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Coco Reef Here We Come!   

Kirsten Giles


I have finally booked to go back - 2 October for 2 weeks and I can't wait. My daughter has just informed me that it is about 140 sleeps! I think she is a little excitied - just like her mum.

:D :lol: :D :lol:

My Review - May 2004   

Rachel Harries

I feel I have been back sufficiently long enough to write my review of Coco Reef ;O) As the part of our trip that we paid for (thanks Steve etc etc, again), I also think I can be quite objective about it and so write a fair review. I am a journalist and have been fortunate enough to stay in some great hotels in many different countries. And yet, Coco Reef is really quite unique!

Coco Reef is not five star. It's a four star establishment, with a great restaurant (truly incredible food) in Tamaras and some fine points. These include:

* Great maid service. Almost too much, with twice daily visits

* Good remote control air conditioning. Functional and not too noisy

* The true Ocean View rooms do have a great view (we were in room 242, and I'm glad :O))

* Good location near Crown Point - the chances to 'escape' are plentiful

* Courteous staff in the main (say good morning and good afternoon etc instead of hi and you will get a great response!)

* A great 'open air' feel to the place. I loved the balcony overlooking the terrace

* A good beach with safe swimming (matters more to others than it does to me)

* Kevah, Carla and Amos - some of the staff who made our stay really enjoyable

* The gardens

* Shower gel, shampoo and after sun - all provided

* Clock radio by the bed

* Decor and ambience

* Entertainment - mostly good, most evenings

* Breakfasts

* Clean, fresh hotel - almost new-looking in places

* Horrendous noise from the seagulls on that ugly wall. I never really got used to it and heard from many people that it was because it was mating season. I didn't believe them - I fear it's a problem all year round

That stupid 'bag a sun lounger at 6.30am' game. Urgh

* Mosquitos (hardly their fault)

* The fawning over repeat customers. While I appreciate their significance, I feel it's just as important to look after new clients. Newbies are almost brushed aside in favour of old friends. I saw a 'VIP list' sitting on the bar. Lucky you if your name's on it, and there was quite a list - it was about three pages long!

* The fact that the best tables get booked up quickly in the evening, and there are some which you are never likely to be seated at

* The house wine. Yuk!

* Hard, threadbare towels (the bath variety) and ditto for sheets. The bed wasn't the comfiest, either. Beach towels were better

* The extortionate price of drinks from the mini bar

* The shower - a trickle at best and often a bit too cool

* Internet access/computer availablility. This should be addressed

* Some embarrassingly British fellow guests who made my skin crawl with their behaviour. It's a REALLY mixed clientele at CRR

* Thin walls (we were next to a line of newlyweds and honeymooners ;O)). Again, there's not much they can do about that and I guess it was our bad luck! The air con does drown most noise out

Is that more negatives than positives? I didn't mean there to be. I would very happily go back (and be fawned over ;O)), but do need to get out every day so that I'm not all-inclusived out by the end of the holiday, as I got this time. I met some wonderful people, ate some incredible food (although I could do both outside of the Coco Reef) and thought that in the mainpart the customer service was good. Well, it was for us. People we met had problems with overbooking and overcharging on their final bill, but we escaped that.

Thanks for reading... I wonder how many got this far?!


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Taking Young Adults With Us   

Sue Widnall

I have just found this site and as we have booked to go tpo Coco Reef in July found the comments useful. We are taking our 19 & 21 year old daughter and son- both Uni students so keen to take any free holiday with us ! They have been to a few Caribbean islands and have loved them all. I was wondering - considering the comments on how peaceful it is/early to bed times - how previous similar families have fared. they are good at adapting and one loves nature - but both do like a bit of activity in the evenings. Any comments/advice would be welcome

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Jeans In The Evening?   



Just want to say first of all that this is the BEST Tobago website available!

Myself and hubby are of there in 10 days. (well excited!).

A quick question - would my hubby get away with wearing dark jeans and a smart shirt in the evenings at the main restuarant in the Coco reef?

If not - its a shopping spree before we go!

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Coco Reef - Just Booked Tonight!   

Jill H

Hi, what a great sight, we have enjoyed reading all the views in the forum about Coco Reef. We booked our holiday before reading but can happily say we haven't been put off! There are some very nit-picky views out there.

Unfortunately it's a long way off yet as we've booked for October 2005 (holidays for this year are already booked!) but we got a great deal through Virgin and some excellent savings for booking earlier than early! This will be our first time in Tobago, the Coco Reef was reccommended by my parents who stayed there in November 2001. They had a fantastic time and still talk about it so hopefully we will enjoy it just as much.

We have booked a deluxe ocean view room and I suppose our only concern (from reading other posts) is that we will have an ocean view. Is the ocean view better from some rooms and can we ask to be moved should this happen? Can we request a room with great views that others have stayed in?!

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Jill and Barry :lol:

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