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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 28 February

Often asked for in the forum, desperately looked for at the internet, one of the favorite evoked sets for us honeymooners, we went for footprints to get our own our personal impression.... . And it was: AUTUMN. That's what we both tought, entering the place. Missing green, missing colours, missing a carring hand. As if time is standing still after having a great idea....hard to expain (auf deutsch gings besser)) A special case here and often asked for by honeymmooners:Lovers Retreat. It is actually beeing renovated for a large wedding, as we were told. Those should think of the following fact: It's situated in a little valley - and you are looking UPWARDS in this small valley while you were sitting in your private and hiddden garden - the carribean sea unvisible in your back! But who wouldt not prefer to see the sea? So our suggestion to anyone going to EFR:think of ther other single-houses there, or the ocean-front-rooms there. And, finally, as an point of discussion to any place on the island:: Is "eco-labeling" in the sense of "Let's use local materials (as usual) to build our hotel, change towels not daily, and charge Europeans for that stronly everyday"... ? Nick

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Footprints Eco-resort   12 Jun 2004

Steve Wooler from Suffolk, England

I have received an email from Melissa Rampersad, the General Manager of the Footprints Eco-Resort at Culloden. I am delighted to tell readers that the communication problems that have blighted this interesting hotel for the past year or so appear to have been resolved.

The phone lines have been repaired, so the hotel can now be contacted by telephone (868-660-0118) and email ( and their website ( is now fully operational.

Returned From Footprints Eco Resort-wow!   


We stayed at Footprints for 2 nights last week, and it was wonderful! It's not for the tourist who wants luxury and excitement. It's definitely for the tourist who wants unique, nature, seclusion, beauty, good food, and pampering. We were the only guests, and we had a staff of 5! We had an oceanfront room which came complete with charming geckos near our enclosed garden shower. There are 2 large pools, both filled with water pumped from the very nearby Culloden Bay. One of the pools is chlorine treated, and one is only filtered. They both are similar to infinity pools. There is also a nice jacuzzi. The restaurant served very good food. They asked what we'd like for dinner, and then they went to the market to get the ingredients. Since this place has only a few rooms, we would have received great service even if we weren't the only guests. They also have 3 villas which are separate from the oceanfront rooms and very private. We snooped around and looked at them. They each have their own large pool and jacuzzi. They're very private. The road to Footprints is an adventure in itself, but worth the drive when you arrive at the resort. We were in Trinidad and Tobago for 9 nights, and the 2 nights at Footprints were our favorite. The co-owner, Mia, and the manager, Melissa, were both very charming, and a big help whenever we had a question about the country. We would highly recommend the place, and we'd be happy to correspond with others concerning details about Footprints. It's a shame more people don't seem to know about it.

Sally and Len

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Footprints Eco Resort   

Tom Snider

we have booked a stay at the footprints eco resort, does anyone have experience with this resort? Are there any good diving locations near the resort?

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Footprints Eco Lodge   21 May 2005

Lynn Morris from Hertfordshire

Has anyone any information, reviews etc on Footprints Eco Lodge.

We are looking for somewhere quiet to stay on Tobago with a good resturant and near the beach with good snorkelling and this seems to fit the bill.

We stayed at Arnos Vale in February this year and totally fell in love with Tobago and wish to return in Feb 2006, but want to saty somewhere different and smaller this time.

Help and advice needed!!


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