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Guest Report   

S.Persad from Trinidad visited in July 2015 and awarded  One out of Five

The manager's guest house was an utter disaster.It was nothing that wss promised online.Upon sighting the place ,our hearts sank to the floor.We were disgusted at the dilapidated state of the building! The paint on it was screaming for attention but we held out hope that the inside would be better.Our hope did not last long because the mat that greeted us looked dirty and tattered.The stairs was literally falling apart.Any slight tremor could cause a catastrophe.

The inside reflected the neglect outside.Door s couldn't close,the cable was not working,lights were not working,the shower was awful. The water was only falling on the walls so unless you could plaster your body unto the walls ,you had to suffer. We just could n't believe that we paid 1800 per night for this.THA should have greater oversight on what we offer to tourist.After all isn't Tobago a tourist destination? Please stop misrepresenting your place.All of Trinidad and Tobago will be affected by your lies.

Guest Report   

Angela Maraj from Trinidad visited in June 2015 and awarded  One out of Five

Stayed here during the Labour Day Weekend, 2015. My family and friends came together and booked three rooms here to R&R...


Would strong not recommend here!!!

1. They advertise Check- In at 2pm... Although we reached at the Hotel at 2:10pm after our sailing, we only got our room at 3:30pm- reason- THEY WERE NOW CLEANING THE ROOM!!!

2. On touring the our disappointment.. THE POOL WAS OUT OF ORDER!!!! WHAT?!?!?! Like seriously? And when it was repaired after 2 days of our stay... the water was so dirty.. we still refused to bathe in it

3. EVERY MORNING we were greeted with the Joy of NO WATER in our taps, shower, etc... I left my home to go to a hotel to carry buckets of water to my room every morning?!?!?!

4. Stove wasn't working, Fridge wasn't working, Lights in the rooms wasn't working... Like Really????

5. An Eight Car Parking Lot... So had to fight for a secure parking space... especially over this weekend where there we alot of visitors...

Even though we mentioned this to the front desk and manager.. we was told nothing could be done or we could not have been reimburse...

*Due to being a holiday weekend, we was unable to book another hotel so we had no choice but to suffer here...

Guest Report   

Samantha Harry from Trinidad visited in September 2013 and awarded  Four out of Five

I stayed here with a group of family members,we enjoyed every moment of it,the staff are very courteous & helpful,didn't have to wait at all to get our rooms.The rooms were well kept,the a/c worked just fine.Every 2 hours we had to look call for the assistant to put on the water,cause it goes regularly,which we was not satisfied with,but at one phone call the problem was rectified and the guy(Thomas) was really helpful.The pool was good but had a funny smell and I guess all the insects we saw crawling around is because of the gardens which should be kept more clean,its really beautiful but could definitely be cleaned and maintained regularly. The location was very peaceful,just of the main road.

Guest Report   

Stacy from Trinidad visited in August 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

I went there with friends and my hubby. We booked 3 rooms 2 mths in advance. On reaching there they could not find the fax with the deposit, then said there was no booking for us then by magic found it reservations. We were told that the rooms were not ready but they would be by 2pm. Came back around after 4pm only to be given horrible rooms The manager was not around, apparently something went on with the rooms since the persons at the front desk could not keep their stories straight. finally we got 2 rooms which meant 2 couples had to share a room with 2 beds. the a/c took forever the work. There was little or no water. A dead bird on the patio. Rat poison in the closet. The so called kitchenette was just a microwave and a frosted up mini fridge.

Worst place to stay and I would not recommend there for anyone to stay. The only reason we did not leave is because everywhere else was booked.

Guest Report   

Singh from Trinidad visited in July 2013 and awarded  One out of Five

I am currently here, my last night so here's my take on it:

Day 1) Found bugs and congoree's in the bed

Day 1) NO water , had to find persons three times over a 1 hour period several times to turn water on. ( I did NOT pay for this)

Day 3) A rat was found playing on the floor of the apt and ran under the bed.

I don't think I payed for this. Some of the staff was kind and assisted but I got a little bit of attitude from some. I will not advice anyone on this place. The place is nice but the little complains make it problematic. 1st time I stayed here because my usual place was booked.... I won't ever again.

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