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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 29 December

Has anyone visited this resort? I would really appreciate some info about the place. Virgin holidays has an excellent offer, 598 for flight and 14 nights room only DEC 03. This seems too good to be true does anyone know the catch? I need to book pretty soon so all comments will be very much appreciated

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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 20 January

I've not heard much about the Rex Turtle Beach Resort. We're trying to decide whether our family would be better suited there than the Coco Reef. (2 adults, children ages 6/9) We're leaning towards the Coco Reef as it is where my husband proposed 15 years ago (ahhh!) but seems extremely costly (quoted approx. $450 US/night - no meals) Any suggestions?!

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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 02 February

Was really disappointed to read your recent review of Rex Turtle Beach. I know it is fairly basic, but I wasn't too worried as I am going with a group of friends to celebrate my 50th year. However, I am sorry that it sounds frankly neglected. I had read somewhere recently that it was due for refurbishment this year - does anyone know any details, or is it a myth? As four of us are employed in the education sector, we are not visiting until August during the school holiday. Apart from rain, what will the island be like at that time of year? Fantastic website that is working as a very good displacement activity instead of marking books!

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Michelle Edwards

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 06 February

We stayed at the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel Christmas and New Year 2002/3 and had the most fabulous time. Myself and my husband have been to many worldwide destinations and many within the Carribean and I can honestly say I have never received such a warm an pleasant welcome as we did when arrived at the Rex. We were met with rum punches and smiles we did not even notice we had been checked in.

The accomodation is quite basic, you get a fairly large aircon room, with a bed, bathroom and balcony or terrace. No frills. It is all that you need, when you arise the next morning you walk onto your balcony and see the beautiful Carribean sea stretched out in front of you. (Request top floor for best sea views). The food if you go all inclusive can be a little basic and occasionally repetative, however, it is comparible to similar properties in the Carribean. May I just add that the NewYears Gala Buffet was a sight to behold and a veritable feast.

Then entertainment is nightly and is usually performed by local people whom seem to do the rounds at most of the hotels. They are normally cultural shows and/or local bands and we enjoyed them in the main. The hotel has 2 Tennis courts, however, from what I can gather they are of a useable standard and far from centre court at wimbledon.

As for bars, the Rex had 2, it is not a luxury hotel, but it does have enough facilities and they are adequat for it's size. The pool is very very tiny, beleive me when you have that beach you do not need the pool. However, I heard a rumour that this was going to be enlarged and there were also been rumours of renovation when we were there but things are still the same, and you know, that's ok.

The beach is beautiful, long and very safe for swimming and although it is a public beach you do not get bothered from traders as you would on other Islands. The beach does have it's regular vendors (About 3) whom are freindly and polite. You do get the very occassional visit from a passing vendor, but these are few and far between. Even these guys very often forget to sell you anything they are so busy chating and pasing the time of day.

One of the highlights is watching the local fisherman pulling in their nets by hand, it is real and it is their livley hood, so if you do help please do not expect a fish as a reward. This is one of the things that makles the Rex stand out, real people, not some man made beach with jet skis and boat trips. However, all are available at various places around the island and bookable from the hotel. My advise, hire a car/jeep and do it yourself.

I must also take this opportunity to mention Ruben, he carves beautiful pieces of art from driftwood, he is a truley wonderous man and I suggest you chat with him a while. He is a little obsessed with size in some of his designs, however, he will carve to order and you can sit and watch him as he works.

If you want a five star all singing and dancing hotel with fabulous facilities and entertainment to the wee hours, I suggest you stay at one of the more commecial and larger all inclusives.

The Rex is a 3 star hotel which maybe needs a lick of paint in a 5 star location. It is a place where you can meet and chat with local people and in this very same place you can walk a little further down the beach and feel like you are on a deserted island. It is a great base to experience all that is Tobago.

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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 11 February

Hi, Can anyone please help me out a bit! I am going to Tobago for the first time on Feb 22nd, for 1 week - all inclusive - to the Rex Turtle Beach, which from the brochure looks wonderful. Since booking, I have heard since heard some negative things about the hotel, saying that the food isn't great, its shabby, the swimming pool is not suitable for swimming and if you go onto the beach you will be badly pestered by beggars - Has anyone been and can you tell me if this is true?

Secondly - I looked on the foreign office website, and was concerned to find that they say crime against tourists remains a problem, and that you should avoid isolated beaches and always travel by taxi at night. I must admit I was looking forward to isolated beaches and going out at night, especially to Sunday School - again can anyone please tell me how safe is safe? Do you really have to be 'that careful'?

Lastly - I was going to hire a jeep or car for a couple of days, but have heard some bad things - like road standards, accidents, damaged/unreliable vehicles, then on top of that you should only go anwhere with a registered guide. Again can anyone give me the truth?

Sorry for the lengthy note, but as they say - if you don't ask! Thanks in advance.

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