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Review On Tropikist Beach Hotel   

Toine & Lia

Let us start by saying that we’re Dutch and that writing English for us is a bit uncommon. So, please ignore the spelling and in some cases the bad word choice.

We stayed at the Tropikist from the 25th of September till the 9th of October en we really loved it!! We definitely would recommend it to everyone who is looking for ‘no nonsense’ accommodation in a perfect location.

Being a 3-star hotel, don’t expect the comfort en service of a 5-star hotel and realize that your in Tobago, not in a developed European country.

Don’t ask us about the food they serve. We we’re on a breakfast only deal.

We we’re a bit worried about our holiday and the fact that we booked the Tropikist after reading some of the reviews and comments on this forum, fortunately we had a total different experience.

Something about us. We’re a young couple ( 31 and 43) that likes to be in the Caribbean enjoying our spare free time. We have done our share of travelling and been in many different places all over the world. All these places have two things in common; good fishing and good diving. This is our fist time in Tobago (and it won’t be the last...).

Professionally one of us visits and/or stays a lot in hotels, B & B’s and holidayresorts. So we have got a clear reference of what’s being good or not when it comes to accommodations.

This is what we experienced:

On our arrival it seemed we we’re overbooked. The alternative was a condo on the other side of the street. For us, that was no problem. A bed and a shower were all we needed at that time. We found out that the condo was still being built and some issues weren’t available (mirror, fan, etc..). But, who cares. It’s only for one night. The hotelmanagement offered us a dinner and a bottle of wine for the inconvenience.

The next day we got one of the superior-rooms for the rest of our stay. Flowers on the bed and a welcome-note on the table. The room was spacious and clean. Two kingsize beds, a TV-set, cooler, airco, fan, phone, seaview, great balcony and so on. We couldn’t be happier with this sort of accommodation. We really don’t know if that’s the hotelpolicy in case of overbooking to put people in a nice room after a some hassle with luggage from one place to another, but we liked it.

The cleaning of the room, changing of the towels and sheets we found out to be sufficient.

What we really liked was the pool towel-service. Everyday you can pick up some clean/fresh towels to take to the pool or the beach, without being charged for it. Not many 3-star hotels have this kind of service.

Being people who love to see and do things while on holiday, we have tot admit that we we’re hardly in the hotel during the day, except for taking a dip in the marvellous pool, a shower, change clothes and put away fishing of diving gear.

The stories we read, telling that the service was slow or people being completely ignored by employees at the bar or restaurant, can’t be underwritten by us. We got what we wanted, when we wanted it. Without asking twice.

At the breakfast buffet we once asked the cook to prepare us some cooked eggs instead of scrambled. From that moment on we could have cooked eggs when we liked. The guy asked us every day if he should cook some.

We felt that most of the people at the reception and bar we’re showing interest in the way we filled in our holiday; asking what we we’re up to or what we had done. Okay, we, once in a while, looked at each other when we saw somebody being very lazy of doing things very inefficient. But, you have to realize that you’re not in Europe. The culture and the way of life in this part of the Caribbean isn’t the same as what we find normal.

The thing that we liked best about the hotel was the sundeck in the late afternoon. It’s probably one of the best places of the whole island to watch the sunset, enjoy a cool drink and get into a romantic mood.

It’s a pity that the seafloor in front of the beach is filled with rocks and corals otherwise it would have been perfect. It ‘s however possible to swim or snorkel at the high tide but beware of the waves that can smash you onto the rocks and the currents that can run close to shore. Don’t go barefooted in the water and use fins. The flats in front the beach can show some amazing things likes schools of tarpon and green turtles. Early morning snorkelling can reveal abundant sealife.

In all. We had nothing to complain about. We have experienced nice and friendly people, like Joanne who did about everything to makes us feel comfortable, a nice place in an almost perfect location. When we get back to Tobago and need a to book a hotel, the Tropikist can expect us to call for a room.

Kind regards,

Toine & Lia

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My Tropikist Experience   


:lol: Well ive just got back from two wonderful weeks in tobago and am pleased to say enjoyed our stay at the tropikist. On arrival we were greeted with cocktails and the three reception staff were very helpful and obliging. Our room was alot bigger than we imagined with beautiful views and 2 very comfortable double beds. The decor was a tad dated particularly the bathroom but the shower was always powerful and hot! the air conditioning was also very effective a little noisy but we felt you actually slept better at night with it on - having nine hour sleeps all through the holiday !! Very relaxing!!!

We were on room only basis and as a result I dont think you could stay in a more conveniant place. The tropikist is next door to the red crab and round the corner from ru - b -lous - 2 excellent places to eat. It is also within walking distance of another 15 or so bars and cafes which I will endeavour to review at a later date.

With regards to beaches there are good beaches 5 mins walk either side of the hotel,at sandy point and store bay. We also found that pigeon point was a mere 40 minute pleasant stroll through the villiage, along the sea path and through lovely gardens.

The pool at the tropikist is superb but we sunbathed alot in the hotel gardens under the palm trees with views of the pelicans and sea. This was lovely and breezy and much quieter than around the pool. The bird life are a joy to watch and theres always a passing fishing boat so bring your binoculars!!

We never ate at the hotel as the local food and restaurants were of such a high standard it would of been a shame to miss them . These really were the highlight of a wonderful holiday.

We did use the bar at "happy hour" :( :( :( which must be a joke because ive never seen such miserable bar staff in all my life. On both occassions they tried to charge us DOUBLE THE PRICE looking at their watches when there was another 30 minutes left of the :D :D :D H0UR!!! I definately understand how the unpleasant atmosphere could ruin an all inclusive holiday, one member of staff in particular was very ignorant and this is the only area in which I could criticise the tropikist staff. The bar staff did appear alot younger than the rest of the staff , maybe they get paid alot less, i dont know, but It really was a shame and stopped us going to the bar.We reccommend the happy hour at crown point hotel 2 mins walk away , 6-7pm -the bar staff smiled, did not ignore you so the atmosphere was a million times better.

As i said before staff on reception especially Kay were really friendly organising us taxis and late check out, promptly repairing our latch on the balcony doors etc. The chamber maid was also very obliging and the rooms were kept very clean with clean towels everyday.

All in all I would reccomend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a conveniant base to explore the island, who enjoys swimming in the beautiful pool or lounging in their breezy shady gardens. ROOM ONLY , the area is very safe to walk at night so PLEASE support the local restaurants and frequent the local bars and you are on the way to having a perfect tobagan holiday. :D :D :D

To Be Avoided At All Costs   

J Scott

My wife and I arrived at the Tropikist for a four-night stay in January of 2004, having reserved a deluxe room. We had just attended a friend’s wedding in Trinidad, and were set to relax in Tobago for a few days. Upon arrival, we were required to pay the entire amount for our full stay by credit card. In retrospect, this should have been the first clue that something was awry. However, we were eager to check in, and so agreed to have the four-night stay charged in advance.

The deluxe room itself seemed pleasant enough at first – spacious, with a king bed and a lovely view of the water. Regrettably, this was to be the only positive feature I can think of to point out when it came to our dreadful experience.

The front desk neglected to inform us when we checked in that there was no power in our room or the entire building we were in. Hence no electricity, no air conditioning, no toilet, no running water. To seek some relief from the heat, we went back to the front desk to get beach towels to go to the pool. We were curtly informed that towels were a “luxury item”, which seemed to mean that none were available. This, despite the fact that the literature in the room made it abundantly clear beach towels were available to all guests at any time.

Two hours later, we had our power and water back, only to discover that the toilet leaked. Unfortunately, this was only to be the first of many problems we were to have.

The room had a phone, but not one from which it was possible to make an outgoing call. (Try to figure that one out.)

Other couples we stayed with were even less fortunate. The superior and standard rooms were cramped and unpleasant. The wall-mounted air conditioning unit leaked onto one of the two double beds in their room, soaking it through. No cable was available, and no effort was made to fix it. One needed a degree in engineering to discern how to turn on the shower, which once mastered, had ridiculously low water pressure.

The hotel currency exchange rates could only be described as outrageous. The Canadian exchange rate that week at the nearby bank was 4.7 TT to the CDN dollar. The hotel was offering 3 TT to the dollar, or in other words, charging a sickening 57% premium. The US exchange was somewhat less severe, but a still a swindle nonetheless. The result was that after conversion with their rates, it was actually more expensive to stay at the Tropikist than it was for us to stay at the lovely Coco Reef down the road.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, we went down to the restaurant for dinner. The entree we ordered consisted of an anemic fish with perhaps a few grams of meat on it at most. Amazingly, we were actually lucky to have eaten the pathetic meal—a larger group of about 15 we traveled with ate at the buffet, and half became quite ill the next day.

Exasperated, we felt we had no alternative but to leave after only one night of being there, along with two other discouraged couples. We got up early the next day and attempted to check out. Not only were we refused a refund for the three nights we hadn’t used, (after waiting a full 40 minutes while the clerk consulted with someone in the back room), we were also denied any type of itemized receipt detailing what we had paid for.

I am sorry to report that the front desk staff was exactly as several others have described in their own reviews: smug, arrogant, and rude to the point of utter absurdity.

After a few tears, a phone call to the credit card company, and a great deal of frustration, there was little we could do. We simply chose to go to another hotel, and absorb the cost that the Tropikist had bilked from us. Astonishingly, as we were leaving the hotel, our cab driver pointed out that he regularly hears similar complaints about the Tropikist, and that they frequently try to stick people with phone calls and charges they didn’t incur. (Which I found impressive, since we couldn’t even call out.)

It is absolutely incredible to me, even in a remote place like the Caribbean, that a business this unscrupulous could actually remain viable. I could elaborate at further length about our how bad our experience was at the Tropikist, but we discovered that someone had already stated it more eloquently by etching a few words into the drawer of the bedside table: “This is the worst hotel ever. Good luck here.”

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Integrity, Tropikist And Grafton Beach   

Anita Gray

Hi there - I found while researching booking a trip to Tobago, and I've become hooked! It is such an excellent site with a wealth of information - many thanks to Steve and Jill for all your work.

I found a good deal to The Tropikist in April via Teletext and despite the negative comments in the forums, I booked it. My husband and I are early 40's, and consider ourselves fairly laid back and flexible, and we agreed we would make the most of it. Surely it couldn't be that bad.

However, I as I spent more time on this site over the next few days, I spent more time worrying about the reported surly bar staff and general "energy" of The Tropikist. The INTEGRITY of this site, convinced me that it would be wise to take heed of the satisfaction poll.

Fortunately, I was able to change the booking and despite it being more a bit more expensive I am delighted that we are now booked into the Grafton Beach Resort, and I eagerly await the detailled report on this hotel. I feel that I can now relax and look forward to an excellent holiday. I am now researching hiring a car and day trips etc - all using this site. Yes Tobago, you can expect to hear from me...

I have a couple of questions/observations:

Tropical Places and Virgin rate the Tropikist as a 3 star, so I wondered why on this site it is shown as a 2 star?

Does anybody have any updated info/reports on the Tropikist?

Are there any pubs/drinking venues within walking distance from the Grafton Beach Resort? Although we are going all inclusive, we do not intend to be in the hotel every night - we are already looking forward to the Goat Races and Sunday School!

Any comments on this posting would be much appreciated.

With best wishes - Anita

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Tropikist Hotel   


Its rearing its ugly head yet again, but we have booked to go to the Tropikist Hotel in December, but i must admit, all the comments make pretty scary reading. We are bed and breakfast only(thank goodness by the sounds of it). We are really hoping that the management have listened to all the very bad and negative comments made about the hotel, and done something about it. Has anyone out their been recently?. I have to say it, but what about the rain, we fly on 2nd December, will the sun shine for us, we desperately need some sunshine. :?

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