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Just Read Bad Review   

Kate L

Hello - I must work...however....I have been surfing and gone to Trip and read this awful review about the 'dirty pool water', and the 'dog mess', etc on the beach at Turtle Beach.

Is this just a competitor making trouble or can one of you tell me REALLY what it's like? Jon and I are planning a trip we cannot afford (!) on credit after a totally dreadful and sad year and do not want to make an expensive -for us - mistake.

Just looking for some r and r, swimming, sailing, some good food and to sleeeep, end of Nov beginning Dec 2004. What do you think? In the past we would go to The Club Med resorts in the Indian Ocean but no more.



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Restaurants, Atm's Diving.   

Paul Binge

We are keen to eat out in Tobago, not believing in the All Inclusive ethos of many hotels. Are there any restaurants walkable in the evenings from Turtle Beach, also are there any ATM's in the vicinity or are travellers cheques the order of the day. Are there any dive companies to be recommended. :?:

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2 Weeks To Go And Counting   

Colin Fairburn

Hi All - been looking at the site since I booked the hols about a month ago, so I feel as tho I know a decent bit about the island and Rex already!

One thing tho - we are going on 27th Sep with our soon to be 3 year old. Is the water relatively calm for him to paddle in, and the beach gently shelving?

Also, if we hired a car, how long realistically would we need it for to see the island at a leisurely pace?

Would bicycles be an option (with child seat of course)? if available

Is there much shade on the beach? Sun brollys, trees etc?

I read a thread earlier about Virgin v Excel. In my opinion, the fact that with virgin you can check in at the hotel for the return journey and turn up at the airport shortly before the flight goes has to be worth the extra 70, let alone the other benefits of flying schedule.

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Sand Flies   

Colin Fairburn

Hi all

have read a few threads which mention the dreaded sand fly. is it a major problem on the RTB beach? Only when i visited the Cook Islands in 2000 i got bitten quite badly around the ankles and it almost ruined my holiday as they itched me to death and didnt go away until I stepped on the plane home.

Comments would be appreciated


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The Truth, Very Very Dissapointed....   


Hello to everyone who reads this treath. I would like to write something a bit different , maybe telling the truth ( how I saw it about the Rex and Tobago in general ). I know I will not be very popular with all the users of this forum and receive some nasty comments but I hope it may help someone in the future. First I apologies for my written english......here we go:

We booked our holiday with Virgin out of Gatwick ( always book with a high street tour operator and ask to match prices and to give an additional discount , we payed y 459 for 7 nights room only using Thomas cook, virgin web prices were 499 pp )and had no problems at all. Great flight, good food and plenty of movies on the flight. Transfer to the hotel was quick I think 15 minutes. Now here is what nobody tells you and please these are what I think:

The Hotel is dated and this can clearly been noticed in the toiled where staines are everywhere, air conditioning is very very noisy and if you end up at the far end you could walk for 10 minutes just to see reception.

Being this a 3 *** you would aspect it to be cleaned and feel at home, funny you get a tiny pillow to sleep ( asked for more but none arrived, no hot watter and shower needed to be fixed 2 times on our stay ) . Now we choosed not AI but if this would have been our option I would have called the police. The food in the main restaurant ( and this applies for breakfast, lunch and breakfast ) looks and taste like staff cantine food, you can hardly taste any difference and the menu ( a la carte ) is tiny with just a couple of items like a rock burger, some sandwiches and so on.

Breakfast is continental , sausegges scramble eggs, some vegs but none special. Lunch is like dinner, rice, more rice, minced beef form a can, some powder mash and more boiled vegs like carrots and couliflow. Nothing exotic ......no I am italian and maybe used to good food but I am not willign to fly to the carrib and end up eating cantine food. You may say lucky you haven't payed for it so go out and enjoy? hahaha......you should see the faced of all 200 guest and hear their wispers, if you decied to go and walk about for lunch or dinner be aware that there is nothing and I mean NOTHING for less then 30 mintues walk , yes you could take a taxi but pay about 10 for one way or 15 return. This just for a ride. Plus the average meal in any restaurant will set you another 25 pp ( you will be lucky to pay this and be happy as well, mostly you need around 50 pp for a good deal and without to much buze. Back to the REX: the beach is awafully dirty ( fallen trees, death fishes, fisherman nets and dogs) for what you would aspect ( are we not in the carrabean?) the street wendors are a real pain in the ass as they will disturb you from early till late, ususally there are about 10 to 15 old guys all selling junk like Aloe cream, coco crafts, and shit like this. The are luousy , usually drunk or smoked and quite rude. They will always come back and annoy you. Sorry but this is the truth. I am here because I want to relax and not have to apology every 5 minutes. Now if you are with a GF then when she goes and picks up the towler she gets nasty comments for the locals ( you are my dream......would you like to come out with me and that sort) shouldn't they be just friendly? or maybe they are tooooo friendly. If you are AI then you do not pay for drinks ( be aware that the bar closes are 11pm so there isn't much to drink anyway) if you are paying then the following applies: Fruit cocktail 3, beer 1.8, cinzano 2.0 and so on you decide if these are resenable ( you do not have much choice anyway as there is nothing close by) The new swimming pool looks good but 3 people had ear infection on our stay and they all complained to the MM but I haven't seen any cleaner and stayer far from it. poor kids.

If you loose your towler then the Hotel charge you 20, a buffet diner ( cantine ) cost you 18.50 and a burger 6.80 and the wine is just disgusting, trust me on this. Now here is the best trick that no one has menttined so far in this forum ( great by the way!) when you check in the ask you for 100 pound deposti (not your CC but cash ) then when you check out they only give you $850 TT thats about 78 with the current exchange rate. I asked for my 100 and they said or sorry but we do not have any , hey but weren't my 100 supposed to be a deposit and been kept in a save? no they run and exchanged them without telling me.....hahaha you are smart with me....i call the police.....suddely they offered me my 100. Thanks you AS....LE. In the hoole hotel no one ever smile and everyone ask you for a cigarette so breing plenty and forget any tropical fruits and you will only find water melon and papaya ( where all all the mangos? ....) the funniest think is that you check out at 12.am and your rep tells you that you will be given a room for shower and a light refreshement as your flight ( virgin ) is only at 8.00 but guess what there is only one room available for eveyone so aspect to find a quee for 2 hours before you can shower and I paid 10 cash to a maid to use second free room. I will write more on other parts of this forum about where to go ( nowhere really ) and what to eat ( mainly Somerfields food ) but if you really what some advice as how I see it them email me at leporefranco@msn.com. I repeat this is what I saw and trust me I have travel around a bit but would not return to the REX, ever. So sad the nearest interesting place is only accessible by car. and if you are on AI then the best bet is the pool bar serving you cheap alcohool.

I hope you understand that this is my personal point and may not be what you have seen .

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