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The Footprints Eco Resort is a 9-room eco project located on a 62-acre nature preserve at Culloden Bay, on Tobago's Caribbean coast. Sadly, this commendable project seems to have been beset by financial difficulties and it appears to be closed more than it is open. The last time we visited Footprints we walked around the property for 15 minutes and couldn't find a sole.

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Footprints Eco Resort & Spa

Detailed Description

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Here, clocks tick a little slower, so you can live a little more richly. Here, you will experience nature in its own element.

Here, you will re-discover yourself amid the dance of the trees, the song of the birds and the roll of the sea.

Here you will feel the peace of the Tobago countryside infuse your spirit.

Here the pools seem an extension of the sea. Here the Jacuzzi is the ideal rest for the splendor of sunset. Here the restaurant retracts its roof to the splendor of the night skies. Here the food is fresh, the vegetables are organic and the service is world-class.

Here you are surrounded by the warmth of wood, yet open to the beauty of sea and sky. Here is a place designed for life as it was meant to be lived. In comfort. In peace. As one with nature.

Here we have created special hideaway packages for you, with all that you need to truly relax and enjoy the summer.

Discover for yourself why Footprints Eco Resort is a solution you can be comfortable with.

At Footprints we have two imperatives, preservation and protection of the environment and the comfort of our guests. You will find that these guide all aspects of our construction and operations. We have maximized the use of local and recycled building materials, and the use of renewable energy. The structures have been built on columns, and wooden walkways have been installed along the seafront minimizing earthworks and preventing silt runoff.

The 62 acre property, located a 45 minute drive from Crown Point on the islandīs Caribbean coast, is designated a nature preserve, and is being extensively reforested with native species. We invite you to become involved by planting or adopting a tree during your stay with us. We will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your tree and any wildlife that may inhabit it, and hope that you will come back to visit it time and time again. There are numerous nature trails, suitable for hiking or bird watching. Additionally, we grow fresh organic herbs and vegetables on site to make us self sufficient in these items.

Our saltwater pools draw water directly from Culloden Bay. The use of seawater as opposed to fresh water helps to preserve our planetīs dwindling fresh water resource. It also ensures that the fish which live in the seaward pool are assured of an ideal environment, as in this pool the water is constantly refreshed and untreated. Culloden Reef itself offers excellent snorkeling just off the beach on one of Tobagoīs most pristine reefs.

The Cocoa House Restaurant features a retracting thatch roof, reminiscent of Cullodenīs history as a former sugar and cocoa estate, and creates a magical dining experience under the stars.

The buildings are unobtrusive, designed to enhance rather than overshadow the beauty of Caribbean blue waters and rolling green hills. The buildings all blend harmoniously with the ridge tops and valleys where they nestle, hiding surprisingly luxurious and comfortable interiors with inspirational views. All woods used in construction are locally grown in Trinidad and Tobago or native to the region, in addition, much of the teak is reclaimed from waste wood, and all of the wallaba is recycled. The roofs of the building are made from the leaves of the timit palm, a durable attractive covering that was the first material ever used for roofing in Trinidad and Tobago.

For all these reasons and more, we invite you to explore Footprints Eco Resort Tobagoīs most unique vacation experience. Truly, a solution you can be comfortable with.


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