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Guest Report   

Dillyabenjamin from U.K. visited in May 2009 and awarded  Two out of Five

Why can't most of the hotels /inns staff and management take complaints more seriously and start acting for a change? This will help in their business to be more successful. Happy customers mean more business,and more business means more money.........

Guest Report   

Danielle from Trinidad visited in May 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

My party of 10 had a late arrival and called ahead to inform front desk that we weren't going to make it before 9pm. The lady was very polite and accomodating and said she would leave it at the front desk with security.

When we got to the front desk the nice security gave us the keys and when i inquired about making the deposit for the 2 rooms we booked she asked a gentleman who was in the back office (whom she informed me was the owner)to address my inquiry. He came out, rummaged through some books at the counter and then snapped at me telling me that the office was closed and that i would have to check-in in the morning.

I politely said ok and we were ushered to our rooms by a friendly gentleman. However, when we got to the first room we were all very disappointedly surprised by its size as one would expect that a room that is advertised as being able to hold 4 people would be a tad bigger than a college student's dormroom outfitted with a queensized pull down bed and two day beds one of which had a pull out bed under it that shot across the room by any slight movement (all of them the size of a child's single bed). We also discovered afterwards that the toilet didnt flush properly.

Trying to stay optimistic about the second room that was supposed to be able to hold 6 we made our way upstairs. When we went in things looked more promising as this was an upstairs and downstairs unit. However, we soon realised that there was another pull down queensized bed in the middle of the tv/sitting room downstairs and upstairs was a single bedroom for 2 and just outside of it tucked away in a nook at the top of the stairway was another day bed with a pull out bed under like the ones downstairs. THis too was the size of a child's single bed.

Trying to make good of a bad situation and not let it ruin a family vacation we settled in only to discover there was no hot water upstairs; only 1 out of the 4 days hot water was available. Also, the a/c and tv controls didnt work properly and some of the channels were very fuzzy and the sound of planes taking off and landing weren't very much appreciated but tolerated.

It almost took us a tedious 45 mins to check-out as we had to wait for the maids to take an inventory of items in the room. We were then charged $250 to replace an entire lock on a room door as 1 of the 4 keys given to us for the rooms was misplaced and almost charged a further $70 for a cable remote control that was not even present when we checked-in.

The whole ordeal seemed as though they were accusing us of stealing a remote control as after we were told that the control was missing and we informed them that it wasnt there to begin with, they requested 1 of the room's occupants to go to the room to speak with the maid.

My cuz went up 1st and was met by an impolite/rude maid and when he told her that the control was never in the room she remarked that he should have reported it and told my cuz to wait there while she got the manager. After waiting a very long time my dad went up to see what was the keep back and after another long wait came back down frustrated as they were left waiting and noone ever came.

My stay at Sandy Point Beach Club was very disappointing to say the least and i will never, ever, ever, EVvvv-ERrrr... stay there or recommend it to anyone.

The only good thing about the hotel was the scenery and wildlife.

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Guest Report   

Damie Sinanan from Trinidad visited in April 2009 and awarded  Two out of Five

Good Day All

I just wanted to say that I usually stay at Sandy Point Beach Club as I find it very comfortable, convienient with all the amenities for a great Tobago getaway. However I must report on an unfortunate incident involving one of their employees - to make matters worse this person was the manager of the resort which makes the situation even more unfortunate.

My fiance and I came in on a late flight (8pm) and requested an airport pickup using Sandy Point's shuttle service. Upon landing while I was waiting to collect our baggage my fiance went quickly to an eatery nearby to buy us some dinner as it was late. I collected our bags and came out to meet the driver at the curb. I told him that my fiance just went to Royal Castle and she will be back in less than two minutes (I know this because she had been gone about 10 minutes already while I was waiting for the bags). This "gentleman" whose name I found out to be "Mr. Toby" told me in a very rude and unprofessional tone "I eh waiting on nobody, I going and bring the van and if allyuh eh ready I gone, allyuh go hadda take ah taxi". Being a person that does not react well to rude behavior I told him to go ahead I will take a taxi. My fiance returned not more that one minute later and we hired a taxi (who charged us $40) to take us to the Club. Even the taxi driver who witnessed the incident commented on how silly and unprofessional Mr. Toby was.

Upon reaching the club I asked to speak to the manager to enquire whether this was the type of service we should expect for the rest of the weekend. Only to my surprise to find out that our rude and unprofessional driver was actually the rude and unprofessional manager.

Well needless to say I told Mr. Toby that I didn't want to speak with him and that as a hotel manager he needed to treat his paying guests with a little/a lot more courtesy. He proceeded to be very rude and confrontational and when I told him that I would lodge a complaint to his superiors his response was "I doh care, call whoever, put it on the internet if you want".

Thanks Mr. Toby for you wonderful advice. I will take you up on it.

Anyway after getting our rooms we soon put the incident behind us and enjoyed a very nice stay at the Beach Club. Thankfully we didn't cross paths with Mr. Toby again.

So in future I suggest to all paying customers of Sandy Point Beach Club that if you use their airport shuttle service, please ensure that Mr. Toby is not your driver and if he is make sure that you are ready when he is seeing that customers have to work according to his convienience.

Oh and to the owners of Sandy Point Beach Club I hope you don't encourage this type of behavior from your staff because if the manager can be this rude and unprofessional what does it say for the rest of staff.

Damie Sinanan

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Guest Report   

Mrs. Kalloo from Trinidad visited in February 2009 and awarded  Four out of Five

We went to the club for a weekend. There were four of us, 1 child, a teenager and 2 adults. The check in staff were not very friendly, but being at the resort was more important. The guy who took our suitcases up was very informative and also showed us around, we were very pleased with our choice of hotel. There was a pool, saunas and I think 3 hot water pools. I was also happy to see a pool table and a play park for the younger ones. The park was nicely kept.

We had a self-catering apt which could have accommodated 7 people so we had extra space. The 2 bedrooms were quite private and comfortable and the bunk bed downstairs slept 2. We had more than enough space for all and even if there were 7 people we would have been very happy and comfortable. The porch was very much to our liking as we had most of our meals there. The apt also had cable tv although this did not interest us very much.

There were communal washers/dryers for a small fee which came in handy, and also having a mini mart in the club was a big plus.

The sea front cafe/bar was impressive, but the cost of a beer did not tally with the price from the guest service booklet which was a bit disappointing.

The resort is located about 20 mins walk from the airport, but they also offer transportation to and from for a small fee. We found the service useful as on our way back it was raining.

Although I did not find the staff very friendly overall, on checking out I was pleased to see a smiling, friendly face. The young lady was professional, attentive and willing to assist with my queries and interests.

We will definitely be back.

Guest Report   

Tricia from U.S.A. visited in January 2009 and awarded  Five out of Five

We have stayed at this resort 4 times in the last 3 years. Once it was for two weeks at a time. For us this is the perfect beach-front resort to relax and get away. The resort location is excellent. It's close to the airport, restaurants, activities, other resorts, and limited shopping.

The accomodations are very clean and comfortable however not elaborate or elegant. There is some deferred maintenance here and there, however it in no way interferred with our vacation enjoyment. This is a small, family-orientated resort.

Resort security is present and observable at all times. The resort grounds are very nice. There is one standard deep pool and 3 different types of hot tubs. The small restaurant offers limited simple, fresh, local dishes. The resort store is well stocked and prices are reasonable. The resort sponsored activities are excellent and fairly priced. There is a children's playground. There is an exercise facility, but not airconditioned, which we found notable as high temperatures in this room prohibited us from using it. The beachfront bar is well-run, comfortable and affordable. The beach area is small, non-swimmable, but excellent for adults to relax, read, sleep, take in the awesome sunsets or enjoy the bar or swimming pool which are steps away.

In our experiences we found management and staff very welcoming and accommodating. They are one of the main reasons we like to return here at every opportunity. It is difficult to wait until we are able to make another return visit.

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