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Guest Report   

Paula from Trinidad visited in August 2010 and awarded  Five out of Five

I personally found Tropikist to be excellent! Honestly, I found that there was nothing to worry about except for water running a little low at times ( I'm guessing at peak "bathing-traffic" times)and staff that need some training at real customer service (they seemed a bit green, unmotivated).

Everything else was perfect!!! I paid for a standard room, but when my husband and I got there, though we were very early (1pm when check in is 3pm) we only had to wait about 10-15 mins and we were given the keys to room 306- on the third floor of the east wing, which seemed to be a deluxe! No extra money paid! Receptionists and most staff were very pleasant and helpful. Maid always smiling with you, even gardeners were pleasant and helpful. (No I'm not an overseas tourist, I'm a "black" Trinidadian! Lol!) Room very spacious and clean, view breathtaking, wrap around pool is definitely the best I've ever been in (they have two and an outdoor jacuzzi) Jacuzzi private and clean- AMAZING! I could go on and on. Half board is better than all inclusive. I'm sure you'd usually be out on the beaches out of the hotel during lunch hour! Breakfast and Dinner makes more sense. Store Bay with the eateries is a 10 minute stroll away, 5 minute brisk walk. Breakfast is from 6:30-8:30am, Dinner 7pm-9pm. If you get to the restaurants (there are two)in Tropikist early you'll have to line up and you'll have trouble for seating. If you go down late you'll have no trouble with lines or seating- but you'll get the ends of stuff, and some things would have run out(especially at dinner time.) It's usually buffet style.

Enjoy your stay here, it will be well worth your while, definitely value for money. I highly recommend it!!!

Guest Report   

Vashtie from Trinidad visited in April 2010 and awarded  Four out of Five

My family and I stayed at the Tropikist Hotel for a weekend recently and we were very pleased with the accommodations. The staff was very friendly and the facilities was great, we will definitely be returning to Tropikist. Highly recommended.


Guest Report   

Jenna Subiah from Trinidad visited in August 2009 and awarded  Two out of Five

I'll be straight forward I was disappointed. But i guess with the fall in tourism places like these can't afford to upgrade the facilities, so they just carry out basic maintenance to continue operations unless intensive marketing plans are put in place to increase income by increasing occupancy rate to facilitate upgrades.


1. All inclusive available (in my opinion does'nt make sence if you're spending the days out)

2. Nice clean pool area with waterfall

3. Great view

4. Wonderful reception staff (Shivanee and Sade) and cleaning service

5. Stay in either the Superior or Deluxe rooms if you can

6. Allowed early check-in which was a big plus


1. Staff appeared dejected and un motivated.

2. Battle between you and the ravens for your breakfast. The reviews on that did not lie.

3. Cable reception was beyond poor.

4. Furniture was either broken or badly damaged, sheets were frayed and the bedding was lets just say i'm glad i took sheets and towels and this was in the Superior room (58). Toilet and bathtub were stained, really stained. We placed a towel in the bathtub to stand to shower.

5. Take accomodation alone and buy food outside.

6. The website said irons and hairdryers were available thats not the case.

7. The hotel caters to about lets say 150persons, but the pool capacity is only 15

8. On the top floor overlooking the pool the ledge was full of debris from pruning the plants. They were left right there on the ledge so the view was beautiful if you just looked straight ahead.

9. The top floor with the Superior rooms corridor is

uncovered and the tiles are SMOOTH. You have to be extremely careful when walking when the tiles are wet or if rain falls. Be careful with children. We had our 3yrs old and his dad had to carry him its so slippery.

I doubt we would return in the future. But who knows things may get better.

Guest Report   

Faydia from Trinidad visited in May 2009 and awarded  Three out of Five

I stayed at Tropikist in the deluxe room, it was cleaned everyday, and comfortable.It was a bit old, but everything worked. Most of the staff were friendly, expcept for one person whom I presumed to be the Manager, was rather hasty when I asked what time breakfast was served. Apart from him, I was satisfied with the service. I arrived earlier than normal check in time, and was allowed to check in, which I thought was rather nice and accommodating of the hotel. One bad thing though, our vehicle was tampered with on a Saturday night. The next morning we saw finger prints on the vehicle and on the door handle, as if somebody was trying to get in the car. That left me with a very uneasy feeling. The security should be increased.

Guest Report   

Lillian from Canada visited in January 2009 and awarded  One out of Five

We had a family reunion to celebrate my sister's birthday and fourteen of us stayed in the condos. Some of our group stayed in the Tropikist hotel. Among other issues, some of our guests that stayed in the hotel had no towels in their rooms and were met with disdain when they asked for some. We had no water for the last two days of our vacation.

We had pre-booked a dinner party for twenty of us at the Tropikist restaurant and were highly disappointed with the service, or lack of service that we received.

They had laid out a buffet service style dinner and before half of us were served there was no green salad left, when asked about it, we recieved a shrug and told that there was no more (although we specifically booked for twenty people). There was not enough of the main course and we had to wait for them to cook more so half of us were finished eating while the others waited.

The food issue itself could be excused however, the attitude and lack of responses from the staff was disconcerting to say the least. My husband asked if he could have another glass of water, the female server looked at him like he was imposing on her, walked away and she never served him the water. The staff walked about with the most surly expressions on their faces and grabbed our glasses while we were yet drinking. For whatever reason, they appeared to resent us asking for more water and refused to replenish it, instead they pointed us towards the bar.

Even when we tried to talk to them, they had expressionless faces and just walked away. In all of our travels to different coutries and resorts, never had we encountered such behaviour. It's surprising that this island's primary revenue comes from tourism, because the Tropikist's staff seemed to be oblivious it and how this impacts their own income. Not to mention the fact that even if it does not come naturally for you, if you work in a service industry, you need to possess at least a measure client service skills. A simple smile goes a long way.

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