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Hotel Comparison Coco Reef V Blue Waters Antigua   

V Wragg

We have booked to stay at Coco Reef in October, we picked this hotel because it appeared to be a similar standard to that of Blue Waters in Antigua. We were married there last year and it was really fabulous. Just wondered if anyone else had stayed at both hotels and could give us a comparison.

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Is Coco Reef Suitable For Physically Challenged People?   

J Duff

Hello, after reading all the info on this resort, it sounds awesome. I would like to take my Mother for a trip as it's her 70th bday. However, she has very bad knees and a bad hip, so a sprawling resort would not suffice. Could anyone tell me if this resort would be suitable? eg: are the rooms close to the dining area/beach?

Thank you!

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Care With Bills/all Inclusive   

Sue Widnall

8) Weve just returned from Coco Reef = a lovely experience, and a truly beautiful island. It seems nit picking a bit but just a warning to new visitors on all inclusive. The only times that our holiday was marred were at important times - a few minutes on arriving and a few minutes before departure. After dumping our cases after such a long journey we found the nearest bar - idyllic - the Bachanal - only to have our order queried as our name was not on the list -as I say a special time spoiled but soon rectified. However, after a lovely holiday, we all showered and settled the bill and I left the family suggesting that I would get the final few cocktails to sit in the terrace to say goodbye to our special place. As the family waited for my return I ordered the cocktails as I had done every day only to be told I could not have them.

I found this quite embarrassing, the cocktails were already poured, the bar was busy and the bar manager was asking for a credit card. After running back to the patio, I then dashed around looking for my husband who had gone to get the cases from the store room,and found some cash. By this time I was very red and hot and the taxi was due - leaving our final minutes not as I had hoped but with what I thought was a rather petty gesture. Apparrently once you have checked out you are not entitled to the all inclusive package. I had assumed it covered us until we left the site. A disappointing end to a lovely holiday - so dont let it put anybody off - but just be aware.

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Booked Coco Reef A Couple Of Weeks Ago   

Mike Goodman

Just booked this resort for next year and I have spent the past few weeks trying to find a forum for Tobago.

Stopped at Galley Bay in Antigua this year and I'm wondering how this resort compares.... any replies gratefully received.

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Coco Reef Rooms   

Diane C

We are booking tomorrow to go to Coco Reef & Galley Bay Antigua. Could someone recommend the best deluxe oceanfront rooms to request please? 8)

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