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Coco Reef   

Kirsten Giles

My parents are yet again at the Coco Reef and I have just received a phone call from them telling me how wonderful it is.... :cry: :cry:

Feeling slightly gutted at the moment that they are there and I am here but hey ho thats life.

My Dad is racing in the regatta next week so I think they will have a fab time as usual. 8)


Coco Reef Absent Friends!   

Louise W

I'd like to say hello to Dennis and Annette, Chris and Sue, Bill and Gill and may I take this opportunity to propose a toast to the Major!

Also hello to Gerry and Barbara, Mark and Angie and Peta and Lyndsay (who were enjoying the manager's cocktail party as we left!) Hope you had a safe journey home.

I'd like to say a big thank you to some members of staff at Coco Reef for making our stay such a special one.


Lucy in the restaurant for always making sure our coffee cups were full!

Queen Benecia for filling us in on local gossip and always making sure we were sat near a high powered fan!

Esther and Shelly for our lunch and breakfast. Shelly the saltfish and bake was delicious.

Devon for our lunchtime steaks! Hope you're feeling better after your cold.

Evelyn for being so warm and friendly.

Special thanks

Keown () and Eustace our beach boys who kept us refreshed and entertained for 2 weeks. We won't forget Eustace's rendition of Tears in Heaven and nor will we forget Paddy's 'smooth moves'.

Thanks to all the staff of Coco Reef they really made our honeymoon special.

Louise and Colin

Coco Reef Review May 2005   

Peter Green

My wife & I have just today returned from a weeks stay at the Coco Reef Hotel.

We read the comments on this web site with interest before we left and I have to say we were worried about a few things we read and wondered if we had made a good hotel choice or not.

I have to say that some comments we did read were accurate such as the service in the hotel and the 'towels on the sunbeds' situation however I would say they were the only major negatives.

I'll start with the service. It was times! Some staff were fantastic and others were so very miserable. The service in the restaurants was generally good although the food in Tamaraís was actually served too quick which in turn meant we could be in and out of the restaurant in 30 minutes !!! Service was particularly bad when it came to ordering drinks when sitting out on the terrace.

The situation with the sunbeds was astonishing. I am not an ageist person but it was the over 50's that were the main culprits. We even discovered guests putting out there towels the night before. We had the last laugh though as there had been overnight and morning rain and Iím sure their towels would have been absolutely drenched. There were plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for those you required them which is something else I couldnít relate to on reading previous comments on this website.

Some of the entertainment in the evenings was something that I should think you get in Blackpool. Not our scene although a couple of the bands played and sung very local music which was excellent. I think the entertainment satisfied the majority of visitors which I would say were 50 and over Brits. We were disappointed that there werenít many other guests of other nationalities.

The hotel generally was good though and we would more than recommend it. Nowhere is perfect but we would give the hotel an 8 out of 10. The facilities allowed us to relax and de-stress for a week and we arrived back home in fine fettle.

We didnít particularly think that Tobago itself was the best island we have been to. The beaches were disappointing although the coastline towards the north of the island was stunning. We live in Jersey and our beaches here are generally much sandier and cleaner. I never thought I would say such a thing comparing Jersey to a Caribbean Island but in this case I believe that to be true.

My wife & I generally only visit a place once as there are so many other places to visit on this planet. We wonít I donít think ever return to Tobago but that is not to say I wouldnít discourage others to give it a try.

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Coco Reef Resort - May 2005   

Colin A

This is definately the best hotel in Tobago, my wife & I have just returned from a two week stay. During our stay we toured the island & checked out many other hotels. Food is excellent, general staff very helpful but senior staff disappointing. Drinks do take a long time to be served.

If you make reservations with the hotel for hire cars etc send e-mail confirmation & ask for e-mail reply (print it & take it with you).

Rolls Royce collections from airport do not happen.

If you are on a "fully inclusive deal" check when ordering drinks that they are included as not all are.

If you want coffee & tea making facilities in your room, you have to ASK.

The airport is close but you never hear any noise from it.

If you are looking for Duty Free goods, spirits are NOT cheap but cigarettes are (only limited makes).

Coco Reef 5 - 12 May   

Diane C

:lol: Had a wonderful week in coco Reef & would like to say that I agree with comments made by other users. Tamaras had excellent food in the evening, well presented & very tasty! Breakfasts were really good, although you had to be down at & to get the really crispy bacon, as it tended to be a bit fatty underneath after that, but that is a very minor point! :)

The rooms were of a good size & the a/c was quiet, unlike some of the hotels in the caribbean, beach towels could do with replacing, but reception was always willing to provide more, if requested. The bougainvilleas on the bed were lovely the first night, but after that we could have done without petals everywhere! Maybe we are not as romantic as we used to be!

We took a tour of the island & into the rainforest with 'Elvis', he was a great guide & had a very original laugh,which could be recognised anywhere & :wink: guess what ,when we got on the plane to come home from Antigua on the 19th, we heard that laugh & he was on his way to england.Maybe we all tipped him too well :lol:

It is a beautiful island & well worth a visit, but beware the sunbed savers at the crack of dawn every morning!!

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