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Guest Report   

John Jenkins from U.K. visited in May 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

I have read with great interest and amusement the report posted by Gaynor Bond. My family and I were also at the hotel the same two weeks.

Firstly it makes me smile at what people expect the Caribbean accommodation to be like. The star system is nothing like that in the British Isles or indeed Europe. The Caribbean is all about being in a tropical paradise exploring and relaxing in the culure. I have been lucky to have visited many of the islands over the years and the rooms were reasonable although personally a little more light in the rooms would be beneficial. Our attitude is to spend as little time in the room as possible, thats why we come to the Caribbean in the first place!

The Turtle Beach hotel is in a magnificenr location. The rooms are basic but have air conditioning. Expect nothing more as 2 star rated and priced that way. I can recount spending a fortune 20 years ago literally staying in a beach hut which was the then fashionable experience but wouldn't be allowed under health and safety now.

My partner children and I had a wonderful time in the excellent swimming pool, on the beach and especially experiencing the wonderment of the nesting turtles and their hatchlings.Which quite frankly was the deciding factor on my choice of hotels in Tobago. The food is mainly buffet style with enough choice to suit most palates. Breakfast especially is very satisfying. The bars and bar staff are friendly with good quality drinks.

We had to suffer the comments of this lady and her party day after day. Appreciating and respecting her comments are personal opinion as are mine and, spending a night in receiption with no insect repellent is not recommended! Compensation is one thing but please dont go to the Caribbean with a negative attitude. The culture of the staff and their promptness to attention to detail has to be tolerated. I do agree that the receiption and shop staff were quite un helpful but the majority of the staffare typically friendly with a sunny disposition common to the region.

All in all even with a 24 hour delay (thankfully we didn't come and go on the same plane, if you were wondering!)my family and I had a magnificent holiday to remember at a good hotel in a great location on a fantastic island.

We will be back again in years to come and won't hesitate to book the Turtle Beach again.

Guest Report   12 Apr 2008

Donna Baylis from Essex UK visited in April 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

We have returned from our third visit to Turtle Beach. I would say from the beginning that this hotel will certainly not suit everybody. We love the friendliness of the staff, the swimming pool is excellent for the children and the location is fantastic. The main reason for us staying here the first time was to be close at hand to see the turtles. The hotel was only half full initially but very soon became completely full, the service was a little slower, as you would expect, when this happened but we were on holiday and never found this a problem. In our experience people seem to either love this hotel and return time after time or dislike it. The rooms are a little tired but are always kept very clean . This year there were some filipino staff who were eager to please but who also seemed to get along very well with the local staff. Whilst I understand that an all inclusive hotel is not everybodys choice it suits us to have the option to eat at the hotel for a reasonable price if we want to. The food was excellent with lots of local food and only one or two options during our two week stay which catered for the more 'fussy eater'. We tend to eat out quite a lot to try different places and to make sure we spend money with the locals.

During our stay this time we experienced several turtles on the beach at night time as you would expect but also two turtles came up to lay during the day. This was an amazing sight, two at once and fortunately monitored by the 'Turtle Patrol'.

To summarise I would recommend Turtle beach if you go with an open mind and a desire to explore the island and other places to eat. We will definitely be returning.

Guest Report   

Peter Challenger from U.K. visited in April 2008 and awarded  Four out of Five

I'd read a lot of negative reviews about this hotel, so I expected the worst. We had a 2 hour wait in the hotel reception for our room (probably because leaving residents can hang onto their room until they leave). The room was dated, but clean. The view was fantastic (view of the beach 10m away). The daily maid service was good. Food was varied and healthy so the kids couldn't just each chips all the time. We had to queue a couple of times at dinner for more than 30 minutes, the rest of the time 5 minutes was the absolute maximum queue time (the hotel was full). The staff are mostly friendly, the manager was friendly. I did hear of other holidaymakers with problems with their rooms, but they always seemed to get sorted - although some people moved to another hotel.

My experience is that the holiday was very relaxing, we even saw turtles in the daytime which is almost unheard of. I'd recommend this hotel.

Guest Report   

Les Blake from U.K. visited in April 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

A good 2+ hotel. Only let down by basic bathrooms and somewhat spartan bedrooms, although both we clean and tidy.

We did have a couple of minor faults on arrival but these were fixed straight away.

Staff were very good. Food was excellent and although buffet style, the quality and excellent were very high.

Location was superb, just like it said in the publicity. Public areas and the pool were always keep clean and tidy.

It must be a shame for the staff,to know that if the management just improved the bedrooms slightly, they could achieve a 4 star rating over night.

We had a great 2 weeks and would go back tomorrow if we could.

Guest Report   

John Mitchell from Canada visited in April 2008 and awarded  Three out of Five

For those of you who expect North American service beware! Since we had been to Tobago before we knew what to expect.

Let me tell you what we really liked first though.

The facility is greaT.....nice pool ...good selection of food for the all-inclusive....great beach and an all round nice resort....rooms ok for the most part.

now for the caution

....Staff is not overly helpful and if you ask too much of them they do start to get annoid with you. This is totally unfamiliar to someone who has spent any time travelling in North America or other parts of the Caribbean like the D.R. We did find the nicest employees to be the non-locals ...at least they know what people expect when they serve you or make you a drink.

I was curious why people did not not sit near the beach side of the pool....figured it out after the first day when we were constantly bugged by the Beach peddlers (not all) .It is a public area on the beach and a couple of them like to hang over the pool side from the beach....not good! Rude in fact. So ask the bartender to make you his favourite drink( you wont be disappointed) and avoid too much contact with the peddlers and your stay will be more enjoyable.

We also found driving in Tobago is pretty safe and easy(lots of winding up and down...Fun...and it is a great way to get around ... talk to Lin who will meet you at the rental Kiosk at the airport..... nice lady and reasonable rates. You can drive much of Tobago in a day and there is a lot of amazing beaches and waterfalls to visit.

Oh yes .....service ....on our first trip we pre-ordered dinner ...not at turtle Bay....for 7 pm and ate at 9:30...

soooo remember you are on Trinidad Time and relax beacause it is a fantastic place to visit ...and we can't wait to go back.....

I hope you don"t think we are being harsh about the locals but please remember to relax when dealing with staff and your stay will be be more enjoyable.... Have a great trip

And Yes we would return to Turtle Beach

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