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Guest Report   

Annette from Trinidad visited in February 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

My family and I stayed at your Hotel, we had a great time, hospitality was terrific, my Son and my daughter-in-law had to return to the UK and it the management was so helpful in providing a transfer to the Airport.

Thank you we will be back this year

Guest Report   

Kathy from Trinidad visited in July 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

New management has done the hotel well.

I've just read the previous reports and am appalled to hear that the place was so run down in 2007. I went with my family in 2008 and the place was very well maintained and clean (spotless clean actually, I was shocked).

The pool was well-maintained (except that the tiles surrounding the pool absorbed the heat of the sun and was a bit hot on the feet) and a new wing of the hotel was being built at the time.

The only downside was that the lock on the door to the room that we were staying in was broken and the car park (in my opinion) was too far a walk from the room.... especially difficult when we had to carry our luggage from the car and back (but good exercise there).

Guest Report   

Pamela R. from Trinidad visited in April 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this hotel had such a nice extensive garden and pool and it's location is very convenient, close to everything.

The manager and staff were very helpful.

I liked the whole laid back ambience and the fact that the pool was open 24/7 was very convenient and comforting.

On the negative side, the bathroom and the outdoor patio was not clean, we had to ask the staff to clean it up for us. The beds are not very comfortable but have encountered similar types in other establishments.

Overall, we believe we got value for money and would stay at this hotel again and recommend it to friends.

Guest Report   

Kelan from Trinidad visited in February 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

Well after hearing all these bad reports, it's a good thing i didn't see them before i went to this hotel.

My girlfriend(at the time) and i stayed there for my birthday/post carnival recovery. My cousin stayed there for her engagement getaway thingy before that. But anyway. I was pleasently surprised when we got there. The place was, from the entrance appeared small... The staff was really courteous and helpful. Didn't even have to wait long for our room. Once past the office, is when i saw the real size of this hotel with the pool in the middle.

A great getaway, with trees, and shrubs and beautiful scenery. Might i add, also cool and breezey.

We got an upstairs room, which was cool... except for the stairs. Thos stairs seemed to go on forever. Not cool when u just came off a 2 and a half hour boat ride.

Other than that, i will recomend anybody to stay here.

Well done new management. You totally saved this hotel.

To the other residents, who were there while we were...

Sorry for the noise.

My birthday is on the 14th Feburary.. go figure. lol.

Guest Report   

Monica Rigiroli from Italy visited in August 2007 and awarded  One out of Five

When we arrived at the hotel we have must paied the total amount to have the key of the room and now I understand the reason.......

In the room there was a terrifying foul smell, the toilet wasn't flushed and was very dirty with hairs and urine everywhere on the toilet bowl. The shower was dirty too, the tiles (originally pink) were black for the dirt and the water didn't go down in the drainpipe.

In the kitchen everything was dirty: the table, the toaster, the microwaves, the sink, the refrigerator (there was a green liquid and a foul smell in it).

We tought: "Let's go to sleep, we need to forget all this" but....also the sheets were dirty!

The hotel is very very poorly maintained and the room service awful; the towels have been changed only 3-4 times in 21 days and the sheets never changed!

There were two persons in charge to make this: one was always drunk and the other weared my dresses!

Is the worst place where I've never stayed, one star is too much for this hotel!!!! DON'T CHOOSE IT!

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