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Miranda Lubbock

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 30 January

I have already replied to a couple of questions posted on the website but here is my review of the Coco Reef.

We stayed there from 9th - 23rd January on an all-inclusive basis and it was the best holiday we have ever had. The hotel is attractive, wonderfully situated with a perfect beach and excellent lagoon for swimming in. The staff were brilliant and attentive for the most part, or at least 85% of them were. The wonderful Benecia (a meeter and greeter at breakfast, and waitress at lunch) even procured a special request of grilled flying fish for our final lunch for four of us. There were a very few who didn't greet one with a cheery smile and they were mostly all willlng to put themselves out for you.

Lunch service was sometimes a bit slow, but then everybody tended to arrive at the same time. We found the food very good, with one or two exceptions, but we decided that it partly a matter of what you choose and what your expectation is. For instance, one evening three of us chose "bread and butter pudding" which came as an interesting chocolate spongecake-like thing which didn't resemble what you and I would recognise as bread and butter pudding at home. It was thoroughly enjoyable but not what we were expecting! Creme brulee on another night came completely cold, with the brulee soft. Again, my expectation had been a warm base with a hot, grilled top that was crusty so that you had to crack it with a spoon. What we got was not very nice in fact. Personally, if somebody else shops for, cooks and clears away my meal I am not too fussy, but if you are a fussy type, you could probably find something to be pernickety about.

The plus points of the hotel are undoubtably those I have named above, with the addition of the Gardening Tours by Delia, the Head Horticulturalist (1 hour, twice a week). These are not to be missed, even if you know nothing about gardens, as she is a guinea a minute, a born comedienne. We requested a drink at the same time every day on the beach and this was delivered unfailingly by a smiling Manning or his colleague, beautifully turned out in his white uniform.

Minus points: well, there are always a few but none ruined our holiday. We complained on a few evenings that the band on certain nights was too loud to permit a normal conversation, the artistes believing that they were there to drown any other activity out, rather than being an enhancement to a pleasant evening. Having said that, some of the evening bands were really excellent and very enjoyable (Exotic Vibration to name but one). Bands with loud drums were the culprits.

The bath is small by ouro standards, but I suppose this is to preserve their water supplies. Our water was lukewarm on many evenings which was another drawback. If I was being picky, I would expect a hotel of this standard to offer decent sized bath towels. Even the beach towels were larger than the ones in the bathroom so I took to using those instead of the ones provided for bath use. I was worried about the postings on the website mentioning a lack of shade on the beach. There is plenty of shade but it is true to say that you if saunter down to the beach mid-morning, most of it will have been snapped up, particularly if the hotel is full. Most days people are on island trips so there were only one or two days when the beach felt full.

Anybody worried about the proximity to the airport should not be. It is an advantage to be three minutes' drive away after a long flight. There is very little aircraft movement to and from the island and the wind blows in such a direction all the time that it blows the noise in the other direction and means there is hardly any noise whatsoever.

I have gone on long enough so, as I have indicated in earlier postings, I am happy to answer any questions from individuals should they wish to contact me.

Miranda L

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Veggie At Coco Reef   

Paul C

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 11 February

those of you who have been to coco reef resort: is there anything (decent) for vegetarians (no meat/fish) to eat? i can't believe that i'll be the first veggie to visit. i'd just like to know whether i've got a week of eating fruit/salad to look forward to! any comments/suggestions gratefully received. paul.

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"meal Plan" Vs. B&b At Coco Reef   

Paul C

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 12 February

we're planning to stay at coco reef in march. the question is meal plan or b&b only? we don't intend to spend _all_ our time in the hotel and will go out for meals and drinks elsewhere (at the restaurants you've all recommended!) the difference in price between "all inclusive" (i.e. full meal plan) and b&b is about 430 UK pounds each. will we really eat and drink 430 pounds worth each in 6 days? do you think it would be more prudent to simply pay for what we actually have? thanks again for any comments/suggestions!


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Coc Reef   


Post Recreated: Originally posted - 17 February

The hotle staff were great, although i would avoid room 131 as the air con is terrible, and you get all the noise from the entertainment at night. As this was my first trip to the Carribean, i would only recommend it if you want to do nothing but sunbathe, and the occaisional excursion. We had 9 nights there, and it was more than enough. I have always travelled to the Far East, and after this trip, I will continue to do that. There was nothing wrong with the hotel, it is just very boring.

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Rooms At Coco Reef   


Post Recreated: Originally posted - 20 February

Hi, we're trying to decide on accomodations for our wedding and honeymoon. Coco Reef looks and sounds very nice, but the one room picture I've seen on their website is not very attractive (bedspreads, colours). Is that how all of the rooms are decorated, or are there some more stylish ones? I know it's not the most important thing, but we'd really like to have a romantic atmosphere for such an occasion.

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