafton is all inlcusive. BW inn has a restaurant, are there others restaurants in the neighbourhood? So you can choose for diner?

Great internetsite!

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Concerns Over Floods   


Hi I have booked a stay in Blue waters Inn for the beginning of Jan 2004 I have just read in this forum That the hotel has been affected by heavy rains. Could anybody comment on the state of the hotel and if now is a good time to visit Thanks Andrew

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Blue Waters Inn Stay Last Week   

Ernesto Blokosso

Following three days at the Hilton, my wife and I headed north in our little jeep for three nights at the Blue Waters Inn. We were not disappointed. First of all, we were very happy to take Steve's advice and stay in the north of the island, as it seems so far and different from the lowlands/southern end. Speyside is a small and very friendly town... we had great food at some of the smaller establishments, such as the roti shop overlooking the football field, and in town. We met many locals while drinking Stag, and people really seemed to open up once we got past the whole tourist thing.

Now the hotel: The Blue Waters general manager Duane, greeted us like king and queen when we arrived and that part of the experience was indeed super. Duane seems to have a well-informed sense of what people want out of a trip to a place like the Blue Waters, and it shows. We had a room on the top floor of the highest building (the one with the tallest ceilings which I would surely request if returning), because our room was light and airy with a vaulted ceiling that made it feel very spacious. The room was always clean, and we almost never used the AC... just left the doors open to hear the birds, feel the breeze, and listen to the waves crashing right below our window. I am happy that I read on this site to request a second floor room... it made a big difference, not only in the ceiling, but on the first floor, people could certainly see in your room as they are walking by.

The location of the hotel could not be more spectacular... right on the water on a very scenic dramatic bay, with Goat Island and Little Tobago in full view. The water was not particularly clean to swim in, but I know it is attributable to the late lasting rainy season and all of the massive runoff and floods from the November storms and December rain. On a clear spring day in this bay, I imagine there are few places as beautiful.

Now the food... in fairness to the Blue Waters, my wife and I never ate lunch or dinner there, and breakfast only once. We like to try local food whenever possible, and we did this almost always (except for one great meal at the new and improved Speyside Inn restaurant where the dilligent new German owners have grand plans). When we were first going to go eat at the restaurant at the Blue Waters, we noticed a couple having a bit of an exchange with one of the waitresses, and they seemed very unhappy, so we decided to ride to town and see what we could find. And later that night, over some Stags in the bar, we were talking with a Brit who was staying there for a couple of weeks who admitted "no, the food here is not brilliant." Frankly, we took one look at the menu and had to be convinced that the food was not going to be too good. The menu was voluminous. There was so much on offer, that how could it be fresh? It was about 4-5 pages long, and offered so many items that we felt lost. I know people like variety, but it always seems to make more sense to me to offer fewer items that will be fresher and tastier.

We did have breakfast one morning, and frankly our experience was anything but pleasant. The two waitresses who reluctantly paid any attention to us served me horrible coffee (I switched to Nescafe), stail bread, and we really did feel like we were pulling teeth when we asked for anything. Needless to say, this confirmed us not eating dinner there.

HOWEVER, let me add, that apart from this, it was a wonderful hotel in a mind-blowingly beautiful setting, with a great, clean room, that was surely worth the $100 US we spent per night. Just the dining room needs some attention. Aside from this, we would highly recommend the BWI.

Thanks, Ernesto Blokosso

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