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Details for website owners wishing to link to myTobago

No charge is made for listing any business on myTobago. However, I am only human and naturally take a more positive attitude towards those businesses that acknowledge and help our efforts to promote Tobago.

Links to external websites are no longer shown in the standard accommodation listings. Properties wanting to receive enquiries and bookings from our readers via the myTobago reader enquiry service must agree to charges for use of the service. The primary factor determing the amount of the charge will be the volume of enquiries sent. However, other factors will also influence the final charge.

Properties that provide an exclusive recommendation and approved link to myTobago from their own website will receive a substantial discount on the basic charges. In similar fashion, properties that ignore our unique role and position in the promotion of tourism to Tobago by choosing to recommend other Tobago-specific tourist information websites will pay extra. In this way we are able to reward those that support us at the expense of those who don't.

The following notes will help you determine what constitutes an "approved" link to myTobago.

Approved Links

As a general guide, an approved link will have the following features:

  1. The link to myTobago must appear on a page directly accessible from the Home page of your site (or the Home page itself).
  2. The link must consist of one of the following linked sentences. Other wording may be acceptable, but approval should be sought first:
  3. The link must encompass the entire sentence of the recommendation, not simply the domain name You are, however, encouraged to format the linked sentence (as illustrated above) so that all wording except the domain name appears as normal (unlinked) text. Webmasters will be fully aware of how to achieve this, but if you have any problem with the formatting, please just contact me - or put your webmaster in touch with me - and I will gladly advise how to remove ugly underlines and other formatting problems.
  4. The link must not be on a page called links.htm (or other suffix), have a page title Links (or similar) or be on a page that largely or entirely consists of links to other websites.
  5. The recommendation to myTobago must not be subservient to recommendation of other information sites.

Links will not qualify if any of the following conditions are true…

  1. If your page(s) are a sub-forum of another domain (i.e. if you do not own the domain and your site or page is simply a listing within another site, such as a property rental service or advertising site).
  2. If your website has a Google Page Rank of 2 or less and which, in our opinion, is unlikely to achieve a higher ranking. This includes all sites built with Macromedia Flash or using frames technology.

Rental Agents

Rental agents, or websites containing the details of multiple properties, should note that to qualify as an "approved" link, the recommendation and link to must appear on the listing page of every property for which listing on myTobago is required - not simply a single main page of the site.

Link Code & Logo Files

Please contact us before using links that materially deviate from any of the following wording.

If your website has been built to proper modern standards, formatting will be handled by CSS and the following code should be ignored.

   Link 1

For visitor information about Tobago, we recommend

   Link 2

For information about Tobago, we recommend, the definitive tourist guide to Tobago.

   Link 3

For information about accommodation on Tobago, we recommend

   Link 4

For information about restaurants, beaches and sightseeing on Tobago, we recommend

  IMAGE Links

In addition to the text description, you are also welcome to use a copy of our logo. The following images are available in a choice of sizes from 100x27px to 300x80px. The files are in GIF format and feature a transparent background to integrate with your page colours. If they do not give a perfect match on your page (i.e. a slight 'border' around the image) please let me know and I will send you an image file that will match perfectly.

myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago

myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago

myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago

myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago

myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

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   CAD = $5.14

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