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Maraj from Trinidad visited in June 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

First of that image of the hotel with the pool is false advertising. we (3 couples) arrived there thursday morning, checked in an decided to have a look at the surroundings.. the grass was over grown around the pool, holes were dug around the pool an left uncovered. when asked about the pool an why its not function we were told it would be operating the next day sadly operating for these guys means the water looks green an cloudy with leaves all over , the pool was a major factor in our decision to stay there. From start the staff seemed incompetent. lack of towels ( we had to constantly keep requesting these things, lack of seating accomadations, the kitchen is a joke ( 1 microwave thats all), the showers are no longer showers but a piece of pipe coming out the wall, the televisions are 14" an the cable is horrible. remotes came on the 2nd night of stay... i must say i was embarassed to have my friends stay there. as the person said before the "beds, televsion, microwave, a/c, minifridge" all seemed to have been there from the opening, an is a real disappointment an false advertising. i would not advise ANYONE to stay at this place.

Guest Report   

Amrica from Trinidad visited in April 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

Grange Inn should be summoned to court for posting fake pics on the site. I stayed here for the Easter Weekend and it was a totally depressing and embarassing experience because of the fact that I booked the placed and my friends wanted to strangle me when we got there.

The inside of the rooms were actually kinda ok, although it smelled funny for the entire weekend. Outside on the hallways were dirty with broken furniture and thick dust piling up. The pool looked like it used to be nice...10 years ago. Around it needed a pressure washer and for gosh sakes...they could have at least discarded all the broken lounge chairs!! The few that were not broken were either thick with moss or slanting so badly that it could break at any point. This place has alot of they actually took care of it!

Guest Report   

Latisha from Trinidad visited in February 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

I would just like to add to the previous comment made with regards to Grange Inn. I stayed there in the month of February 2009 with my fiance and his brother, sister-in-law and their 2yr old daughter, we took two rooms with kitchnette, upon arriving i must say that the staff was very slow and were not very friendly and first impression of the place well lets just say if i had not made a deposit i would have turned back immediately, on the nite of my first stay we decided to check our windows and to our surprise the window over our head was not locked (the locked was damaged), when we took this issue to the manager we were told that nothing couldn't have been done as it was nite and that the area was relatively safe! RELATIVELY SAFE! Anyway we decided to put our stuff in the others room until we got back. Next day we were moved to another room which i must say was not much better but i kept tellin myself it was only one day so i could make it, there was a leak coming from the bathroom and it soaked down part of the carpet in the room, the Cable Telivisions never worked properly no matter what room you were in and last and but least the kitchen was in a mess (i more felt it for my fiances' bro and sis in law as they had a child) everything looked like it was there from the day they built the hotel and we had to jam the back door with a chair as again one of the locks weren't working and we feared that someone could come in on us in the middle of the nite while asleep and this is our room the others room they had to jam there fridge door with a chair and due to poor ventilation their room smelt horrible (thank god they only spent one day). I must say that i was really really disappointed...i had visited Grange Inn like about 4years ago and compare to how it is today i must say that the management is not interested in upkeeping the place but only the money. I spent TTD$320.00 per nite and had to make a deposit of TTD200.00, for that kind of money i would think that i was paying for something much better than that.

Has Anyone Been To The Old Grange Inn   


hello all,

I am spending ten days on the island in november (can't wait) and I am trying to find some further information about the old grange inn. If anyone has some info please let me know. thanks.

Cliff :roll:

Found A Web Review For The Old Grange Inn   


Hello Steve,

I left a post a while back asking about the Old Grange Inn. I happened upon this web review on trip advisor. The author is unknown so I don't think I would make up my mind about this place based on one review, still... Anyway here it is-


Have stayed there a couple of times. Have ALWAYS had a problem with the phones in my room not working. After hours there is nobody in the office to contact if having a problem.(Standard I hear for GUEST HOUSES in Tobago). A notice in the room gives a room number and phone number of someone to call. That did not work out at all as my room phones never worked properly. People came to visit me at the hotel They reported they saw nobody there to ask if I had checked into the hotel or my room number. I was upstairs in my room (complete with leaking toilet and wet floor) not knowing that I had visitors downstairs. They left without seeing me. I gather that GUEST HOUSES close their offices after a certain time of night. My flight brought me into Tobago after this time. How was I to know !I arrived hungry as hell, went to bed hungry as no food places are nearby The cafeteria was permanently closed down the last time I was there in April 2003 and there was ABLSOLUTELY NOWHERE near the place to get breakfast.This is definitely NOT a place to go now ! Like I said I used to be very happy staying at Old Grange Inn but my last visit there so turned me off, that I am now looking for somewhere else to stay. I started dealing with them after a real bad experience with the hotel immedeately next door. Again a leaking toilet, window and balcony door that could not be locked and cafeteria staff who were angry at having to prepare dinner for me after my flight arrived late in the night. I WILL SAY THOUGH THAT THEIR STAFF MEMBERS ARE VERY POLITE.I am now going to try a different hotel.

It did not sound too positive. On another note, I will be honeymooning on Tobago from 11/15-11/28 and your website has been a tremendous help. We are spending the first six nites at the Crown Point Beach Hotel and then hopefully somewhere a little more off the beaten path. Tanja Mohammed at Yes Tourism has been extremely helpful in making arrangements for our flight from Trinidad to Tobago. We intend to use Yes tourism for our other needs as well, just have not figured out what they are yet...Jodi likes the beach I like the Rainforest and remote places. Anyone other MY Tobage fans going to be on the island then?


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