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Coco Reef Hotel   

Judy Warnock-smith


Having just returned from a brilliant 2 weeks holiday at the Coco Reef Hotel, and having visited the My Tobago website lots of times before we went on holiday, we just wanted to pass on our comments. The Coco Reef is a fab hotel - smashing site, lovely food and excellent service from very friendly staff.

We particulalry enjoyed being able to swim in safety from the hotel's beach and it was brilliant (for a not very good swimmer like me) to be able to snorkel in safety, for as long as I wanted each day, just off the beach. The sea wall is home to a good variety of fish of all sizes (one lucky guest even saw an octopus one day but I could't find it).

As we booked quite late we had a garden room, rather than one of the more popular sea view rooms - but actually preferred this when we realised it meant a cottage tucked away in a quiet spot in the lovely hotel garden.

Our favourite trip out from the hotel was a day's sailing on a 35' yacht along the coast to Angel Reef where we snorkelled.

We agree with your comments on this hotel that there is nothing to occupy children over about 3 - 4 years old other than swimming.

The only item on our wish list for the Coco Reef would have been the ability to walk from the hotel beach along a stretch of neighbouring beach. Unfortunately the geography of the area makes this impossible. However, the safe bathing and snorkelling from the hotel beach more than makes up for this.


Just Returned 22 March 2005   

June Reid

Hi all

Just returned from two weeks at the Coco Reef. Hi Ian and Hi Alison.

For anyone who is going to this hotel and have read the reviews and are feeling flat don't be. It is what you make of it. If you moan about everything then you will moan but if you go with an open mind then you will be pleasantly surprised. The hotel itself is very nice and we were in a delux ocean view room 250 and it was very good. Excellent sea view over Store Bay which we found very entertaining watching the people of Tobago enjoying themselves. You are in your own cocoon whilst you are at the hotel and to see the locals is great. The air conditioning I did not find too noisy as we could hear the waves crashing in on Store Bay. Food was good especially the restaurant at which you have to book. We found it very easy booking the table as we went down at 7 a.m. for breakfast after putting our towels on a sunbed at 6 a.m.!! Between 6-10 is the best part of the day before it gets too hot therefore we did not mind getting up at this time. The staff were very nice and it is true if you take the time to be friendly and smile they will always respond to you.

Rounding up - nice hotel, food good, accommodation clean, staff charming, beach better than other beaches which had sand flies!, water lovely and warm. It is a pity about the lack of sunshades.


Coco Reef Review   

Alison Meyers

Hi There (hello June!)

We returned from Tobago on Tues 29th (Boo!). In summary Tobago is a wonderful place, and Coco Reef had fantastic food, lovely staff and a great atmosphere.

We stayed in a deluxe ocean view room, which had everything we needed and was extremely clean. Yes the air con was noisy (not really noisy) , but as long as they work, which they do, then whatís the problem? (especially when itís 35-40 degrees its welcome whether its noisy or not). The staff were outstanding, yes they do all ask ďand how are you todayĒ in the main restaurant at breakfast and evening meal, and sometimes it does feel like they are reading from a script but itís the way they have been trained and they are all just doing their job, they appreciate being asked in return how they are as well. We never found the staff surly, formal yes, that is until you asked them how they were or made a little conversation and then you got that fantastic Tobagan smile and some great conversation. For those people who complained about the staff, perhaps there were one or two who were surly, I didnít encounter that at all in fact every member of staff I spoke to (which was many) was welcoming and friendly and I didnít find anyone staying at Coco Reef when we were who thought they were surly or unfriendly either. Perhaps like us they have good and bad weeks Ė or get to that stage of feeling like they need a holiday too !!!

Drinks on the beach- one or two of the negative comments mentioned that you would ask for a drink from the drinks waiters who came up to you on the beach and then have to wait ďhoursĒ for it to arrive, well yes thatís true, not hours though. Bear in mind however that the beach possibly has between 50 and 200 people on it and only 2 drinks waiters to take the orders, go and get them at the bar, deliver them, and itís very very hot and tobagans understandably donít rush themselves, then your drink wonít arrive in 5 minutes. It takes closer to 30 minutes for the drinks to come, but for us it wasnít a problem, if we were really thirsty weíd go to the bar and get it ourselves (all of a 5 minute walk away at the most) or think ahead !

One post called the beach Benidorm in high season - well the hotel is relatively large and as people tend to go to Tobago for the sun, then in high season the beach will be busy, if you want a beach to yourself get out and about as there are plenty of quieter ones or book into a smaller hotel!

In the first week we were there it was necessary if you wanted one of the fixed beach parasols to be up early to get one (bearing in mind there are only approx 20 fixed ones) but in the second week there were always one or two of these free if you needed. Also the hotel now has other beach parasols which you can help yourselves to if you need one and there was always more than enough to go round, apart from the days where we had been out for the day and wanted one at 4ish, but again understandable. We only bothered on a couple of occasions to put towels on a sunbed before breakfast as there were always loads available and always a beach parasol if we needed shade. Iíd say it depends on the nationality of the guests and how busy the hotel is whether you need to put a towel down to reserve a bed. Although what was interesting was actually it was mainly Brits reserving the beds and fixed parasols (perhaps a hang over from those holidays in Benidorm !!). Notably though, and understandably, those with children that wanted shade for them for later in the day were the main offenders.

Finally you probably wonít get a room to use on the last day, but you have until 12 to leave the room, then you can leave luggage near reception and can book a shower slot for the end of the day to enable you to freshen up.

All in all in our opinion most people staying at this hotel will like it, a lovely hotel, good service, fantastic food, great staff. And also all the comparisons with Blue Waters in Antigua are unrealistic as its approx £1000 pound more to stay at Blue Waters so although the star ratings might be the same the cost isnít and as we all know you get what you pay for, I thought for the price we paid Coco Reef (AI Ė although this still didnít stop us from eating outside of the hotel) was very very good value for money.

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Trips Around The Island   

Pamela Sutcliffe

Can the Coco Reef arrange trips around the island .

As we are retired we do not want anything that is too expensive but we would like to see other parts of the island whilst our stay on Tobago.

Does anyone know what the cost might be?

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Is Your Glass Half Full Our Half Empty?   

Colin Eustace

As more than one person has said donít dwell on all the negative comments posted. My wife, daughters (19 &15) and I have just (April 05) returned from a wonderful holiday in Tobago.

Although, we experienced more or less all the shortcomings others have mentioned it was only to a very small degree. Yes, one waitress was a little surly, but the other 49 were full of smiles and very attentive and the waiter who appeared to like a drink or two or ten just added to the evening cabaret. The managers and senor staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful and encouraged guests to air any concerns. When we questioned why afternoon tea wasnít included in the Ďfull inclusive optioní Iím not sure we got a full answer but room service appeared that evening with a generous supply of tea bags, coffee, milk and a kettle.

The three negatives for us were not the fault of the hotel. To book a coach tour of the island through Kuoni and to have it cancelled the night before because of wet weather was acceptable. To be left waiting in reception for 45 minutes for a coach that never did arrive on the rearranged date was very poor service. However, the hotel arranged a private taxi to take the four of us on Ďthe grand tourí at a considerably lower cost (£84.00), albeit excluding lunch and we could go at our own pace.

SOME taxis in Tobago appear not to have an earthly chance of passing an MOT and although Kuoni booked four taxis to take their guests back to the airport only one arrived, - late and held together with string. The airport in Tobago lacks a certain calm efficiency and being late for a BWIA flight where your seats on the Tobago/Trinidad Express will be given away to standby passengers is not the most relaxing end to a holiday. We lost our seats on the outward jouney and had to wait for spaces on later flights.

And, if youíre the parents of delightful little children with exceedingly loud voices. We can remember (just about) when we were their age and can live with the noise on the beach but when we go back to our rooms in the late afternoon for a quiet cup of tea please donít sent your children up to the pool to continue the cacophony or join us for a late night romantic candle-lit suppers.

Isnít it easy to complain? So take note of all comments, both good and bad and just remember people are generally quick to complain but slow to praise. The Coco Reef is not perfection but you wonít find that in this life. Itís close, so sit back on the balcony with a pina colada and say to yourself, the sunís warm, the rainís cool and the fish in the lagoon are great. Contemplate on whatís for dinner and look at your drink and think to yourself., my glass is still half full. If itís not just order another. You might not get what you order but, hey! Itís great fun working out what it is and why your children appear to be slurring their words! Have fun, we did.

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