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Rex Turtle Dress Code   

Rob Perkins

Staying at the Rex Turtle in October with my 10-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.

I've read that the dress code for the restaurant is for long trousers would that include my son or would he be able to get away with shorts?

Rob Perkins

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A La Carte Option When Staying All Inclusive   

Caragh M


Am planning a trip in May or June this year and am somewhat confused by the various things that I have read about the A la carte option. We are likely to stay all inclusive and know that the meals are buffet style, but we are also aware that you can order from an A la carte menu. This would be our preferred option in the evenings. Some brochures state that you get a 'credit' towards A la carte if staying all inclusive, whilst others don't mention anything. Also I have seen different amounts quoted. Can someone tell me, does it cost extra if you are all inclusive and if so how much do you have to pay. Also if there are credits towards meals, how many meals would they cover. I am aware that some hotels place restrictions on how many times you can eat A la carte. Is that the case here or not? Any info or experiences would be welcomed on the subject of the food at Turtle Beach! Thanks.

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Will We See Turtles On The Beach In May Or June?   

Caragh M

One of the reasons I like the look of this hotel, is the chance of seeing turtles. Am planning to visit in May or June. Do you think we will see turtles and is there a best time to go within these two months to see both laying of eggs and hatchlings? Thanks.

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Kitchen At Rex Turtle Beach Hotel Temporarily Closed   07 Feb 2007

Clyde Alleyne from Samaan Grove, Tobago

It was reported in the news today that the Kitchen at the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel has been closed for a week to sanitise the kitchen following reports of 60 guests being affected b the Norwalk Virus, which causes some vomiting and diahhhoea, but is rarely dangerous or life-threatening.

Here is what one of the news reports says:

"Hotel kitchen shut down

Elizabeth W Allard Tobago Bureau

Wednesday, February 7th 2007

The management of the Turtle Beach Hotel yesterday shut down its kitchen, in compliance with a directive from County Medical Officer of Health Dr Mentor Melville. Melville had ordered the closure and sanitation of the kitchen and some part of the hotel last week, after tests picked up the Norwalk Virus in stool samples taken from European guests who recently fell ill over a period of days from January 31 at the hotel. Yesterday, Dr Melville confirmed the hotel's manager, Leslie Amadee, had closed the kitchen and started the sanitisation process yesterday.

Dr Melville said the sanitising process at the hotel would be closely monitored, adding he also recommended that the entire kitchen and all its facilities be totally redone."

In previous news reports it was reported that the sanitisation process would have taken a week. There has been no report that the hotel itself is closed - only the kitchen.

In case you are booked into the RTB over the next few weeks, you should check with your booking or tour agent or directly with the hotel to see how you might be affected. This is especially important since the RTB normally operates on an all-inclusive basis ie with all meals provided, and this will of course be difficult with the kitchen closed! Once the sanitisation process is completed and the hotel kitchen is declared safe by the medical authorities you should not be concerned about this outbreak.

An operator in the hotel and tourism business told me that occasional attacks of the Norwalk Virus are not uncommon in the hotel and tourism business. He referred to the incidences of the virus on the Florida-based cruise ships in the last six months alone - which include some of the best managed and largest cruise ships in the world - January 2007 300 affected on the Queen Elizabeth 2, December 2006 400 affected on the Freedom of the Seas (the largest ship at sea), November 2006 700 affected on the Carnival Liberty, and July 2006 200 were affected on the Mariner of the Seas.


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Turtle Beach By Rex Resorts - Kitchen Update   

Ms M J Smith

There have been various posts about the kitchens at Turtle Beach in which people make all sorts of claims about them being closed - often repeating rumours they have read elsewhere.

Some posts claim that the kitchens have been closed for an extended period and imply that this has been done for health reasons.

The facts are that as part of the sanitisation measures taken by the hotel, the kitchen was closed for one day on Wednesday 7th February to allow a specalist cleaning company access to all areas.

An independent health and safety consultant from the UK had already inspected the kitchens last week and his tests proved that it was not the source of the gastric upsets suffered by guests.

As I post this, the resturant is OPEN, serving breakfast to guests.

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