Accommodation Listing Update

Allows owners and managers to update our listings

This facility enables property owners and managers to request an update to the information we show for their property on submission of a valid authorised email address, our server will immediately send an email containing a special link that provides direct access to an online update facility for the property concerned.

To request an update, please follow these simple steps:

  • Submit your email address through the form below *
  • Check your email account (our email should be within a minute or two)
  • Click on the link in the email

* The access link email can only be sent to email addresses previously registered and known to be associated with the property. Valid addresses include the primary address to which we send reader enquiries, the owner's private email address and the address of the manager or agent.

If you are associated with this property but have changed your email address and/or receive an error when submitting the form, please contact .

Please note that the update link contained within the email is only valid for 24 hours.

Tobago Satellite Map

Enjoy interactive satellite maps of Tobago. If you have Google Earth download the map here. If not, click the map below to view in a browser window.

GBP = $9.50 

   USD = $6.80

EUR =  $8.31 

   CAD = $5.29

  Mid-market rates per

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