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Grafton Beach Resort   04 Nov 2003

David Watkins from Bude Cornwall Uk

I am going on holiday to grafton on Nov 17 and am an avid holiday reader(it's the only chance I get). Can you tell me does the resort have a library,is there one nearby or do I have to lug books all the way?



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2004 Grafton Update   


Has anybody stayed at the Grafton recently who can comment on the current status of the accommodations? Thinking of booking there soon. I don't want/need 5*, just very clean, safe and comfortable. Any current experiences anyone would like to share? Thank you!

Also, are there any good packages from the States? Can't seem to find much about Tobago this year.

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Swimming Pool At The Grafton   09 Feb 2004

Steve Wooler from Suffolk, England

Over the course of this year, various contributors have posted comment in the forum, or sent me direct feedback, saying that the pool at the Grafton Beach Resort looked “dirty” or “unappealing”.

We arrived at the Grafton three days ago and I confess that on first impression, I totally agree with these comments. The pool lacks the clarity that one expects and, in certain light conditions, appears a trifle murky. I can appreciate why one or two visitors have said that they don’t feel inclined to use the pool.

The hotel is now aware of the problem. It is simply a problem with the type of chlorine they are using. Sanitation and Ph levels are perfect and checked twice daily. However, drop some of the chlorine the hotel is using into a glass of clean water and the resultant mix is somewhat ‘milky’. The hotel is taking this issue up with their supplier and will act accordingly.

So, in the interest of fairness, please ignore all comment that the pool is “dirty”. I can assure you that the tests prove it is not.

My full review of the Grafton will follow in due course, but I am delighted to tell you that we have been pleasantly impressed by the hotel and all the guests we have spoken to rate it very highly and say that they would not hesitate to return.

Grafton Beach   

Mike M

Firstly want to say thanks for all the tips and advice on what has been a great discovery for our research for our holiday next week. Can anyone give me an update on the Grafton, we are only going for a week and thanks to this site have managed to prebook Neptunes and sorted out our sightseeing itinerary, but my girlfriend still has reservations with the hotel compared to say the Corlan next door. So any more info would be gratefully appreciated!

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Room Layouts At The Grafton   

Peter Allday


We will be off to the Grafton Beach in a little under 3 weeks, and were wondering what the beds were like in the rooms (what size and how many?) I need to know because there will be 3 of us there (the 3rd being our daughter who is 3) and we need to know whether we need to ask for a rollaway bed or if they already have 2 double beds in the room.

Any sign of the Grafton review?



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