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Leaving Luggage At Coco Reef   


Dear all

I am off to Coco reef on honeymoon in 27 days (not counting honest!!) and am just finalising a few things and am hoping someone can help.

We are staying at Coco reef for a few nights and then heading off for a weeks trekking around Venezuela for a week before coming back to coco reef for 11 nights. We do not want to have to take all our luggage and belongings with us and so were hoping to leave a suitcase at the hotel and also (perhaps) leave some valuables there (eg travelellers chqs locked up in a safe)

Does anyone know if this is possible or should I contact the hotel in advance.

Secondly I was wondering about taking travellers chqs etc, I have been lead to believe the bank is only "down the road" as such, could we just take bank cards and draw cash from cash machines ??

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


PS - Fantastic site Steve !

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Stoopid, Vain Question   


Do the rooms at Coco Reef have hairdryers in them?



PS We're staying in a deluxe room if that makes a difference.

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Ok, So Which Is The Most Accessible Hotel And Environs??   

Brian Pile

Dear Steve

What a great website. 2 friends stayed full board at the Rex Turtle Beach in January this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then I have been exploring the island via the web, and realise 1. they might have been lucky 2. there is far more choice available.

I hope you don't mind my contacting your message board for advice, but I have a special enquiry. In 1998, aged 40, I was diagnosed with MS, and now use crutches and wheelchair to get around. Despite that, my wife and I have 2 or 3 foreign (mainly European) holidays per year, and I've always fancied a Carribean trip.

Tobago sounds amazing. My only concern is finding suitable accommodation and accessible beaches/sea access (we could hire taxis to visit other places on the island, like the rain forest?). We were thinking of a January 2005 holiday, for a week. Having had a quick look at your site, the hotels which initially appeal are the Blue Haven, the Coco Reef, and the Kariwak village (sounds great, but too near the airport, too far from the sea? And I read your comment about Pigeon Point- sounds bad).

I used to be a keen snorkeller. What better place to try again than on Tobago!

If any of you were able to offer any advice, that would be great, but It is a peculiar enquiry I know. I would, of course, write up the "disabled traveller" experience for the website afterwards.



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Honeymoon 2005   

Michelle Kidner

Finally, after 12 years of being together, my partner and I are getting married next year and looking to honeymoon at Coco Reef. The reviews look great - thanks to Steve for a fabulous website which will give my partner some heavy reading this evening! We are looking for peace, calm and tranquility and a stunning beach. Which have holidayed in Maldives, Mexico and Dominican thus far and the only thing that concerns me are the comments about the beach etc.... We love snorkelling, fine sands and crystal clear waters - I just want to be assured that the beach at Coco will live up to our expectations! By the way, with comments regarding rooms etc - I quite like the look of the rooms - the decor is quite coloquial and charming I think. Is there a great difference in size between one bed suites and straight forward rooms???

By the way, I will be taking my small son with us!! Political topic! I think most parents who are considering such a holiday as the Coco Reef are sympathetic - I know we are - after being childless for most of our twenties, we are now (hopefully) mature parents in our mid-thirties and lend respect to those who are on holiday, whoever they are. Hopefully they give the same respect in return. :D

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Honeymoon At Coco Reef - The Review   

Steve Roughley

We have now come down to earth after spending 2 wonderful weeks at Coco Reef for our honeymoon, ( 10th -24th April ). Everything that has been said about Coco Reef is true, it can be summed up in one word - excellent. From the day we arrived and were collected at the airport by their Rolls Royce - a big surprise that Hilary, my wife, knew nothing about, to when we checked in the room and were greeted by the word

' Welcome ', spelled out in Bougainvillea petals on the bed, they had also left a bottle of bubbly and a basket of fruit for us, until the day we left, all the staff made our stay a memorable one, nothing was too much trouble for them.

We did'nt stay AI and for us that was great as we wanted to get out and about and try the numerous restaurants that were within the vicinity, i will give a full review of those in the appropriate section. We stayed in a deluxe ocean view room of adequate proportions, plus a view from the balcony of the beach and sea beyond, the only small gripe would be about the shower, it was very difficult to control the water temperature, perhaps in the future they may install power showers.

We had to be pretty quick in the morning to get a good shady spot on the beach, as most people took to the task of putting their towels on the loungers to get the best spot !. A couple of times we walked to the beaches nearby at Pigeon Point, Store Bay and Sandy Bay, these were never crowded, but got a bit busier at week-ends. When we stayed on the beach at Coco Reef we had to put up with the constant squawking of the sea- gulls, which after a while you got used to. I had never snorkelled before so it was great that i could perfect my skills in the relative calm of the lagoon before trying my hand at it when we went on the boat trips.

If there are any keen gardeners amongst you then we would recommend a garden tour tour with Delia Figueria, the chief horticulturalist, she will even let you collect seeds and give you cuttings to take home.

The few shops they had at the hotel were expensive, so i would recommend their use sparingly, unless you need something in a hurry.

All in all it was a very relaxing, enjoyable and memorable stay, and we would thoroughley recommend it.

p.s. if you know that you will be on one of the later flights when you leave it is better to enquire about the late check-out availability when you arrive.

Steve & Hilary

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