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Tropikist Hotel   

Steve Davis

:D Me and my girlfriend will be staying all-inclusive at the Tropikist Hotel in late September. Although I have read nearly every review of this hotel on this site which seem to be all very bad, I have however, read excellent reviews on such sites as ''. This is my first holiday abroad in 6 years and I can't wait! Im confident that the Tropikist Hotel will provide me with a great holiday location, but i will be posting my thoughts here after the holiday.

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Help! Tropkist Honeymoon   

Stephen Johnson

:( Oh dear I've just booked our honeymoon staying all inclusive at the tropikist hotel, I'm going to try and change the accomadation if at all possible is there any where you can suggest?. Also has anyone had any joy asking for free upgrades while on honeymoon flight or accomadation, and have you any tips.

Many Thank's


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Tropikist Satisfaction Reports   

D Herdsman

[quote="Steve Wooler"If you have stayed at the Tropikist Beach during the past two years, may I invite you to indicate your overall level of satisfaction with your stay. Our polls are an indicator of satisfaction, not a “star” rating, so your opinion should be primarily based upon things like cleanliness, privacy, quietness, courtesy and hospitality.

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Thanks for your support. Your opinion will undoubtedly help other visitors planning their next visit to Tobago. :the service in hotel was very poor. It was not unusual to arrive well in advance of the the end of breakfast and dinner 'shifts' to be told that there was no more food available!!!! It was also customery for bar staff to walk past you some three or four times, without bothering to enquire as to whether or not the reason you were standing at the bar was because you wanted a drink!

Management were less than impressive and in fact one stated that as their hotel is full 80% of the time this was an indication that all brits thought the service was good. For me, the service and quality of food was of an extremely poor standard when compared to nearby eatieries some in other hotels. I wish I had not gone all inclusive and by the fourth day of our seven day holiday my partner and I decided that the only way we would survive was if we ate out at other venues which we then did.

It could have been worse, we could have been there for a fortnight!

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Tropikist Beach Hotel Review   

Steve Davis

Review of the Tropikist Beach Hotel, September 2003.

This is a view of our all inclusive stay at the Tropikist Beach Hotel for one week during the end of September 2003.We stayed in a standard room. Firstly, I would like to remind people that this hotel IS NOT THE HILTON OR THE COCO REEF HOTEL. If you have money to spend or wish to moan about the Tropikist for not being anywhere as good, then my advice is go and stay at these places and then complain about the lack of service etc. I am however, not sticking up for the Tropikist - the hotel does have its good points, but also has its bad points. But remember, so do the best hotels in the world.

The Tropikist is a 3 star hotel.

I thought it maybe easier to breakdown each section of the hotel,

rather than just waffle on.


We were greeted by 3 semi-ignorant reception girls, who did their best not to make you fully welcomed, despite giving all arriving guests a non-alcoholic cocktail.These same girls did become better and friendlier as the week went on. We were talked through the all-inclusive plan and then shown to our rooms by the one of the guys who cleans the pool.


Our first impression was that the room was a tad on the basic side. This though, was something we were easily able to overcome given the view from the balcony. WOW! a great sea view and a lovely view of the pool, bar and restaurant. The Room had two double beds, tiled floor, shower (the taps were covered in lime scale and didnít look as if they had been cleaned for sometime), sink with big mirror and loo. We had air conditioning which did sound like a small motorbike was in the room, which had to be turned off at night. (some other guests told us they only had a ceiling fan) a TV with cable TV, no Premiership football though and a fridge. There was a large walk in wardrobe area which we used to put our suitcase as well a clothes.The room maid actually did a great job, especially given the limited cleaning tools we would see her have on days. Rooms were cleaned each day, and we were provided with clean towels, soap, shower gels etc. All in all, given the time you are actually in the room, I would say that it was fine - nothing fantastic, but clean and tidy.


The swimming pool is totally amazing - some guests have said that itís the best hotel pool on the island - this I cannot guarantee, but it is very good. Complete with a nice 5 seater swim up bar and beautifully landscaped with plants and a rocky waterfall and a child pool. The pool is well furnished and clean, as is the old pool (they have two), which is good for doing lengths and goes up to 8ft in depth. Only sad part is that the pool has lights around it, but is sadly not on in the evening. One extra thing - you are told that there is a free scuba diving lesson on the old pool - this is not at any other point offered to you and none one else was ever seen using this facility. Another penny pinching exercise.


The Jacuzzi is set on the bay near the pool in between the plants. It has a great view, but unfortunately really needed a clean. Although the water looked very clear and clean, the edges of the Jacuzzi were disgusting - so much so, that someone had written 'clean me please', in the grime just like on a dirty van. The water was only warm, and the pumps weren't very strong. Shame, because this could of been a lovely thing to of used more often. Hopefully though, this is easily sorted with a good clean...lets hope they do it.


The Tropikist 'beach'. Don't be fooled...this is not a beach, but merely some ugly sandy area going out onto a rocky and strong tidal sea. Itís not for swimming and I wouldnít recommend using it. For a 7 min walk you can go to Store Bay beach which is really lovely. Stay by the pool and use the beach for a view to watch the sunsets on.


Tropikist has two restaurants. The Bayside Grill and Bar, and the Sunset Restaurant. You eat breakfast in the small and often fully packed Sunset Restaurant. Make sure you are there at 7.30am or risk waiting for a table. It is buffet style and there is a choice of fruits, cereals, toast, pancakes and French toast (only on somedays) and cooked breakfast. The chef serves you the portions of the cooked breakfast that he feels will suit you best and depending what kind of mood he is in. Often he is tight fisted and has the ability to make you feel like Oliver (please sir can I have some more?) when you ask if you can have some more. The same goes for Dinner, which is taken in the Bayside Grill which leaves guest very hot as there is no air con or ceiling fans. This is nice looking restaurant with fairy lights going up the two main beams (only one was actually switched on though), and joins the open plan bar. The whole bar/restaurant is open to the elements, but well covered and even on a stormy night protects all guests. Again though, the chefs serve you what they like in terms of chicken or beef (asking for both can cause a bad feeling) and you help you self to the weak selection salads. Soup is always the starter and is very bland. Dessert is always jelly, 'cake', apple pie, fruit cocktail and ice-cream. None of the choices looked particularly inspiring, and I often went without my favourite part of the meal. Shame, this was one of the worst points about the hotel. Lunch is taken in the same restaurant and is a choice of sandwiches - cheese, tuna, club, chicken etc, and cheeseburger and hotdog - All came with fries. This was actually very nice as a snack, shame that was all that was on offer. Afternoon tea and cakes were meant to be served somewhere, but this was never seen by any of the guests - not that we really wanted them, but we had paid for them all the same, and couldnít help but

feel that the hotel was penny pinching again.


A lovely rounded bar that joins the restaurant, and is a nice place to spend the evening - that is if you can put up with the local talents who claim to be able to sing! The only good nights were the Steel band and the solo guy (whose name I cant remember). Again, as mentioned by other reviews, the staff are largest ignorant - this goes for all over the hotel. Trying to catch the eye of one of the staff, even if 4 of them are talking together and all looking in your direction is a hard task. People tend to say that this is life in Tobago and the West Indies in general, but thereís way of life, which is acceptable and then thereís total ignorance!! Only one girl, who wore trendy style glasses and had red streaks in her hair is worthy of any credit - she was excellent and does deserve credit, but she is the only one. drinks are usually ok...we had a couple of experiences and so did other guests, that what you ordered can back as something different - the same was when ordered from the swim up bar - a place where it was at times very hard to get served from, as it the actual bar is set back into the main bar, and staff pretend that they cannot see you there. Cocktails were mostly fine, but tended to

vary depending on who was making them. Spirits were often 'out' if one or two of you ordered the same drinks a day or two running - how you run out of Vodka is beyond me!!!


Not very nice during the day, although very popular. Very near the pool and littered with a a poor selection of pool furniture...could do with a paint job. Nice place to go for a drink and look at the stars or to look a the sunsets.

All in all you must remember that this is actually a nice place to stay, especially if you are on a budget. We both agreed that the hotel could do with some major improvements, but all in all is fine. We had a great stay, and would recommend it given what you pay. Donít expect too best advice would be to go room only and avoid the meals. You only really stay in your room at night, so thatís not such a big deal if its basic - take a travel iron and hairdryer if you are in the standard rooms though. Delux rooms are apparently not really worth the extra money. would recommend the Tropikist, but has made me think of saving more money and staying somewhere more upmarket for our next all inclusive holiday. The Tropikist website state that they offer massage facilities - they donít.

Review On Tropikist Beach Hotel   

Toine & Lia

Let us start by saying that weíre Dutch and that writing English for us is a bit uncommon. So, please ignore the spelling and in some cases the bad word choice.

We stayed at the Tropikist from the 25th of September till the 9th of October en we really loved it!! We definitely would recommend it to everyone who is looking for Ďno nonsenseí accommodation in a perfect location.

Being a 3-star hotel, donít expect the comfort en service of a 5-star hotel and realize that your in Tobago, not in a developed European country.

Donít ask us about the food they serve. We weíre on a breakfast only deal.

We weíre a bit worried about our holiday and the fact that we booked the Tropikist after reading some of the reviews and comments on this forum, fortunately we had a total different experience.

Something about us. Weíre a young couple ( 31 and 43) that likes to be in the Caribbean enjoying our spare free time. We have done our share of travelling and been in many different places all over the world. All these places have two things in common; good fishing and good diving. This is our fist time in Tobago (and it wonít be the last...).

Professionally one of us visits and/or stays a lot in hotels, B & Bís and holidayresorts. So we have got a clear reference of whatís being good or not when it comes to accommodations.

This is what we experienced:

On our arrival it seemed we weíre overbooked. The alternative was a condo on the other side of the street. For us, that was no problem. A bed and a shower were all we needed at that time. We found out that the condo was still being built and some issues werenít available (mirror, fan, etc..). But, who cares. Itís only for one night. The hotelmanagement offered us a dinner and a bottle of wine for the inconvenience.

The next day we got one of the superior-rooms for the rest of our stay. Flowers on the bed and a welcome-note on the table. The room was spacious and clean. Two kingsize beds, a TV-set, cooler, airco, fan, phone, seaview, great balcony and so on. We couldnít be happier with this sort of accommodation. We really donít know if thatís the hotelpolicy in case of overbooking to put people in a nice room after a some hassle with luggage from one place to another, but we liked it.

The cleaning of the room, changing of the towels and sheets we found out to be sufficient.

What we really liked was the pool towel-service. Everyday you can pick up some clean/fresh towels to take to the pool or the beach, without being charged for it. Not many 3-star hotels have this kind of service.

Being people who love to see and do things while on holiday, we have tot admit that we weíre hardly in the hotel during the day, except for taking a dip in the marvellous pool, a shower, change clothes and put away fishing of diving gear.

The stories we read, telling that the service was slow or people being completely ignored by employees at the bar or restaurant, canít be underwritten by us. We got what we wanted, when we wanted it. Without asking twice.

At the breakfast buffet we once asked the cook to prepare us some cooked eggs instead of scrambled. From that moment on we could have cooked eggs when we liked. The guy asked us every day if he should cook some.

We felt that most of the people at the reception and bar weíre showing interest in the way we filled in our holiday; asking what we weíre up to or what we had done. Okay, we, once in a while, looked at each other when we saw somebody being very lazy of doing things very inefficient. But, you have to realize that youíre not in Europe. The culture and the way of life in this part of the Caribbean isnít the same as what we find normal.

The thing that we liked best about the hotel was the sundeck in the late afternoon. Itís probably one of the best places of the whole island to watch the sunset, enjoy a cool drink and get into a romantic mood.

Itís a pity that the seafloor in front of the beach is filled with rocks and corals otherwise it would have been perfect. It Ďs however possible to swim or snorkel at the high tide but beware of the waves that can smash you onto the rocks and the currents that can run close to shore. Donít go barefooted in the water and use fins. The flats in front the beach can show some amazing things likes schools of tarpon and green turtles. Early morning snorkelling can reveal abundant sealife.

In all. We had nothing to complain about. We have experienced nice and friendly people, like Joanne who did about everything to makes us feel comfortable, a nice place in an almost perfect location. When we get back to Tobago and need a to book a hotel, the Tropikist can expect us to call for a room.

Kind regards,

Toine & Lia

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