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Guest Report   

Megan Bowser from U.S.A. visited in September 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

My boyfriend and I stayed at the Cocoreef for one glorious week in September of 2006. This was our first trip to the Caribbean and we cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed our stay. We have already booked our stay there for this year.

We arrived on the last Tobago Express flight a little after 10pm on a Thursday night, completely exhausted from our 4 flights (16 hours of traveling). We walked into the open air lobby with a look of awe on our face at the beautiful site that met our eyes. They were expecting us as we were the last patrons they had arriving that night. We were ushered to the front desk to check in. While this was taking place we were brought refreshingly cool rum punches which helped ease some of our travel weariness. We were then given a short tour of the resort and then taken to our first floor Deluxe Ocean View room where our luggage met us a few minutes later.

The room was your standard American hotel room with Caribbean flair. King sized bed, small table with chairs, television, bathroom, patio, and let's not forget the air conditioning which was keeping the room nice and chilled. We were impressed with the 'Welcome' that was spelled out on the bed with palm fronds and flower petals. It was a very nice touch.

We quickly changed out of our travel clothes and headed back to the lobby to enjoy the nightly entertainment and start our vacation off on the right foot with some ice cold drinks from the bar. We sat near the end of that lobby where we could overlook the beach.

Our daily routine stayed fairly constant throughout our stay.

We awoke in the morning and headed to the breakfast buffet. The food was delicious and there was such a variety to choose from that I doubt anyone could find fault with it. Breakfast easily became our favorite meal that week.

After our leisurely meal we would make our way down to the resort's white sand beach. The hotel was only at 50% capacity the week we were there so we never had any problems getting lounge chairs. In fact, most days we were one of the first few people to arrive on the beach. The beach was always immaculately clean. The man made rock wall that protects the beach has turned into a reef like setting which is great for snorkeling. It also keeps the water nice and calm. The resort also has many non-motorized water sport activities (snorkel gear, kayaks) that are free to use. We got a lot of use out of the snorkel gear. However, you are only able to 'borrow' the gear for two hours at a time as there are not enough sets of fins/masks to go around. There are times when we had to wait 2-4 hours until we could get a set that we would share between the two of us.

While on the beach, you cannot beat the service. There are 1-2 waiters who take drink orders and deliver them to your lounge chair. You will also find a fresh fruit tray making its way around the beach in the morning. Ice cold hand towels are brought around in the afternoon when the heat of the day is at its peak.

Every day, we ate lunch at the open air beach side restaurant. Fresh fish, chicken, pork chops, and hamburgers are all grilled to order right in front of you. Side dishes were available buffet style. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate lunch at a 6. The food was ok, nothing special. One of the restaurantís redeeming qualities is that it is on the beach. Just a few short steps from our lounge chairs. We were able to eat lunch with a wonderful view of the ocean without having to change out of our swim wear. Just throw on a cover up and go enjoy lunch. Ice cream is available from the bar and you can get it in a plastic cup to take back to your lounge chair.

For Dinner you have the choice of eating at the same beach side restaurant where lunch is served or at the upscale restaurant off of the hotel lobby. We only ate at the upscale restaurant once. We seemed to be the odd ones out at the resort that week because we chose not to go with the all-inclusive meal plan. It seems we picked the wrong night to eat at the upscale restaurant. It was buffet night. The food was good. We had a bottle of wine to enjoy with our dinner. However, we weren't particularly impressed with the meal. Especially for the price. I'd rate the meal a 7. On a few other nights we ate at the beach side restaurant where you can order ala carte off of a limited menu. However, the atmosphere is much more casual there. Halfway through our stay we decided to leave the resort and try the Coco Cafe just a short walk away. We found this to be the place where we truly enjoyed our meals in every sense and went back every night after.

Halfway through our stay the air conditioner in our room decided to stop working. After informing the front desk, they were quick to respond. The unit could not be fixed that late in the day and we were promptly moved to another room for the night until it could be repaired. The staff were all very helpful. The following day we were informed that we could return to our room as the unit had been fixed.

All in all, we truly enjoyed our stay at the Cocoreef. It was exactly as we expected, thanks to the wonderful reviews we had read on this site. Special thanks to Trevor, the beach waiter.

Guest Report   

from U.K. visited in June 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

If you want a really unbiased report of this hotel just read Steve's review it truly does say it all. We were particularly lucky in that the hotel was only 30% occupied during our visit so we had immaculate service and attentiveness. I do not however think there would be much less attention to individuals even if it was full occupancy as the resident manager M Eric Ferniet has wonderfully well trained staff whom it appears need no encouragement to be nice. At the same time it is a requirement in my book that guests also are polite and friendly to the staff, and if you are I promise you that at the Coco Reef it will reap dividends and rewards that will just add to your enjoyment of Tobago

The local radio station quoted last week a comment on Tobago picked up by one of their reporters quote

'Tobago is great for the newly weds and the nearly deads'.

We definately do not come into the first category and sincerely hope we are a long way from the second, but even so we think it is great for anybody who wants to get away from the rat-race for a while,change down a gear, chill out and maybe even become a nicer person. Finally my wife's comment is that everybody should swim/paddle in the Nylon Pool - she can't guarantee it will make you look ten years younger - but it will certainly bring out the awe factor one used to experience as a child.

We can't wait to return


Guest Report   

Chris Straw from U.K. visited in May 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

This is no ordinary all-inclusive resort.

Staff are superb, all have a charming smile and their sole objective is to make sure that you have a good holiday.

No queues for food or drink and even waiter/waitress service on the beach!

Excellent food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The description of the food in the Restaurant Menus has to be seen to be believed, it makes one's mouth water and the fayre served certainly does not disappoint.

The bedrooms are air conditioned and comfortable, with good sea view and impressive maid service twice per day. (Where do they find all those petals to decorate the beds?

The beach is relatively small, but adequate for the out-of season guest. Swimming in the warm, sheltered bay is a delight.

Children are allowed and so your solitude may be disturbed. However, this is not a resort for children because there

are no children's activities other than the sea and deep pool - no life guard.

The airport is next door, but there is no intrusive noise, in fact it is difficult to believe that it is so close.

Guest Report   

Ramona Andrews from U.S.A. visited in April 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

My husband and I stayed there for 3 days in April, short stop-over from Trinidad. We had a wonderfully relaxing time there.

Accomodation: Was fantastic, we had a nice view of the beach. Clean, well maintained rooms, nice tropical decor. The layout of the hotel made you feel very private - when in the balcony, we felt like we were in a private villa.

Beach: was great - good one hour rule on kayaks and other equipment, so it was easy to get the equipment. Beach was clean, enough beach chairs etc. However, though Storebay beach was right next door, it took some walking out of the property down to the public road to get to that beach. We went to Storebay to enjoy some more 'local' flavours such as local food, music, trip to Buccoo Reef etc.

Restaurants: thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast buffet - best I have seen. Staff was accomodating in getting us seated for dinner though we had no reservations. I did notice some guest not observing the dress code, and they were still admitted to the restaurant.

Rented a car and with a map, drove around the island. Not recommended though as there were not too many signs.

In short, I agree with the other reviews - this is an excellent place for relaxing, sunbathing, some activities, couples, or families with small children. Not too much excitement and night life for singles, couples wanting night life. But, that makes it great. If you want rest, relaxation, pristine beach, great staff, great food - this is the place. I prefer this than a hotel trying to accomodate everyone, and end up pleasing no one.

One suggestion: they should have an iron in each room as standard. We had to call down for one every night and wait up to 15 mins for one.

We would HIGHLY recommend this place and we will certainly return.

Guest Report   

Brian Oxley from U.K. visited in March 2006 and awarded  Five out of Five

On behalf of my wife and I, I would just like to add a report in case like us any of you have any doubts about visiting this hotel due to negative comments (which we were at first worried about). The hotel is classed as 4 star plus but we feel it should have been 5 star!. First of all the location was perfect, 5 mins from the airport (you couldn't hear aircraft noise) and great to be the first drop off after a long flight. Rooms- if you have booked like us De luxe Ocean View that is what you will get, that said because they have beautiful grounds some of the foliage is rather overgrown so not a complete sea view (the Junior Suites are completely clear but then that is on the next price band), however when we left they did appear to be tidying up the trees and foliage. The rooms were spacious, colourful with cane furniture and beautiful decor and the maid service with fresh towels everyday was second to none. Restaurants - Tamaras and Bucchinals. Tamaras is part of the all inclusive package and is A La Carte and you do have to book for this and the best time to do this is first thing in the morning from your room if you like to eat before 8.30 pm, otherwise if you are quite happy to eat say 8 - 9 pm, then no problem you will get a table waiting maximum time only say 10 - 15 mins. It is worth going to, the food is superb, the only requirement the hotel ask is that gentlemen wear long trousers, no shorts, beach footwear etc but certainly not collar and ties so it isn't strictly formal. Bucchinals downstairs is the beach restaurant but that also is excellent and it certainly isn't the case of McDonalds downstairs and A La Carte upstairs, its just its a buffet instead of waitress service in the evenings. At lunchtimes they had a wonderful bbq serving wonderful fish such as catfish, tuna, steak, stir frys, you name they have it, it was so good that we had to force ourselves to make sure we were eating salads as we were having two dinners daily!!! There were restaurants locally but to be honest the ones we saw looked more like snack bars and we weren't sure how busy they were at night and we didn't venture out at night as the street lighting looked a bit non existent!

However, we did hear from other people that Dillons nearby was quite good so maybe that is worth a try.

Swimming Pool. Yes it is small but I would say average than small, you certainly can have a decent swim, but not safe for small children as there isn't a separate section and most parents opted for the sea which was safer.

Entertainment. Excellent, not repeated - likewise neither was the food, so we never felt like oldie holidaymakers the second week. Mostly finished before midnight.

Staff. Excellent, always ready to help, some people complained because of slow service, we didn't experience this and most of the staff loved it when you chatted to them and quite a few of the young girls were trainees and again loved it when you asked them about thier lives etc. Everytime we turned round someone was always there to fill up your wine glass! Leroy does a wonderful beach service serving cold water, cold drinks and the fruit kebabs were great!!

Chill-Out Service. This is for people who have booked with Virgin Holidays, excellent service, the ground staff come into the hotel on the last day (including passport control) take your heavy cases, give you your boarding passes then that's it, the rest of the day is free until you are ready to be picked up! You can keep your room on if it isn't being used (charge applicable) or else book a courtesy room. We were not able to keep our room on but fortunately for us we made friends with another couple who could and they very kindly allowed us to use their shower). Just remember though keep some money on the last day as all inclusive finishes 3pm and flight times can change as well.

Excursions - We loved 'The Island Girl' which can be booked via rep, wonderful food, catamaran, beautiful beach 'cotton bay' only accessible by boat (crew feeds a local stingray there - great for snorkling) also Speyside which is a walk in the rain forest and visiting the Argyll Falls was excellent. However to get to the waterfall you have to negotiate some rocks so use sensible footwear such as trainers, that said my wife had trainers but as they get wet they became slippery and she was a bit concerned as she had recovered from a torn cartiledge operation before she came to Tobago and so was a bit nervous of negotiating the rocks, that said the guides were on hand and helped everyone through okay and it was worth the getting passed the rocks to get to the waterfall which we both enjoyed swimming under. The best type of footwear our guide wore was windsurfing sandals which had a grip on.

Hotel good for honeymooners, couples, children (just watch pool for little ones)not really suitable for teenageers nothing to do for them, no games rooms etc unless they like swimming, snorklling etc or people who like nightclubs and busy night life, Tobago is not the place, Barbados is busier for this.

My only gripe is with trips, most were late pick ups- i.e. 8.15 pm for Sunday School ( we recommend this trip) on our ticket, others told 8.45 pm pick up, likewise with car hire, 9 am pick up, one chap had to wait until 11 am for his car!! and we heard about others complaining re-late pick ups. Any questions?

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