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The Truth Very Disappointing 2   


Hello to everyone one on this forum.

I have thought long before starting this second topic and after all the interest show for the first one I have decide to come back . My ideas about the REX and Tobago haven't changed .....just matured , in a way that after some months now I can look back without caring the anger and delusion of this experience ( we usually go on with our personal life, as a matter we have already booked our next holiday and I am afraid it will not be Tobago ).

I wanted to came back on a couple of points that many of you all make :


you must go to Sunday School >>>>>> a wonderful night , great experience , a night with the locals. Are you all sure that this night is so great? Here is what happen when I went on the famous Sunday school.

We were told to go with a local ( for safety reason and to finance the local economy employing someone ) so followed all suggestions , booked a local to stay with us ( came around £60 ) and left the hotel at around 8pm. Arrived in a little square , found a parking place and noticed about 100 tourist , from all hotels plus people from the REX and 200 locals . They were playing some dreadful band music ( see better around the world ) and there were two stalls selling rice, chicken and beans sauce plus about 1- stalls selling t-shirts, painting of Bob M and junky souvenirs. Then there was a little Disco club ( with no more than 15 people at the same time ) and this feeling that everyone , specially the tourist like us were waiting for something to happen. Something magic, special. Didn't we all wait for this night ? Didn't we all read : You can't miss Sunday School? so as we waited ( honestly I don't know for what )and had some drinks ( at 10 it became difficult to find beers ) . My GF attempted a little dance and the dance floor was 1 girl to 50 guys . Would you fee comfortable leaving here there alone and wander away .Not that I am jealous or over protective but trust me you would wander alone to the toilets as there were no lights at all and you could never know what to find next. After walking the same strip for 20 times ( yes 20 ) and played with some local vendors I decided that it was time to leave as nothing , NOTHING , would happen here. If I would have stayed in the hotel lobby I would have seen , drunk and eaten the same stuff anyway.

See if any of you can find some Pictures of Sunday night school browsing the web . I didn't . No one has posted any ? or maybe there was nothing to post.............


Tobago has great beaches, friendly people and wonderful food.

Uhmmmmm..........not sure were many of you have travelled but

the beaches are not so nice ( I have seen better, like Phi-phi island, Phuket , Cancun, so if your main reason is because you love sea and sun then check out some other destinations with crystal clear water and white sand )

Food : nothing special , no fresh fish ( maybe jemma tree house but it is a 2 hour round trip with the boiled lobster as the main dish set at £20 each ), the rest of all the restaurant are either too expensive for the average food they server , at £40 pp or not worth visiting. No fresh local fruits and vegetable ( I mean it : No where to seen all the Mangos, papayas , Melons or whatever you like ...) you will see and find more of this stuff in my kitchen and the whole island. TRUE.

3) Local People : if you think that 25 sellers per day ( every day ) trying to sell a magic (?) trip, some bird watching or be your personal body guard at Sunday School while relaxing on the beach , means friendly than good luck to you and your holiday . Just think : these locals are supposed to be friendly people and you need someone with you at Sunday school? good luck with your new friends.

Last but not least .........we even struggled to purchase some souvenir as there is nothing ( NOTHING ) were you can buy anything . So ladies we aware: the most you can bring with you is vanilla tea bags and Caribbean coffee.

If you consider going to Tobago please to some research before hand. Visit some sites and make sure you know what you want from this holiday : If you are in search of beaches and fresh sea food then go to Thailand , if you want white beaches and 24 hours fun the Mexico will do ( UK charter flights can be found from as little as £200 ) but I leave the choice to you. One think is certain We will not visit Tobago again as we can back empty ( with our soul and mind ) and my GF has already forgotten about Tobago as nothing impressed here there : Would it be nice to say WOW at least once when you are in holiday?

Thanks for support received in the previous threat . This is the personal opinion of a simple traveller in search of wonderland for 7 days a year.


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Anyone Just Returned From Rex Turtle Beach?   

Anna Blackman


Just wondering if anyone has recently returned from staying at the Rex Turtle Beach??

My Husband & I are going for 2 weeks in March & and I am slightly concerned about the reviews I have been reading about the hotel.

We are going mainly to scuba dive so dont suppose we will spend a great deal of time at the hotel but my parents are joining us & may well spend more time there than us.

Any comments greatly appreciated - its our first time to Tobago and hope it wont be the last!!



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What Voltage?   

Phil P

Can anyone tell me what voltage is pumped out by the electric sockets at the RTB? Need to decide whether to buy 110V charger or another battery for digicam.

Many thanks


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Bottled Water Included In All Inclusive Option?   

Paul S

Can anybody who has stayed at the Rex Turle Beach confirm whether or not you can get bottled water from the bar with the All Inclusive option? I have 2 young children who don't drink fizzy drinks and you can't drink fruit juice all day long :D !



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Weddings At Hilton Tobago   


My partner and I are getting married at the Hilton in May and wondered if anybody else had got married there, what the service was like etc. But most importantly what is the weather like in May, is it going to be as rainy as my father is convinced!!??

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