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Alyn Alyn from Trinidad visited in March 2012 and awarded  One out of Five

Bottom line...don't waste your money on this place!

I just came back from spending 3 days, 2 nights at this place, and absolutely could not wait to warn others about this place. I chose Tropikist because other people found it to be really good, but I've come to the conclusion that their judgement is poor. I would not mind spending $400/night at this hotel, but not a cent more! Value for your hard earned money, long awaited and highly expected vacation, is simply not justified. I called and booked 2 nights and was required to pay half the cost into a bank account before arriving, so I did. We arrived on Friday and I was contemplating just staying one night and moving to another hotel. The hotel is situated in a very awesome location! The grounds are open to outdoor liming, the pools are fine. The breakfast is horrible! There was a previous commenter who talked about the shared butter dish; big big mistake Tropikist! The sausage dish was plain hotdogs cut up with ketchup, the baked beans I swear was straight out of the can, the scrambled eggs was plain (without even salt) I asked about their omlette option, and on both days they had none, the bowls for the cereal (omg) I watched a grown adult (tourist) who had the cereal (simply because you cant spoil cereal) he had to eat cereal from a bowl no bigger than the palm of his hand! That was embarassing! Everyone who was there had the disgusted disappointed look on their face. The 'juice' was soo watered down you could have looked straight through it! The service from the staff was very unfriendly and unprofessional. If they were indeed qualified in hotel and customer care, they need to put it into practice. It hurt me to stay there so much, the second day was spent on hotel hunting...Tropikist, your hotel management needs to change alot! You are situated in a prime location, make use of it and maximise your advantages!...and for goodness sake, if you dont want to improve on anything, rethink your rates and stop robbing people!

Guest Report   

Kaylin from U.S.A. visited in February 2012 and awarded  Five out of Five

Had a wonderful experience at Tropikist! It was slow season but we enjoyed the space and accommodations all to ourselves! Great pool and hot tub. Good breakfast every morning. Staff was very nice and accommodating, even gave us a complimentary "check out" room until our evening flight at no charge. Walking distance to airport but you don't notice the noise of the small airport. Great location to public beach and tourist activities, 5 minute walk. Clean rooms at a great price. Great bar on the water. We will be back with friends and family! Thank you Tropikist!

Guest Report   

Brenda Falconer from U.K. visited in August 2011 and awarded  One out of Five

Simply dreadful hotel, spoiled our holiday.

Bad bad food, bad service,the staff, young girls,but had no training. But they were pleasant and friendly, most of them.

I would not recommend this hotel to anyone, Iwouldn't stay here for free!

Guest Report   

Camille from Trinidad visited in August 2011 and awarded  One out of Five

Poorly kept and managed hotel.

Upon arrival, the corridors and steps looked as though they had not been swept in about a week. This was the first sign of things to come. The linen bore signs of years upon years of use.

Cleanliness left a lot to be desired. We were greeted by two strands of hair of the last patron in the bathtub before our first use, signalling that the bathtub was not cleaned, not even between patrons.

We opted for the "all-inclusive" package... even worse idea than staying there in the first place. Breakfast was okay, lunch and dinner were horrible. My breakfast experiences included:

- having to wait about half an hour on a glass, while they scanned the restaurant to see who looked like they were finished with theirs before running in the kitchen to give them a quick rinse;

- finding evidence of prior use on the rim of the glass I waited half an hour for;

- having to use a community dish of butter rather than individually wrapped packets.

As for lunch and dinner, the quality was nothing above that of a struggling canteen. Meals were as basic as they get (think rice, lentils and stewed chicken with something resembling a fresh salad) and there were no options. After the first two days, we decided to cut our losses and purchase our meals outside. Also absolutely no premium drinks were offered on the "all-inclusive" package.

My husband thinks we could give them another chance, just go with basic accommodation rather than the "all-inclusive" package. I however do not have any evidence that anything has changed. I do not sleep on tattered or stained sheets at home; should I pay someone to sleep on theirs? I think not.

Guest Report   

Ryan Ali from Trinidad visited in October 2010 and awarded  Two out of Five

My wife and I decided to get away to Tobago for a quick weekend of rest and relaxation. We never stayed at Tropikist before but the website seemed comprehensive and attractive enough. We arrived on a Saturday so I guess that hotel operations were in full swing. Check-in was quick and the front staff friendly. We went to our rooms (the deluxe suites) and apart from the furniture being a bit old, frayed linen and tarnished fittings, everything was as expected and comfortable enough. We quickly changed into our beach wear and journeyed to the pool. It was clean and the view of the coastline magnificent. It was a really enjoyable day and I couldn't wait to sink my mouth into some all-inclusive goodness since we arrived after lunch and were starving by now. A quick shower and a couple of hours later we were seated in the restaurant awaiting our scrumptious meals. What happened next simply amazing.

The waitress in the restaurant should be given the Tobago hoteliers award for absolutely worst customer service representative on the entire island. She went above and beyond the call of duty to completely ruin what promised to be a wonderful experience. To compound matters, the manager stood idly by and simply couldn't be bothered by the fact that we had waited almost half hour to be served. When the food finally arrived apparently the concept of tasty island food or at least seasoning escaped the chef. Hospital food beats this hands down. There were three servers attempting to cater to an entire hotel filled on a Saturday night. We had to literally beg to have some soft drinks which never came and we eventually decided that it would be much better if we left and ventured elsewhere for 'food'.

The next morning my wife and friends decided that they would check out the breakfast servings. I knew better! This is the first hotel I have ever been to that has a communal container of butter for everyone to share. Imagine the nerve of someone to actually put this thing out there and expect people to accept this. The only thing funny about this entire episode was the completely priceless expressions of the other hotel guest when they saw the breakfast menu.

If you have to stay at Tropikist, make provisions to eat outside. The facility has a lot of potential and the management should desist from hoodwinking guests into believing that this is an all-inclusive destination. This is completely far from what the accepted standard is for an all-inclusive package and someone from the hoteliers association should step-in soon to rectify this false claim soon or else risk further damage to your tourism product. They've got an extremely great potential here like so many other locations on the island. I think that the management should visit antigua, barbados etc. to understand more about the tourism product or else they would continue to wonder why there continues to be a constant decline in visitor arrivals and more importantly repeat customers. Get serious or your entire industry will perish sooner rather than later.

Hats off to Colours Restaunrant (best tasting food on the island, absolutely wicked pepper sauce), Chef's (most reliable and consistent) and Steak and Lobster Grill (sublime dinner- make sure joyce serves you). You guys redeemed local cuisine and happily filled our bellies. YUM!

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