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Talmatie Soom-Manick from Trinidad visited in November 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

My family and I, together with some friends with kids recently stayed at Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort. I was a bit unsure of staying there because of all the negative reviews but I'm glad I went my instincts. We had a great time staying there. The rooms were well kept, always clean and clean towels available. The breakfast was absolutely wonderful. The staff were all pleasant. We wouldn't mind going back again.

Stayed November 2012, traveled with friends

Guest Report   

Dwayne from Trinidad visited in August 2012 and awarded  One out of Five

My travel agent recommended tropikist but after arriving i realised we made a huge mistake. firstly everything was disorganised, there were no room assignments we had to wait and see what room we will get. we were given a room about an hour after check in. the front desk staff were not friendly and welcoming except for this one guy who worked front and restaurant. when the room was assigned no one escorted us to the room so we had to navigate our way to it, the hotel's structure appears run down, the door to my room looked very old the room was not appealing, there is nop safe, car rental, internet cafe etc. the food for dinner was good but we had to wait toooooo long to get it the staff seemed overwhelmed too many ppl to attend to at the same time. i honestly dont mind how the place look or even too much about the rooms but that front desk service made me wish to stay somewhere else. also it rained alot today 03/08/12 and tht top floor is exposed so the tiles got wet and slippery which made it very dangerous for my pregnant wife 2yr old son and myself. unfortunately i cant recommend this hotel to anyone, even the housekeeping was shoddy. im used to having my bed made up at hotels but not hear, housekeeping swept and mopped the room but left the bed in the same condition as i left it. i was so disappointed that i rented a car today and drove around the island just to escape from this place...

Guest Report   

Dwayne from Trinidad visited in August 2012 and awarded  Two out of Five

Hi me again, it turns out that the nice guy who was very helpful is the hotel manager so i made my complaints known to him. he was very very apologetic for the way the front desk staff treated us and promised to have a chat with them. apparently he was recently hired to turn things around at this hotel and i believe he will because he has the right attitude towards customers and in time if he can reproduce workers like himself then tropikist would indeed have a promising future. all that would be left to do is give the buildings a face lift. the manager was so sorry for our unfortunate experience that he offered us an extra night free so we took it. i maintain that the restaurant staff has been very friendly and helpful however i believe that the night shift is a little understaffed as guest have to wait a bit too long for dinner after being seated. all in all our stay is getting better with each passing day! i might recommend this hotel as long as this manager is here.

Guest Report   

Natalia from Trinidad visited in April 2012 and awarded  One out of Five

First of all,i must say the location,and landscaping of the hotel is excellent,the rooms are average,clean but you can tell its old.we paid $8000 for 2 rooms inclusive of breakfast and dinner,our 1st and only dinner, my husband and father in law,ordered johnny walker and black & white scotch,only to be told 15mins after they dont have those they only have mc arthurs,,so we made a suggestion that on a busy wknd like this they should have catered to everyone's needs,linda(a dinner staff,who was not serving us)came over an said in a very rude tone, "we dont serve top chef dinner an liquor,if u wanted that u should have gone to coco reef or hilton",breakfast was really poor,my husband and i waited almost an hour on 2 mornings just to get eggs,,,when asked what was the keep back no one had answers,,,food,even though it tasted ok,was basic,not much variety,,,so my mother in law who is vegetarian didnt have much to choose from so we ate dinners elsewhere on the other evenings,even though our dinners were paid for,,,management needs to step up and improve its staff,because nobody seems to know what it going at this hotel,the clerk at the front desk,all she says is "its not my fault,i just work in the front" we requested to have a late check out,and were told we couldnt,,,upon checking out,had we nt scrutinize our drinks bills for the dinner,we would have paid for stuff we didnt even drink,,,they billed us for the black and white we ordered even though we didnt get it an for 7 fruit punches when my 9 yr old niece only had 1,,,,i personally think with proper management this hotel can make it,,,bt if it continues the way it is,its going to become run down once again

Guest Report   

Alyn Alyn from Trinidad visited in March 2012 and awarded  One out of Five

Bottom line...don't waste your money on this place!

I just came back from spending 3 days, 2 nights at this place, and absolutely could not wait to warn others about this place. I chose Tropikist because other people found it to be really good, but I've come to the conclusion that their judgement is poor. I would not mind spending $400/night at this hotel, but not a cent more! Value for your hard earned money, long awaited and highly expected vacation, is simply not justified. I called and booked 2 nights and was required to pay half the cost into a bank account before arriving, so I did. We arrived on Friday and I was contemplating just staying one night and moving to another hotel. The hotel is situated in a very awesome location! The grounds are open to outdoor liming, the pools are fine. The breakfast is horrible! There was a previous commenter who talked about the shared butter dish; big big mistake Tropikist! The sausage dish was plain hotdogs cut up with ketchup, the baked beans I swear was straight out of the can, the scrambled eggs was plain (without even salt) I asked about their omlette option, and on both days they had none, the bowls for the cereal (omg) I watched a grown adult (tourist) who had the cereal (simply because you cant spoil cereal) he had to eat cereal from a bowl no bigger than the palm of his hand! That was embarassing! Everyone who was there had the disgusted disappointed look on their face. The 'juice' was soo watered down you could have looked straight through it! The service from the staff was very unfriendly and unprofessional. If they were indeed qualified in hotel and customer care, they need to put it into practice. It hurt me to stay there so much, the second day was spent on hotel hunting...Tropikist, your hotel management needs to change alot! You are situated in a prime location, make use of it and maximise your advantages!...and for goodness sake, if you dont want to improve on anything, rethink your rates and stop robbing people!

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