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Viv Miller


I have just read your review of the Rex Turtle beach Hotel and couldn't agree more. We have stayed there twice in the last two years and are returning this July. The hotel is perfect for our needs - we wanted a good location and reasonably priced accomodation. We always stay on a room only basis and eat out every night so the repetition of the menu has never been a problem. The rooms are large, clean and right on the beach - what could be better. Most of the staff we have found to be very friendly and helpful - we even found the other guests to be quite friendly too despite the fact that we weren't actually around that much with not eating there very often!

I think this is the best site I have ever visited and would like to thank you for all your advice which we have put to good use in our previous trips. I have passed on the details to two other friends who are now planning their trips to Tobago. They love it too.

Many thanks

Viv Miller


Terence H

Saw this on another forum.

subject: hotel rex turtle tobago

name: renate ernst

date: Mon May 16 01:54:25 2005


My duth brother married in may 2005 in the rex turtel beach hotel at Tobago. We were there with 6 couples. From this six couples there where 2 who had been stolen from. One couple from the hotelroom, the other (me and my mother) from the safety box! The hotelmanager and the employees where not friendly. They did not help us in any way. The police is not efficient. Even today they did not make a police report. The island is very beautiful. But the hotel is not good. We want to warn tourist for the thieves. We know from the security that there are more troubles. In the surroundings of the hotel, you cannot do much. There are no shops etc.

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4 Day Report Tobago   04 Jun 2005

Chris Cross from Germany

Hello Steve and everyone else,

so here my 4 day report of our trip to Tobago and the Rex

arrived on monday evening at crown point we were picked up

and got our room in the older complex of the rex!

we have a room with a sep. room and a bathroom.

for us the room is beautiful and the AC is working just at the

day and cools down the room for the night. Like Steve said, it

is very silent, so it doesnt desturb at night.

breakfast dinner and lunch are great and the variation is good and

lovely presented also for veggies...

so far there is notten to put blame on...

last 3 days we had constant weather with some liquid sunshine

after 2 pm... over night it rained sometimes but not hard.

this is our first day of heavy rainfall, but it is very comfortable

to sit in the lounge with a daiquiry and to write some words

in the guest-internetcomputer :-)) (which is working with cards

available from the desk ... by the way... we had 2 marriages

since we arrived... an evening with steel pan band, an ev. with

a reggae band, one with a 3 man group and one with bongo drummers

and a dance presentation...

so far...


Full Review Of 14 Days Tobago At The Rex Turtle Beach   15 Jun 2005

Chris Cross from Germany

Hello !

Now, after 14 wonderful days at the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel, here my personal review:

We arrived at 30. May 2005 at Crown Point International and were picked up by a Taxi from Tedīs Sunshine which carried us to the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel.

In the Lobby, by the way it was after 8 pm., the receptionist gave us our Roomkey and a welcome drink (Iīd better chosen a Fruitpunch than a RumPunch) and we went to our room.

The first impression about the room on the 1st floor: clean, nice furniture and as Steve told, a very silent AC. The only thing we heard at night was the kompressors of the other ACīs which were situated outside and the waves hammering at the beach (Of which I thought that this noise was a thunder, in fact sometimes that powerful that our Door to the Balcony shook up from the Soundwaves).

On the next day we asked at the reception to show us an other room, which was situated in the newer complex on the 3d floor. This room has been clean also, but we decided to stay in the room we fell in love with in because of the ceiling was a little bit higher (with wood) and the room had

an extra room (for a 3rd Person or child!) which got our dressing room.

All in all: The rooms at the Rex Turtle Beach were clean and cleaned every day. More or less, depending on which Person of the Staff had to do this. Sometimes the room was cleaned up before 12 am, the latest time was around 3-4 pm. Towels were changed every day.

There was a cabinet in the sleeping room and one in the second, smaller room (which was about 2x3 m) in a wonderful shining dark/red/brown color). The bed was built of 2 mattresses. one above the other, and was good to sleep in. The sight on the balcony was great. A little thing was the temp. on the balcony we had, which never fell under 35 deg. because it was stepped backwards and the wind couldnīt circulate.

We ran the AC only at daytime and turned it off for sleeping.

The hairdryer worked well, but people with very long hair will get hot hands when drying long.

The bathroom looked old but everything was functional (except the Shower, but we fixed the calc problem with a little vingar which we put on browse for 3 hours to ged the holes free).

The room, 100 m. away from the pool area, was silent and we heard no noise (except the people passing by and the guy working for the hotel at the watersports-hut. He sang like a drunken shakalaka-weazle crossing.

The big pool, and the small one for the kids, has been cleaned every morning, sometimes more or less. I never went into the pool.

The beach and the surroundings were cleaned by the gardener and looked nice. Some restīs of cigarettes lying around which hasnīt really disturbed. PEOPLE ! USE ASHTRAYS, as we did!.

There were some guys at the beach, always looking for business.

OK, not horacing, but we had to say no thanks to some of them 3 Times a day. But after , they were very kind.

"Iīm the original AloeVera doctor"... yes yes....

Friends of us had a likkle boy, 2,5 years old, which swom like a rat.

So he went into the sea at the beach and got spilled out by the waves.

After much rain the waves get the height of max. 1 til 1,5 m.

But which parents would let go their kiddy to play in the open sea?

Towels for the beach were provided and fresh every day.

Lounges for the beach were comfortable and stapled over night by the Guards/Security (I think there were 4 of them walking around to show that the people are secure). 3 or 4 craftsman/rastas sold their stuff at

the beach constantly and there were some passing by. On Saturday Big Mama came close to the Hotel at the beach and broght her selfmade crab īn dumplin (DELICIOUS) and her strong (STRONGGGG) GingerBeer.

AND: we bought some HandMade Custom Sandals and a Belt from Henry. One of the kindest persons on the whole Island. Perfect Handcraft!

Breakfast has been served from 7.30 am til 10 am buffet style (like lunch and dinner) From fresh fruits, pancakes, potatoes, scrambled eggs, 2 sorts of toast, 3 sorts of jam, butter, and fried eggs, omelettes, boiled eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon everything tasted fine. 3 kinds of juices (likkle sweet) and milk. Only the coffee was not that good. It tasted like

Instant coffee cooked 5 times.

Lunch has been buffet style as dinner. The buffet changed every day

and the variation was great, even for veggies. The Presentation of the

buffet was (for a 2,5* Hotel) great. Sometimes outside beside the bar (also with barbecue) or inside. I tell you: I never had such great and tasty

Buffets like in the rex. Also the Roastbeef etc...

All in all: Dining in Rex Turtle was wonderful and great for us.

I would say the best Buffet served on Tobago... (and also so we were told by many guests). Also a la carte (Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads...)

Staff: I wondered myself the first couple of days about the Staff.

Some were kind and some less. Chatty? Not everyone. Some of them

were very chatty and friendly, but I never heard any bad things.

I think it is how you attract to them. We greeted everybody, and so they

did and we also got answered our questions. After 4 Days there must have something been going on in the management and the Staff were friendly and forestalling. Only the Bar - Personell could have been more

friendly and chatty to get some positive vibrations to the guests.

Our phone in our room wasnīt working, but only one hour later after talking to the receptionist, the problem has been fixed.

The Bar was nice and the drinks were mixed well.

For All Inclusive, there has been no possibility to take bottled drinks to the rooms. So we bought 2 Waterbottles which were filled up constantly without problems by the Staff under the eyes of the management.

So if you go there, donīt forget your bottles.

Here some cost-factors:

Room Service charges of TT$ 20.00

The wrist band (to wear in the Hotel) charges TT$ 50.00 if damaged.

Telephone Calls from the room were not expensive.

International Calls with a Companian Card are also cheap.

The safe is for free, and like discussed, absolutely secure.

Only if the key gets lost, you have to pay a charge, like Steve wrote.

As it was nesting time for the Leatherbackturtles, we were set on a list at the reception to call via phone when a turtle is sighted at the beach.

And we have seen many! So we decided to spend some money to the SOS Organisation, which teached us a lot about the turtles. SPECTACULAR!

PLEASE PEOPLE: donīt step closer to the turtles than 15 m.

What would you say if 40 People were watching you giving birth to a baby.

DONT USE FLASHLIGHTS! Once I got angry seeing people using flashlights

to show some nice pics at home for big pimpinī. It isnīt worth!

First we thought to rent a car to explore the island. But we didnīt.

This is what happened:

We booked on the 2nd day of stay a round trip over the island which came 80 US$ per person. For me, this was not that wonderful. It is like

you sit in a train which drives through a zoo. You donīt get in touch with

the people, which are very friendly and helpful. So we participated the

round A bout Tour. 1st Stop Fort James (you can walk there within 10 min. from the Rex) 2nd Stop Englishmans Bay (a must-see) 3d Stop after drive through the rainforest has been Speyside "lookout" and Speyside itself, 4th Stop Argyle Waterfalls and last Stop in Fort King George (great view over Scarborough) This tour was "nice" but notten more, and so was Jemmaīs where we went for dinner. (It looked to me like a drive through restaurant)

But we found out, that there is a restaurant called birdwatchers, max. 500 m. away from Jemmas, where I had the very best Lobster in my life!

Absolutely delicious, and all for a reasonable price.

If you want to watch birdīs, forget Little Tobago, except you get a ride by boat before 6 am. After 10 pm you will see some birds, but not much.

We paid 20 US$ each to see the big BrainCoral via GlassBottomBoat and

to take a walk on little Tobago.

If you want to go to PigeonPoint to spent a day at the beach charging 3 US$, go before 9 am, and you can choose a place to put your lounge (charging TT$ 10).

On our 3d Day of stay we went to S-borough and into the Cafe Ciao (super-icecream). Then, wondering how to get home, a man named Myron Bernard hit us to give us a ride with his taxi back to plymouth.

He and his Nissan carried us from this moment on to every place on the island. I highly recomment to call him if you need a driver. And for us it was more reasonable than renting a car.

We also recommend The Oracle Tours, run by a very kind young Man (forgot his name). The prices and tours are really the best, and also different from the the others we planned to go with.

All in all: We spent the time with Myron and Lyrist and loved it.

Speaking for myself, the Lunch packages provided by the Rex helped me out ;-)

Diving is good between ībago and Trini... saw some Hammersharks, Hummers, different Rays, Barracudas etc...

Buccoo reef is nice for snorkeling and for some nice shots (I recommend to buy a watercam before you get into the plane to paradise)

The wind at PigPoint wasnīt that strong to get my 12"Kite and me to fly

but if you gonna take a 14" or bigger it may work.

Sunday School is a must !!!

If you wanīt to burn your CDīs just call Myron and he will take you to

procomputers in S-borough. They also support Laptops and deal with

Computerstuff. You can do it on your own.

So, after 14 Days, weīre back to "normal".

We were lucky to be a part of it and thank Steve Wooler for this wonderful and informative page.

We love Tobago!

Our pictures (over 1000) must be sighted... more to come...

Here the Adresses we highly recommend:

Our taxi driver for prompt and efficient Service:

Myron Bernard:

Mobile Phone 756 4765

Mailto: myrontaxi@yahoo.com

To Burn or Surf:

Pro Computers:

TLH Building Milford Road


Tel.: 868 639 1100

Tel.: 868 639 1300

Mailto: procomputerstgo@hotmail.com

The Oracle Tours

Office: 660 7210

Mobile: 737 3373

Mailto: lyrist@tstt.net.tt

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Turtle Beach Standard Room Size Ok For Family Of 4?   

Gary A

Hi All,

I'm looking at going to the RTB next May. We were looking to book a standard room, for 2 adults and 2 small children as I believe (from the brochures I've looked at) this wouls be ok for beds and space. I've just spoken to one tour operator, who advises aginst this, and would only supply us a family room, which is 2 bedroom but of course much more money.

I would be very grateful for any advice on anyone who has stayed there, and to get your thoughts on whether a standard/superior room would be ok for 2 adults and 2 small children (8 and 6)?

Thanks in advance

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