Coco Reef Resort Tobago

The Coco Reef Resort is undoubtedly Tobago's premier luxury resort hotel.

We have stayed at the Coco Reef Resort a number of times. It is not only our favourite resort on Tobago, but also our favourite in the Caribbean. Our review gives highly detailed information on the hotel, with high quality photographic illustration - in fact all the information you need to decide whether the Coco Reef Resort Tobago is your ideal destination for your next vacation.

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Tobago is the Caribbean's best-kept secret. A lush mountainous island just 26 miles long and 8 miles wide, it boasts the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere. The island is fringed by a substantial number of beaches, boasting every shade of sand from white coral to dark volcanic. The vast majority of these beaches are totally devoid of anyone but the occasional fisherman.

Tobago has yet to experience mass tourism. In fact, the island's strongest characteristic, by far, is the friendly and hospitable local population who genuinely welcome you to their island with open arms and have not yet become as cynical and money-grabbing as locals in most holiday destinations.

Visitors expecting Mediterranean-style nightlife will be sadly disappointed. However, those wishing to retreat from the hectic pace of life of modern Europe and North America are commended to the resort - Tobago is surely the Caribbean's ultimate "chill out" destination.

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