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Snorkelling Vest   

Molly C

We are due to visit Coco Reef on 3rd Nov 2005.

I have a question about the type of snorkelling equipment I can hire.

I am fairly new to snorkelling and prefer to wear a snorkelling vest. Does anyone know if these are available to hire at the hotel and how much they cost?

I know the water is quite shallow and does not have many waves as it is enclosed but I would like to venture further out.

I have all my own snorkelling equipment - just not a vest.

Many thanks,


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Coco Reef - Beach Towels   

Michelle Kidner


I am just busy packing for our trip to Coco on 3rd November :D

Does the hotel provide beach towels, or should I pack those?

Thanks for your help.


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Coco Reef - Our Review   

Michelle Kidner

Just returned from a fantastic honeymoon at the Coco Reef.

What can we say? What a fabulous hotel and a stunning island.

Our arrival was smooth and there wasn't too much of a delay at the airport. We soon got our transfer to the hotel and once there, really appreciated the speedy check in. We were shown to our room and were very happy to see that it was just as it appeared in the Virgin brochure. We were in room 145, which had a lovely view out to sea. The room was very spacious with two double beds and a lovely 'Congratulations' greeting on the bed. Shortly after arriving in our room, the bell boy brought us a bottle of chilled wine and a fruit plate. Greatly appreciated!!

The room was nicely decorated and the air conditioning unit worked perfectly - and wasn't at all noisy. The maid service was brilliant - twice a day.

We seemed to settle in straight away and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I have read comments on the forum about surly staff, but must admit that we only came across one waitress who wasn't up to the standard of the others. The service was fantastic and all the staff made a real effort with our 3yr old son.

Being early November, the hotel was fairly quiet and we had no problems getting loungers on the beach. In fact, some days it was only half full! The beach was beautiful and the sea very calm and safe for children. Feeding the fish was a popular pastime! The beach was raked every morning - we really liked the fact that Trevor and Levi brought us drinks on a regular basis! As it was quiet, they had lots of time to chat and play with our son. Particularly Levi who made firm friends with Jacob - even bought him a present following his day off in Trinidad!!!

The food was really good. We must admit that we only ate once in Tamaras as we preferred to take Jacob to Bachanals for the buffet dinner in the evenings. The food in Tamaras was good - but we preferred the Creole and themed cuisine in Bachanals. The atmosphere was more relaxed and we didn't have to worry about keeping Jacob quiet here - not that he was noisy, but it was easier. Breakfast was good, repetitive, but well cooked. Have a chat with the egg chef - she looks austere at first, but it doesn't take much effort to get a laugh and a smile out of her!!! I must say, that this is the only time that I've ever refused King Prawns..... We ate so many of them - big, beautiful and juicy 'Shrimp'. By the end of our stay, we just couldn't manage any more!!

Tobago is a beautiful island. We took a taxi tour around the island for a day and it exceeded our expectations. Englishman's Bay, where the rainforest meets the beach, is a particular favourite of ours. It was great driving through the villages, watching locals play football and sleeping on benches after smoking something suspicious!! Our driver was very knowledgeable and enjoyed singing songs with Jacob and telling jokes. He seemed to enjoy the day, rather than it being a chore.

We also chartered one of the thirty foot yachts you can see from the beach. Paul and his girlfriend Mel took us for a six hour sail, stopping for lunch at Mount Irvine. They were really good with Jacob and made it a very memorable day. Well worth doing if you have the chance - the company is called Sanddollar Sailing and can be booked through the social director at the hotel. The trip cost $300 US - which seemed very good value as the boat can take up to six people. Just as cost effective as taking a Virgin trip, but without hoards of other holidaymakers.

We were slightly concerned after having booked the holiday and having read some negative comments about children at the Coco Reef, that Jacob wouldn't be made welcome. All we can say is that everyone commented on what a well behaved boy Jacob was and that they enjoyed watching him play in the sea - many of them were missing their grandchildren at home and I think they just delighted in watching children enjoy themselves. The staff were fantastic with him and made a real effort to talk and play with him. So please do not feel that children are not welcome at the hotel.

The only negative points were the sand fly/mossie bites! Take some strong repellent with you - something that has DEET in it. We read all the comments on this site and did try everything that was suggested - but we still managed to get eaten alive!!! Do try and watch the fireflies - you can usually see them around 6pm every evening - Jacob was fascinated!

Be careful when using the laundry facility at the hotel - several people had items ruined/scorched. So don't put your favourite clothes in for washing as they may not come back in perfect condition.

We made some great friends at Coco Reef and had an amazing holiday. We felt totally relaxed and I think that it is the first holiday where I really didn't want to go home and could have stayed for a third week. We did have quite a lot of rain, but it was the rainy season and it didn't really spoil our enjoyment.

The only problem is our next holiday has to live up to this one - which could be difficult!

Enjoy your holiday if you are going soon - we are very jealous!!


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Stay At Coco Reef?   

Candi Ccp

Hi-I like what I have read about Coco Reef, and am considering a stay there in Feb, 2006. However, I am a big fan of waterskiing. I know the hotel does not offer this activity, but I am wondering if anyone knows if it is offered by a vendor nearby. If so, how close by and what do they charge? Is the water in Tobago that gorgeous turquoise? Thanks for any help. Candi

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Coco Reef - A Few Questions!   

Julie L

Hello everyone - my first post on a great site!

Am off to Coco Reef for 1st time in 3 weeks, and have found the general posts and reviews of the hotel fascinating - although I now have a few questions of my own.....

1. All the comments about the swimming pool say how small it is - I have 2 children who love swimming and they usually prefer pools to the sea - is the hotel pool really really tiny, or is it not just as big as some other hotels where the pools are enormous?

2. Comments about barbed wire at ends of the beach have me worried. Is it obvious, and does it make the hotel seem like a compound?

3. Are there still no in-room safes? And if not, are the hotel's security boxes big enough to take a medium sized camera?

Any help with the above would be gratefully received!!


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