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Another 2 Wonderful Weeks At The Coco Reef!   

Kirsten Giles


Another fantstic holiday at the Coco Reef - loved every second of it.

Food was great, rooms super, Staff wonderful.

All in all perfect.

Eric sends his regards Steve. Bernica is off on Maternity leave at the moment but we did get to see her and Oh my shes huge!

Kirsten :lol: :lol:

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Our 3rd And Alas I Think, Final Visit To Coco Reef   

Fran D

We have just returned from our 3rd visit to Coco Reef. I do think that will be our last. It has become a victim of its own success!!

The hotel and staff are just as wonderful as ever, as is the location. However, it has become a lot busier. (which is only to be expected)

Our holiday was tarnished by 2 main things: Children and Karaoke!!!

Before everyone starts jumping up and down, I would just like to point out my reasons.

We chose the Coco Reef, mainly because it is a small-ish hotel and doesn't provide childrens facilities. We are a young-ish couple who work extremely hard all year and choose to go on holiday where generally there are not likley to be a lot of kids (no matter how well behaved). I don't have anything against children, we would just prefer to go somewhere that wasn't aimed at children. We also go the first 2 weeks of October to help guarantee this fact as it is still term time. However in our first week, there were quite a number of children, ranging from the screaming, crying shouting ones to the ones who were always being told to keep quiet but were well behaved. Luckily we did find a quiet area in the cove, but instead of hearing the waves gently lapping, we still heard children.

Secondly, the entertainment on a couple of nights, left little to be desired. You could have been anywhere in the med. Karaoke, shouts of oggy oggy oggy -not our idea of a nice romantic evening.

As I said, Coco Reef is getting busier and the clientele is changing, and all tastes have to be catered for, I appreciate that, but having been there twice before over the last 5 years, the change is quite astounding.

It is still a great hotel, the staff still have time to talk, although I think the next couple of weeks, when apparently the hotel is full, they may struggle!

We still have happy memories, and now the search is on for a hotel elsewere in the caribbean, which has maybe stayed as the coco reef used to be. (preferably with no Oggy Oggy Oggys'!!)

Recommendations welcome

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Coco Reef For Christmas?   

Kerry & Lee

I just wanted to know if anyone is going to the Coco Reef for christmas? We fly out on christmas day for two weeks. I was wondering if they do anything special for christmas and new year? It will be our first time to Tobago and thanks to this site we are really looking forward to it.

Swimming At Coco Reef   

Pat B

After many trips to Barbados, considering booking Coco Reef. From photos the sea looks very shallow. Although not strong swimmers both myself and husband like to have a 'swim' rather than just paddling/wading. Is this possible within the sea walls? Also can you drink the local tap water as you can in Barbados?

Best wishes Pat

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Coco Reef   


Hi Andy, you didnt seem impressed with hotel. We have changed from the Tropikist to Coco Reef at the very last minute as we fly on the 2nd December. Is it really flooded? it seems so tragic these days that lives are lost over flooding, and its all in the laps of the gods.

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